Angel Campey at CreativeMornings: Cape Town

I’ll be talking at CreativeMornings Cape Town next Friday, the 28th July 2017. The theme is Equality. I’ll be talking about the equality of being a woman in the male dominated comedy world, and also how laughter makes strangers equal and comedy heals our nation.

Hosted at: Media24
40 Heerengracht Street
Cape Town, Western Cape 8001

When: July 28, 2017
8:30am – 10:00am

What is CreativeMornings?

In 2008, Tina Roth Eisenberg (Swissmiss) started CreativeMornings out of a desire for an ongoing, accessible event for New York’s creative community. The concept was simple: breakfast and a short talk one Friday morning a month. Every event would be free of charge and open to anyone.

Today, attendees gather in cities around the world to enjoy fresh coffee, friendly people, and an international array of breakfast foods. Volunteer hosts and their team members organize local chapters that not only celebrate a city’s creative talent, but also promote an open space to connect with like-minded individuals.

The growing archive of past breakfast talks is humbling. From design legends to hometown heroes, speakers are selected by each chapter based on a global theme. CreativeMornings remains free thanks to the support of local sponsors, generous venues, and longterm partners.

CreativeMornings Speaker for Friday 28th July 2017

What they said about me:

Angel Campey is a stand up comedian, TV writer and Radio Presenter.

Her first time on stage came after roommate (well known comedian, presenter and actor, Siv Ngesi) convinced her to take her funny ramblings from her blog and Twitter and say them into a mic, back in 2011. Since then she’s been making people sit up, take notice and laugh all over South Africa.

As a stand-up she spent much of last year performing in New York City where she quickly earned her stripes and was headlining at some of the top comedy clubs in the world. Locally, Angel has has toured the country with her first one woman show, ‘Yes, Really Angel’, which launched in 2013 at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown to rave reviews calling her a “Dark comedian with razor sharp wit” and “nothing short of hilarious”. Angel has just launched her second comedy hour, titled Devil’s Advocate which is debuting at National Arts Festival 2017.

She’s performed on Comedy Central Africa, done a TedX Talk, is one of the resident Queens of the Kings and Queens of Comedy franchise and was nominated in 2015 for an Mbokodo award in Comedy by the Department of Arts and Culture, which honours women changing their industry.

She hosts The Angel Campey Show, Fridays 12-1pm on 2oceansvibe Radio and co-hosts the Smile Drive on Smile90.4FM with Maurice Carpede every week day from 3-6pm.

With the birth name Angel, she jokes that her career options were limited to stand-up comedy or stripping and with her lack of dance skills, she’s glad comedy works for her – but won’t object if you still want to throw dollar bills at her while she’s on stage.

See you there 8.30am, Friday.


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67 Minutes of Laughter for Madiba Day


(press release)

Gone are the days when one would be short of ideas on what to do for their 67 minutes of making a difference. From painting classrooms, feeding hungry children, to donating blankets, it’s all there. But over the past few years, a least expected way of making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate, seems to have grown to become a favourite. Napsta Entertainment brings you the annual “67 Minutes Of Laughter” comedy show, a stellar comedy production. And after four years of laughter and giving back, this annual charity comedy show will be making another return. This year, it’s bigger and better. Not only will the event host 36 comedians over a 4 day event in Johannesburg (at Parker’s Comedy Club), but Napsta Entertainment will simultaneously also be hosting a special 67 Minutes Of Laughter Cape Town show, the first ever to hit the mother city, hosted at the award winning Cape Town Comedy Club, featuring 16 of Cape Town’s top comedians. Your line up is as follows:

Tuesday, 18 July – The Cape Town Show: Host – Kurt Schoonraad, Featuring: Nik Rabinowitz, KG, Carl Weber, Conrad Koch, Rob Van Vuuren, Shimmy Isaacs, Tracy Klass, Angel Campey, Yaaseen Barnes, Brent Palmer, Paul Snodgrass, Phil De Lange, Eureka Nkese, Gino Fernandez, Mum-Z, The Napsta & a special set after the show by DJ Azuhl.

As is customary to this initiative, proceeds from the show will be donated to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital, to honor Tata Madiba’s dying wish of building a children’s hospital. The hospital will be a world class, state-of-the-art dedicated pediatric facility, providing specialized care to the children of South Africa.

So, whatever style of comedy you’re into, we’ve got you covered. This night promises to bring you top-notch comedy from Cape Town’s best comedians. Be part of this great initiative by purchasing a ticket. Let us come together and make this dream a reality. Let’s do it for Madiba!

Tickets for the show on Tuesday 18 July 2017 are R167 and available from any Computicket outlet or Shoprite, Checkers stores

Buy now.

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Things I’d rather be doing.

Time. It’s not on our side. I don’t know what the Rolling Stones were thinking. Every moment is more precious than the next. We can’t even wait 15 seconds before clicking ‘skip ad’ and then sighing. “How DARE the internet delay me from my 2 hours’ worth of cat videos!”

That said, I’d rather go to home affairs to change my name to ‘Cuddlesticks McSadbum’ than claim from insurance. Oh my gosh, all of the questions and the “are you SURE you were not driving your car when that wrecking ball landed on it in the parking lot? Was Miley Cyrus involved?” No thanks.

I’d rather spend hours feeding the internet trolls than claim from insurance.

When my TV got stolen, it was easier to just stop being friends with the person who borrowed it than make a claim (true story). Honestly, I’d rather be a hermit with no mates, alone on a Friday night than go through that admin nightmare. Heck, I’d much rather drink orange juice after brushing my teeth. Speaking of which, “time to claim from insurance”, you say? Oh, sorry I just scheduled a root canal – a far better experience I’m sure.

Yeah. Time. It’s not on my side, and there’s a lot of things I’d rather be doing. Dealing with the admin of claiming from insurance is not one of them, and you can insure that opinion. But don’t try claim back when its time comes!

What are some things you hate, that are somehow still better than claiming from insurance?

Comment here or tweet with #ThingsIdRatherDoThanClaim, and let’s all grumble together.


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Comedy Anniversary

It’s my anniversary. ❤️

6 years ago, today. I met the love of my life.

Just over 6 years ago, I moved in with Siv Ngesi – (who instantly became my brother, my bestie – and later my producer and champion.) I got Siv into Twitter (if you can believe it) and he got me into comedy. I used to enjoy tweeting random thoughts, and dry wit. Siv turned to me a few weeks after living together and said “you should say some of that stuff you say on Twitter and on your blog on stage. People think you’re funny.”

Me: “Haha, yeah, Imagine that! Sure, maybe, one day.”

*Next Day*

Phone rings, I answer. “Hi Angel? It’s Rustum August (RIP), Siv said you wanted to start stand up. I have a show with a slot for you in 3 weeks’ time.”

Me: “What? NO WAIT! It was just a passing comment, I don’t have any jokes!”

Rusty: “It’s only 5 mins, and it’s 3 weeks away. Write some. K Bye!”

Cue the below video. Filmed by one of my dearest Besties (AJ Liebenberg) who came to watch me, (despite me hiding the fact that I was about to do comedy from most of my friends, for fear of public humiliation). He mostly came to watch me die. 😂😂. AJ only started filming my set from a few minutes in because “He was surprised I was actually doing well, he had to document it!”

I will forever be grateful that this video exists. My first ever time on stage.

As I drive into Grahamstown today, to the National Arts Festival, greeted by street-lamps and walls with MY POSTER ALREADY ON THEM, in a car branded with flames and MY OWN FACE on the side 🔥, to kick off my SECOND full hour of comedy (produced by Siv): Devil’s Advocate.

– On this day. 6 Years ago, could I have predicted this? –

Never. Never in a million shooting star wishes.

6 years? Already? and also, ONLY? I still feel like a newcomer to this industry, and also I’ve learnt so much, changed 180 degrees. I know I have SO much more to learn and to grow, daily, per performance. I can only hope that 6 years from now, I look back with just as much awe and gratitude in the journey as I do today.

Thank you. Thank you Universe, thank you fellow comedians, thank you friends & family for your support and belief, thank you internet (for giving me a voice), and most of all: thank you comedy.

I love you, Bae. Here’s to many more years together, Comedy. ❤️

(Dear 6 year old Angel, hang tight. It gets much better.)


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BREAKING: ZANEWS Gets Fired Up by Nando’s!

I write for ZANEWS and we’ve been quiet for a while, because #WinterIsHere but don’t despair, we’re back! Making Laugh. Not War. and it’s even more PERI PERI FLAME GRILLED!

 Nando’s has struck a flame with South Africa’s favourite satirists, ZANEWS.

“At Nando’s we love that South Africans turn to humour for relief when faced with challenging local current affairs. Like Nando’s, ZANEWS has found laughter to be the best medicine when faced with South Africa’s unique ills. This is why a partnership with ZANEWS is a natural fit,” says Nando’s chief marketing officer for Africa, Middle East and India (IMEA), Doug Place. “We’re thrilled to be extending the voice of ordinary South Africans through our partnership with ZANEWS. From one firestarter to another, we say bem-vindo!”

“The puppets may be too spicy for TV for now but thanks to one of South Africa’s most loved and hottest brands, Nando’s, ZANEWS will be back to keep South Africans laughing this winter. Get ready for an epic new season of Game of Cronies, the long awaited release of House of Discards and the local “heroes” of Guardians of the ANC“, says ZANEWS’ executive producer and creator, Thierry Cassuto. “#WinterIsHere but ZANEWS and Nando’s won’t leave South Africans out in the cold.”

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Angel Campey – Devil’s Advocate

Hey guys, I have a press release for my new show. Here it is!

A new stand-up comedy special written by Angel Campey, directed by Tara Notcutt and produced by Siv Ngesi.​

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury – they say “rather the devil you know, than the Devil you don’t.” You may already be familiar with Cape Town Comedian, Angel Campey – but if not allow us to introduce you because she’s launching a new comedy special and it’s wickedly funny.

Comedienne, writer and radio presenter Angel Campey is back with her second stand-up comedy show and (despite her real name) she’s hell-bent on proving that she’s no angel, or at least reminding us that the devil was once an angel too. Her New comedy special, Devil’s Advocate will debut at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown for nine consecutive performances from 30th June to the 8th July 2017.

Brought to you by popular comedian and TV personality Siv Ngesi (Mnet’s Wingin’ it and SABC3’s Man Cave), Devil’s Advocate marks Angel’s triumphant return to the National Arts festival, after having taken a hiatus in 2016 in order to spend most of the year in New York City, performing at some of the world’s top comedy clubs including a trip to the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal Canada, where she joined up with Comedy Central Africa. She’s back and she’s more fiery than ever, with added New York street swag, and a stronger bladder.

Devil’s Advocate is directed by multi-award winning director, writer and producer Tara Notcutt (Three Little Pigs, Miskien and Rob Van Vuuren’s WhatWhat & Life). This marks the first collaboration between these two power-house women and they are very excited to stretch each-other’s limits and uplift funny females.

Cape Town local, Campey launched her first comedy hour Yes, Really Angel in 2013 to rave reviews and a successful three year run at fest. It was directed by legendary comedian Nik Rabinowitz in his directorial debut, (which he’d offered to step up to work on after seeing Angel perform only once as a newcomer in the comedy industry.)

Yes, Really Angel was heralded as “well-scripted stand-up”, “Nothing short of hilarious” and critics applauded Angel as a “dark comedian with razor sharp wit” calling her “one of the best stand alone female comedians at the festival” and a Cape Times reviewer welcomed her into the comedy fold with the headline simply stating Angel earns her comedy wings”.

As much as she enjoys all the puns and plays on words about her birth-name, ‘Angel’ is ready to kick it up a notch and Devil’s Advocate takes her comedy to the next level. As one of the top emerging comedians in South Africa, Angel has a lot to say about our country, the status quo of race, gender and politics – and her own life observations. Whilst leaning hard on the hilarity that we can all relate to, Angel is sure to rub some of your opinions up the wrong way – but it’s all in good fun, after all she’s just playing Devil’s Advocate.


Angel’s comedy career started with an open-mic night in a packed comedy club on Long Street, Cape Town in 2011 which earned her a standing ovation, and her career has rolled with the punchlines ever since. She’s a regular on festival line-ups and comedy club stages all over South Africa. Having appeared on Comedy Central Africa’s Channel 122 with Kings and Queens of Comedy in 2013, she’s a resident ‘queen’ on the franchise and regularly tours the country to perform to sold out arenas of up to 5000 people. In 2015 Angel was nominated by the department of Arts and Culture for an Mbokodo award in the Comedy Category, honouring women changing their industries through innovation and trail blazing. (Her Devil’s Advocate director, Tara Notcutt was nominated for the same award in the Theatre category. Mbokodo means rock. Two rocks on one team!)

Angel is also a TV writer for multi award winning satire news show Puppet Nation, ZAnews which has won 4 consecutive SAFTAs for Best TV Comedy, was nominated for 2 international Emmy Awards for Best Comedy and earned Angel 2 Muse Award wins from the Screen Writer’s Guild of South Africa for Best TV Comedy Scriptwriting in 2016 and 2017.You can catch her voice daily on the Smile Drive with Maurice Carpede as she co-hosts the popular drive-time show on Smile90.4FM for 3 months during Bailey Schneider’s maternity leave. She also hosts her own Friday lunch show for the past 5 years on 2oceansvibe radio, The Angel Campey show is an unruly chat to fellow comedians and local creatives and has proved to be one of the top rated shows on the station.

It is a Latvian proverb that ‘Even the Devil himself doesn’t know where a woman sharpens her knives’, well Angel clearly sharpens her tongue in the same place. (Even though she’s not Latvian. She’s first generation South African, the daughter of British and Zimbabwean immigrants – and she has opinions on that too, but you’ll have to catch Devil’s Advocate to hear them!)

Devil’s Advocate Court is in session from 30th June with daily performances in the Masonic Back until the 8th July 2017 at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. Bookings

*Devil’s Advocate is rated 16 for Mature content.



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Sne Dladla on The Angel Campey Show, 2oceansvibe radio 12-1pm.


I’m back on 2oceansvibe radio today, but in a new time-slot (to accommodate for my new Drive Time 3-6pm show on Smile90.4fm, Smile Drive)

I’ll be chatting to Sne Dladla in studio about his new one man show, iChameleon that’s coming to the Baxter. iChameleon, which is not a local re-imagining of the well-known Boy George 80s hit, Karma Chameleon but rather Sne Dladla’s incredible new show, produced by comedy legend Nik Rabinowitz.


Sne is a phenomenon: comedian, actor, and musician extraordinaire. iChameleon is his second one man show, and he will be making you laugh by using a bunch of his above-mentioned talents. He will also be employing the use of a loop pedal, not to be confused with the loop contraceptive – that’s something else. Although, some people have described Sne Dladla’s use of the loop pedal as an aphrodisiac so those things are not entirely unrelated.


You may have previously seen Sne headlining comedy shows. You may have seen him hosting Comedy Central News on Comedy Central. You may have seen him in District Six – Kanala or David Kramer’s Orpheus in Afrika – for which he won a Fleur de Cap. He’s also won another Fleur de Cap and a bunch of other awards and stuff like that.

You may also have seen him open for  Nik Rabinowitz’ show “What the Eff?” at the Baxter a couple years back. And you may have seen him at Pick ’n Pay. Even heroes need toilet paper.

iChameleon is at the Baxter Theatre Studio from June 27th to July 8th.

Tickets range from R100 to R120.If you want to check him out some more, look him up on Instagram , check him out on Facebook.

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Angel performing at Parkers Comedy

I’ll be packing my bags and heading up to Joburg on Thursday, to film some episodes for Season 3 of Point of Order (The SAFTA winning, best Game Show in South Africa, that showcases us comedians on a panel, battling it out with politics, mayhem and general knowledge.)

I’ll also be perfoming on the the first big stage that gave me my break, Parker’s Comedy in Monte Casino.

Now to hunt down some winter clothes, because Cape Town is still basking in the last rays of summer, whilst Jozi is apparently already snow-capped and frigid!

*high five*

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Win this fabulous cook-book ‘A Bite of Latin America’.

Today on my radio show, from 1-3pm on 2oceansvibe radio, I’ll be chatting to the fabulous Susie Chatz-Anderson. The traveler, author and chef behind ‘A Bite of Latin America’.

Susie and her husband took a year off to explore Latin America and this wonderfully illustrative book serves as her culinary diary. If (like me) you’ve always dreamed of visiting the colourful continent, this book serves as an excellent window into how it might look (and taste) with Susie giving a local explanation (and variants) on the classic dishes she most enjoyed in each country.

The subtle layering of flavour and use of authentic techniques make for scrumptious food, adapted for South Africa. Susie believes in good food and living a good life. Discover these for yourself with A Bite of Latin America.

She’s given me one book to give away to you, my fabulous listeners. So tune in,  and retweet this tweet to increase your odds of winning and adding a little SALSA to your weekend.

(You can buy the book online here.)




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New Show, New Director. The Devil you know.

It is with much cacophonous and rapturous applause that I would like to announce the new director who has agreed to take me on, and direct my new comedy hour: Devil’s Advocate. (Debuting at the 2017 National Arts Festival in Grahamstown this June/July)

The multi award winning and internationally acclaimed, writer, director and producer… Tara Notcutt has (in a moment of weakness) signed on as my director! And I couldn’t be more thrilled.  She has a repertoire of award-winning and internationally travelling work under her belt, and has presented work (aside from, obviously all over South Africa) in Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Brighton, and Perth.

Tara Notcutt (Photo by Dani Bischoff)

This is a bucket-list director, who I’ve been too scared to even approach and ask, as I was certain she’d (worst case) throw her head back and laugh at me or (best case) awkwardly pretend she saw her long-lost mythical friend entering the bathroom and excuse herself to avoid further conversations with me.

Tara and I actually go WAY back, to when I was standing in on an Am-Dram production at the request of my brother, (Unsurprisingly named ‘Murder in the Common room’) and Tara’s fabulous dad, Brian played the unsuspecting murder victim, who died in the common room (spoiler alert). I was the equally unsuspecting character who had to administer CPR to said murdered victim. Always to many giggles (during rehearsal) and many melodramatic gestures (during live performances) shared between Brian and I.

Tara was just ‘Brian’s daughter’ to me, back then. The first year UCT Theatre and Performance student,  who was working in the technical booth on this production, to gain experience. Oh how little could any of us have guessed that she would go on to be nominated for, and win, multiple awards both locally and internationally. Leaving the rest of us blinking, impressed, in her (star)dust.

Some of Tara’s more stand-out productions include the brilliant Three Little Pigs (starring Rob Van Vuuren, James Cairns and Albert Pretorius)  and the spellbinding ‘…miskien‘ (for which she won the Fleur Du Cap Theater award, for Best New Director)  and most recently she has been part of the team producing The Gruffalo for the first time in South Africa, as the South African Associate Director to the UK company, Tall Stories. Tara works with everything from Shakespeare to Opera as well as magicians, drama and comedy.

As far as stand-up comedy goes, Tara Directed Rob Van Vuuren in his Ovation Award winning and sold out show, What What. So she certainly knows what she’s doing.

I’m thrilled, lucky and overwhelmed that I get to be working with her on Devil’s Advocate. And I can’t wait to see what magic we create together. She is equally thrilled “to be working with someone who doesn’t have a penis” and I’m sure we will cut a formidable ‘Girl Power’ team as Devil’s Advocate launches it’s controversial, hilarious and thought provoking tendrils into the National Arts Festival this year.

Now, if only I could finish writing it. *Van Gogh Scream*

SOME of Tara’s Awards & Special Recognitions

  • 2016 Nominated for The Artrage Theatre Award at Fringe World Perth, for Stuart Lightbody’s Sleepless Dreams
  • 2015 Nominated for a Fleur du Cap Award for Best Director for …miskien
  • 2015 Nominated for The Artrage Theatre Award at Fringe World Perth, for both Undermined and Stuart Lightbody: Devilish
  • 2014 Standard Bank Ovation Award for Undermined at the National Arts Festival, Grahamstown
  • 2014 Nominated for 2 Fleur du Cap Awards, namely Best Director as well as Best New South African Script (with co-writers Rob van Vuuren, James Cairns, and Albert Pretorius) for The Three Little Pigs
  • 2013 Nominated for Best Director at Clover Aardklop for The Three Little Pigs. The production was also nominated for Best Production, and the three actors joint nominated for Best Actor.
  • 2013 International invitations for Thom Pain (based on nothing) (Amsterdam) and Unreal (Amsterdam, Brighton, and Prague). Silver Award for Best International Production at the Amsterdam Fringe for The Three Little Pigs
  • 2013 Standard Bank Ovation Awards for Thom Pain (based on nothing), Unreal, and a Silver Award for WHATWHAT
  • 2013 Third Place in the ArtRage Theatre Award category at Fringe World, Perth for The Three Little Pigs
  • 2012 Standard Bank Ovation Award for Lord Hamlet at the National Arts Festival, Grahamstown
  • 2012 Named one of the Mail and Guardian’s Top 200 Young South Africans for 2012
  • 2012 …miskien nominated for Best Theatre Production at Fringe World, Perth
  • 2011 Best Director nomination at Aardklop Nasionale Kunstefees for …miskien, which received the Clover Soveel Beter Award for “Best Production”
  • 2011 Five star review for …miskien at Amsterdam Fringe Festival, Jury Commendation Award, and invitation to present the show at Fringe World, Perth, 2012
  • 2011 “Best of The Fringe” recognition for …miskien at National Arts Festival, Grahamstown, and an invitation to the Amsterdam Fringe Festival
  • 2011 Standard Bank Silver Ovation Awards for both Mafeking Road (Physical Theatre) and Dream, Brother (Theatre) at National Arts Festival, Grahamstown 2011 Member of the Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab, New York City
  • 2010 Standard Bank Silver Ovation Award at the National Arts Festival, Grahamstown for …miskien
  • 2010 Fleur du Cap Theatre Award: Rosalie van der Gucht Prize for New Directors for her direction of …miskien
  • 2009 Founded The Pink Couch, critical acclaim for debut production of …miskien as well as one of Sunday Times’ COMPANIES TO WATCH OUT FOR IN 2010

*High Five*

Devil’s Advocate is a Stand-up Comedy One-Woman Show. Produced by Siv Ngesi, Directed by Tara Notcutt and Written & Performed by Angel Campey. It will debut at the 2017 National Arts Festival Fringe in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape. It’s venue is the Masonic Back and show times are:

  • Friday 30th June: 2pm
  • Saturday 1st July: 8pm
  • Sunday 2nd July: 4pm
  • Monday 3rd July: 6pm
  • Tuesday 4th July: 2pm
  • Wednesday 5th July: 10pm
  • Thursday 6th July: 6pm
  • Friday 7th July: 8pm
  • Saturday 8th July: 10am

Bookings now open.

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