Pharrell Happy – Cape Town edition

My random high five of 2014 so far has to go to the guys who made this Cape Town – Happy video.

(Sure my roomie is in it, but that doesn’t make me biased, he’s in everything. You can even see him in the moon landing footage… some say.)
Now for those for you who DON’T know about this Happy thing; (Hi, Mom thanks for reading my blog – all the time) Pharrell wrote this song for the sequel to Despicable Me and even got an Oscar nomination for best song.

The song is called Happy, and is just that. You cannot but feel happy when listening to it.

Pharrell is also probably a vampire as he hasn’t aged a crack in 20 years, but that’s not really relevant – or maybe it is, and vampires are really just happiness vessels…?

Photo of Pharrell taken from 1902.

People of Planet earth can be equal parts terrible and awesome, and today I focused on the awesome ones – all over the planet. Pharrell has created a meme (Mom, that’s like cool internet craze that everyone does) because the 20th March 2014 was ‘International Happy Day’ and the ‘happy’ song was a pretty perfect theme. And then people made videos, in hundreds of cities across the planet… like the one above.

The reason our one deserves a high five is that it’s one of the best ones out there in YouTube land. The dancing is MAD SKILLZ and the editing and camera work is much more impressive than most.

The ‘Paris’ one also looks really professional, but you don’t want to go and give the French any compliments, they do that enough when confronted with mirrors.

Sorry Tokyo – i watched a lot and 10 points for enthusiasm, but you have the worst dance skills of all the cities ;) Bless you and thanks for the sushi.

My other favourite is the ‘Jamaica’ one. I’ll include it here because, i ask you – who is more happy than these Jamaicans? And their dance moves? Swag for days. Jamaicans may be the coolest people on earth.

Shout out to Berlin – their video is pretty darn cool too. It’s impressively filmed, with one long take and dancers swapping in camera as it travels through a mall showing MAD dance skills. It’s over 12 mins long cos the song restarts in different locations, like the Subway. (Methinks they enlisted every single black German person living in Berlin to dance in this video? ;)  at least the dancing is guaranteed Sehr Gut.)


I sincerely hope Pharrell takes a few hours out from being a vampire (with unparalleled music skills) to watch a bunch of these videos, coz they are truly heartwarming  - as a planet – and he started that.

Just in case he doesn’t i sincerely recommend you get lost in some Happy youtubes for a bit, and maybe Pharrell will be doing it at the same time. Then you’ll be doing the same thing as him, and that’s gotta be cool.


*High five Pharrell*

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WIN: Women’s Lifestyle Expo – Cape Town 2014

When do us females need an excuse to make things ALL ABOUT US?!

We don’t. Put away your no make up selfies, and slap on some make up (or don’t – whatever) and join me at this ‘Women’s Lifestyle Expo’ which is basically just an amazing excuse to gush over anti-aging products, manicures and pampering goodies… and allegedly much more.

I’m intrigued, far be it for me to EVER turn down an opportunity for girly revelry and if you too wouldn’t mind checking it out – then you can WIN tickets!

They given me 2 x Double tickets (never forget your BFF) Just tweet me to get entered into the lucky draw, and I’ll announce the winners on the 9th April 2014 (that’s my birthday so we all win.)

Just tweet me “The thing I love most about being a woman is… #WLE2014″ and cc @YesReallyAngel at the end (so i get it). Make it as amusing as you want, feel free to entertain me. But the winner will be randomly generated.

Or you can simply tweet “Hey @YesReallyAngel I’d love to win tix to @WomensExpoSA this April so I can ….”

Both will suffice. :)

To double your chances: You can also enter with them – details below.


It’s All About You – and only you!

Press Release:

The Women’s Lifestyle Expo, which takes place from 18 – 20 April 2014, is the place to be. You’ll find it at The Lookout, the V&A Waterfront’s hot new outside entertainment/function venue, so you won’t have to fight the crowds for parking to get there. And when you do you can enjoy a rich array of anti-ageing, pampering treatments and other spoils – all under one roof.

Overlooking Table Bay and in walking distance of the V&A Waterfront, this is a not-to-be-missed luxury lifestyle event where every aspect of the super mom, career girl, domestic goddess, and fashionista in you can be validated and celebrated.

So put on those stowed away heels, and join the girls for a glass of bubbly and oysters. Or have that long-awaited catch-up over an express manicure. Experience the thrill of indulging in the latest beauty products, must-have fashion items and just about everything in between.

There’ll also be a  host of leading experts presenting of the latest beauty and anti-aging techniques. For once, it’ll be all about you and only you – so come along and celebrate your inner goddess.

There’ll be over 100 curated exhibitors showcasing the latest products and services in fashion, beauty, wellness and business.

The Women’s Lifestyle Expo takes place from the 18th – 20th April at the V&A Waterfront Lookout.

For more information go to:

Womanly womenness.

*Manicured high five*

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Yes Really Angel, 2014

Teaser trailer,

Coming to the Scout Hall for 8 shows, this July.

Directed by Nik Rabinowitz, Produced by Siv Ngesi, written by Angel Campey. (That’s me)

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Jeremy Loops Hits #2 on SA iTunes in less than 24 hours

(Press release)
Within 24 hours of being available on pre-order, Jeremy Loops’ debut album,
Trading Change, has rocketed to #2 on iTunes SA’s overall album chart, and
#1 on the Alternative chart. The album is the only record by a South African
artist in the top 10 and one of only two albums in the top 40 that are only
available for pre-order

The long awaited ‘Trading Change’ is set for release on  31st March 2014. On
pre-ordering the album, fans will receive an instant gratification track,
‘Sinner, which is currently #5 on the overall singles chart and #1 on the
alternative chart.

Speaking on this achievement, Jeremy said ‘this is overwhelming and it’s so
rewarding to know people have been waiting on the album’

Here is the link for those who have not yet pre-ordered “Trading Change”

Pre-order Trading change here: <>

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KG Mokgadi in HEAVY

If you have a sense of humour you will not regret your decision to take my advice and watch HEAVY.

KG is one of the best comedians you haven’t heard of yet, go and see him at the Baxter in Cape Town. I toured with him to Grahamstown Arts Festival last year and his OPENING SHOW (Aka the first time he EVER did the full hour performance) got a STANDING OVATION.

Enough hype. Go and see the man.

Heavy is written by KG, Directed by Rob Van Vuuren and Produced by Siv Ngesi. That’s a trifecta of awesome.

Tune into ‘The Yes Really Angel Show’  1-3pm this Friday the 14th March 2014 on 2oceansvibe radio, I’ll have the big man in studio to chat about Heavy, and life… which is also Heavy.

Book at computicket.

*high five*

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My ignorant opinion reviews on the 9 Best Picture Oscar Nominees of 2014.

Like all people, I have an opinion. Here are mine on the 9 Nominees for Best Picture.

The Wolf of Wall Street (5 Nominations)

1. Best Picture

2. Best Actor: Leonardo Dicaprio

3. Best Supporting Actor: Jonah Hill

4. Best Director: Martin Scorcese

5. Best Adapted Screenplay

Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street is purportedly the most profanity-laden film ever to be nominated for Best Picture. With more than 500 uses of the F-word (there’s some debate as to how many times the word is actually uttered; estimates range from 506 to 569), Wolf easily defeats the previous “record holder,” Scorsese’s ownGoodfellas (1990), which documented 300 utterances of the F bomb.

This is a ‘boys film’ that glorifies drugs and dishonesty and makes it look ‘oh so fucking cool’. Of course it would be baller to have a billion dollars to fling around – but at who’s expense. For me and my moral standards, the best part of the movie is when it all starts falling to shit with the FBI busting their drugged up, adulterous asses. But that’s just me.

That said, it’s a great watch, if you can suspend the aforementioned moral compass. It’s well made, with lots of cool scenes. Whether Leo deserves the (Much deserved) Oscar for THIS film is debatable. Throw-back and give it to him for Basketball Diaries, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Romeo + Juliet. Hell, even Titanic. Although, if you squint your eyes – all those performances blur together. A great actor Leo is. A diverse one, perhaps not. But that’s not always a fair comparison.

Her (5 Nominations)

1. Best Picture

2. Best Music – Original Score

3. Best Original Song.

4. Best Original Screenplay

5. Best Production Design

This is a modern sci-fi romance of a guy who falls in love with his OS (Operating System) – voiced by Scarlett Johanssen. Who wouldn’t fall in love with that voice?

Predictions wise, I don’t think it stands much of a chance for winning ‘Best Picture’ as it has no Best Actor noms to back it up, but it’s definitely in the running for music as it’s score is hauntingly brilliant by Arcade Fire, and best Original Screenplay.

Do I think you should watch it? Yes.

It’s a wonderful film, and captures the ideas of love in a very unique way. It will make you question reality and the way it’s moving – and stay with you for days later.

Shout out to Joaquin Phoenix for a brilliantly acted role. This is the man who brought us Johnny Cash, one of the coolest mo-fos around, and in Her he plays such an awkwardly sweet, nerdy character – so well – that it seems to be impossible that it isn’t the way he is, all the time.

Personally, I found the storyline believable and engaging but the ending seemed a bit rushed and too conveniently contained, But to avoid ‘spoiler alerts’ perhaps you should watch it for yourself and let me know.

Nebraska (6 Nominations)

1. Best Picture

2. Best Actor: Bruce Dern

3. Best Supporting Actress: June Squibb

4. Best Cinematography

5. Best Director: Alexander Payne

6. Best Original Screenplay

At age 77, Bruce Dern’s Best Actor nomination for Nebraska comes 35 years after his first-ever nomination for a supporting role as a Vietnam vet in 1978’s Coming Home.

Have you heard of him? Me neither. This is the only Oscar film I haven’t seen. I’ve seen the trailer. It’s in black and white. Unless you’re talking a Kevin Smith film, or Charlie Chaplin – I’m not that keen to watch a movie in black and white in 2014. It’s nominated for best cinematography – so perhaps the Academy has gone hipster.

This is one of the most nominated films, but if this guy wins the Oscar, I’m going to call ‘ageism’ and that they are only doing it to give him something before he croaks. Perhaps I should watch the movie – but i don’t really want to.

12 Years a Slave (9 Nominations)

1.Best Picture

2. Best Actor: Chiwetel Ejiofor

3. Best Supporting Actor: Michael Fassbender

4. Best supporting Actress: Lupita Nyong’o

5. Best Costume Design

6. Best Director: Steve McQueen  (Not that one)

7. Best Editing

8. Best Production Design

9. Best Adapted Screenplay

This is my favourite of the Nominees. It is a traumatic film, as most slavery epics are – however, this one doesn’t seem to add gratuitous violence (Ala Django) or too much drama (Ala Colour Purple) – it’s the most hauntingly acted, gorgeously set and wonderfully edited story of the most brutal injustice this planet has ever committed to itself.

“A movie of such humanity and grace, that at every moment you feel that you’re seeing something essential”.

This film manages to capture a man who refuses to be broken into the hopeless acceptance of slavery. Then, through acting brilliance – the moment he breaks- at a graveside, joining in with the gospel singing in the most reluctantly resolute manner all visible only on his face, in one long take. The editing uses long takes, that just let the gravity of every scene sink in, without too many hollywood rapid-cut theatrics. Slow, long takes where the landscape plays a character, as it must.

A tale of the stripping of all hope, the loss of hope, the utter loss of hope and the glimmer of hope returning.

I love that this film exists, I hate that it has to. Please see it. Your heart will break, but it’s needed – a reminder to be more mindful of other humans and less evil. And not to ever use your time machine to travel to Cotton Plantations in the USA South. (Unless it’s to whoop ass.)

I will be happy if 12 Years a Slave wins all 9 of it’s categories and I will be outraged if Chiwetel does not win Best Actor.

This is my hope, I am aware it may be a very emotional opinion – but it’s impossible not to want to pick up the lead character (and all other non-white actors in this film) and wrap them in cotton. Although, they probably wouldn’t want to see more cotton, ever.

American Hustle (10 Nominations)

1. Best Picture

2. Best Actor: Christian Bale

3. Best Actress: Amy Adams

4. Best Supporting Actor: Bradley Cooper

5.Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Lawrence

6. Best Costume Design

7. Best Director: David O. Russell

8. Best Editing

9. Best Production Design

10. Best Original Screenplay

This movie. Sigh. it pains me to have to write about this movie because I have to relive the 2 hours of my life I will never get back – at having watched it. If I’m on my deathbed and about to say the most important last words, but die before I cough them out – blame American Hustle for robbing me of those 2 hours, in which you might have acquired information that would have saved the planet.

It’s nominated for 10 oscars? TEN!? I’m sorry, but the emperor is naked. This movie is NOT that amazing. it’s not amazing at all. It’s a ‘Hustle’ movie full of plot holes and nothing even ‘amazing’ happens. It finishes with the biggest anti-climactic wrap up. I just can’t deal. I was so bored, but by the time I realised I was bored, it had gone on for too long, so I had to watch to the end – in case. I hoped – in vain.

I watched it with a friend. He is reviewing our friendship, because he no longer likes me, because of this movie.

It’s not badly acted. It’s great actors in the worst script ever.

Watch it, but you’ve been warned.


Philomena (4 Nominations)

1.Best Picture.

2. Best Actress: Judi Dench

3. Best Original Score

4. Best Adapted Screenplay

This is a very sweet movie.

I don’t think it will win any of the awards, and honestly, I’m not sure how it snuck in there as ‘best picture’ as it screams of BBC feel-good TV movie more than Hollywood epic life changing film.

It’s a true story of a woman hunting down her son who’d been (non consentually) given up for adoption by nuns. Another film showing the vast gaps between Catholic dogma and true religion.

I will be surprised if it scoops any awards at the Oscars. Judi Dench is always a great actress, but this role doesn’t really stretch her that much.

I’m not bashing the film in any way. It’s worth a watch, but it pales in the company of the other 7. It’s better than American Hustle though. I mean – it actually has a point. 


Gravity (10 Nominations)

1. Best Picture

2. Best Actress: Sandra Bullock

3. Best Cinematography

4. Best Directing

5. Best Film Editing

6. Best Original Score

7. Best Production Design

8. Best Sound Editing

9. Best Sound Mixing

10. Best Visual Effects

Sandra Bullock is in space for the first time, doing some specialised work – when all hell breaks loose with some Russian shrapnel (Blame Russia) and she finds herself alone – trying to get back to earth.

Gravity is a very well made film. It’s nice to see Sandra in a more Hilary Swanky role than the usual Rom-Com. She pulls it off well, but that said – it’s mostly just face acting as she’s in the space suit, scared. She doesn’t deserve best actress (For the record, I’m rooting for Cate Blanchett from Blue Jasmin, which isn’t best picture nominated so isn’t in this list).

Gravity itself is only 90mins long, which is great for our attention spans. It’s so beautifully filmed, with the earth shots blowing your mind. I don’t know how they got it right without actually being in space. Give it the Best Visual Effects Oscar, and it give it to them now.

Sandra is of course the ‘sterring’ as we say in South Africa. And as the (Starring) role, we know she can’t actually die. Or else the movie will be random as hell. So they create these hair raising “Oh my God, she’s about to die for sure” moments, but then – she can’t actually. This isn’t Game Of Thrones with 278 other lead characters to pick up the storyline when the main one unexpectedly croaks. So the suspense is somewhat diluted for me.

It’s also interesting to see where media has evolved in 2014. The fact that it’s a woman lead in this action, perhaps that heightens the viewers need to protect her? (And Jody Foster played a similar role in Carl Sagan’s Contact) But Unlike Contact, there is no ‘alien’ reference. Gone are the days of mankind fighting aliens for Independence Days, this film is all about an inner monologue of actively choosing to survive (despite the character’s sad life, which gets revealed). It’s an interesting look at the more insular lives we lead now, and how she fights to regain ‘gravity’, and human connections.

All in all, I enjoyed this movie and it reinforced my resolve that I have NO desire to travel to space. Terrifying. No thank you.


Captain Phillips (6 Nominations)

1. Best Picture

2. Best Supporting Actor: Barkhad Abdi

3. Best Editing

4. Best Sound Editing

5. Best Sound Mixing

6. Best Adapted Screenplay

This is an important film because the Somali Pirate problem needs attention. However, I found it a bit of a ‘bleh’ film. I don’t think the ‘Best Supporting actor’ nomination is warranted. Sure, it’s poetic  - it’s the guy’s first EVER acting role as he used to be a taxi driver. I hear you. Heart warmed. Etc etc. But really, all he does is wave a gun around and act angry.

Not too hard.

Not much happens in this movie – it had no obvious layers for me. (I missed the first 5 mins, so perhaps there was an EPIC character development that then robbed me of the rest of the subtext) but, really. It’s a film about a big ship that gets hijacked by Pirates, and then they hold the captain hostage as they try to escape, but America says “HELL NO” and sends in the navy and they get him back. The end. 

Perhaps it’s a boys movie and lost on me. My boyfriend loved it. Whatever. It’s a story – well told story with a beginning middle and end. So for that, it’s better than American Hustle. So. There’s that.

Don’t expect much more from it and you’ll be happy.


Dallas Buyers Club (6 Nominations)

1. Best Picture

2. Best Actor: Matthew McConaughey

3. Best Supporting Actor: Jared Leto

4. Best Editing

5. Best Make Up and Hairstyling

6. Best Original Screenplay

Matthew McConaughey suddenly became the baddest ass actor in Hollywood. When did that happen?

When he started looking sick.

He’s JUST scooped the Best Actor WIN at the Golden Globes for ‘Mud’ and then got this nomination for Best Actor in Dallas Buyers Club (he also has a role in Wolf of Wall street… will he just calm the eff down please!?)

He does a brilliant job in this film as a Homophobic Rodeo jock/hustler who gets diagnosed with Aids in 1985 and then has to enter the naive world of drugs and ‘gays’ of the 80′s as they learned about this virus. He then begins to smuggle drugs in from Mexico that are helping people survive but not FDA approved.

Jared Leto does an excellent portrayal of an HIV infected drag queen.

I won’t be furious if Matthew wins best actor, I’d just be impressed. Two best actor awards for two different movies in one year. This from the guy who acted in the worst action movie ‘Sahara’ and who played bongo drums on Oprah. (How dare he be so weird)

But I really would prefer 12 Years a Slave to get best actor. To get all awards.

Also, let the records show that Idris Elba was ROBBED of a nomination for playing Mandela in Long Walk to Freedom. ROBBED. All we got was best Song nomination by U2.

But that’s my Ignorant Opinion.  

*high five*

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Inspirational (art) Posters that I’d ACTUALLY hang on my wall.

I love this Gaping Void guy. You’ve probably heard of him, but if you haven’t… You’re welcome.

Hugh MacLeod is a cartoonist who has been drawing about life and business for twenty years. Hugh’s blog, gapingvoid has been one of the most popular blogs since the early days of social media, thus developing a loyal following of the best and brightest of Silicon Valley.  It remains in the top 20 of the AdAge Power 150 blogs today. (source)

Here are some of my favourite of his pieces. I’d have any one of these framed in an entrance hallway or office. You can buy any of these here.

Go see the rest of the thousands(!) of artworks here.

Or follow him on twitter @gapingvoid.

*High Five for creating*

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The sweetest Deal.

Why I love Simply Asia:

I love Simply Asia for a host of reasons (yumness, and sending me to thailand aside) but did you know that it was started by a REAL thai guy. Simply Asia was established in Cape Town in 2003 by Chaiphorn Lekcharoensuk, a Thai entrepreneur eager to introduce authentic Thai food to South Africa.

And I have it on good authority that he’s a pretty adorable guy, and not some mean corporate style boss. This makes me SO much more inclined to love Simply Asia above other Thai food stores, it’s not some money-hungry McDonalds type of entity that has no accord for cultures etc. (Like Native Americans representing a South African Steak house…? …Hypothetically speaking.)

February saw the launch of 10 more yummy dishes into the menu, to mark their 10 year anniversary.

My favourite is The Roasted Chilli Tamarind Duck – because, well – duck makes me happy in my mouth and as my comedian friend Stig says, duck tastes like a chicken mated with a pig… Perfection.

Check out the other dishes (and the downlow of what other bloggers are involved – AND how to win spot prizes over here.


*Sweet High five*

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Thai Food Do’s and Don’ts #SweetDeal

My local Simply Asia, Heritage Square.

Thai food (which according to Wikipedia is the ‘Cusine of Thailand’. Really, what WOULD we do without the internet sometimes) is pretty much everyone’s favourite food. It’s in the top five at least.

So here are some DO’s and DON’Ts I found on the official Phuket Website, how to eat in the Traditional Thai Style:


  • Do take your time and pick at your food; enjoy the conversation and the laughter and the sense of community.
  • Do pick up the check if it comes to you; in Thai society the person who is perceived to be the richest pays. Nine times out of ten this will be you. On the other hand don’t try to contribute if someone else is paying the bill, it takes away from their status and ‘face’.
  • Do make sure to take only small portions of each dish so there’s enough to go around.
  • Do finish everything on your plate; it lets the host know you enjoyed the meal. (not hard)
  • Do let the senior ladies of the group do the ordering; it’s tradition.
  • Do wait for the host to invite you to dig in.
  • Do expect a wide variety of dishes and flavours; part of the trick to ordering Thai food is to get a balance of sweet, sour, salty and spicy.
  • Do serve yourself but only what you can eat in two or three mouthfuls.


  • Don’t leave your chopsticks in the bowl, it symbolizes death and is very bad luck.
  • Don’t order one dish that you intend to eat by yourself. Thai meals are always shared.
  • Don’t feel bad about adding condiments to flavour your food to your taste.
  • Don’t wait for all of the food to come out before you eat it, Thai meals are leisurely affairs and the food just keeps on coming.
  • Don’t use your fork to put food in your mouth, instead use it to push your food onto your spoon.
  • Don’t look around for your knife – you won’t need one as everything is cut up for you.


As you probably know by now – it’s Simply Asia’s 10th birthday and they have released 10 new dishes to practice your DOs and DON’Ts with.

If you buy one of the #SweetDeal new dishes, you can buy the sweetcorn cakes for only R10. Trust me, these things are amazing. Gooey, chewy, crispy, yummy with the sweet-chilly sticky dipping sauce.

Simply Asia is running a host of competitions, so get involved on their Twitter and Facebook.


You can WIN a R100 voucher (from me) to try a new dish and get the #SweetDeal.

Just tweet me the new dish that you’d most like to try: Make sure and include @SimplyAsia_SA and #SweetDeal in the tweet and I could select you.

Wanna know what the new dishes are? click here

*Thai High Five*

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One South African guy took a global drinking craze and turned it into a ‘kindness phenomenon’

So, this Joburg guy – Brent Lindeque aka @RazzleMonster on Twitter  got nominated in this ‘Nek Nomination’ craze that is sweeping the planet via viral videos. It’s basically a frat party gone wrong – started in Australia where a person will down a beer (in a manner of fashions) and then nominate 2 friends to do video’s too.

Remember chain letters when you mailed postcards to strangers as kids? It’s like that, but inane. And alledgedley deadly (with a few alcohol related deaths reported around Ireland.)

Most people have seen Brent’s video – where he took his Nek Nomination and turned it into a small act of kindness. But here it is again:

With the rising interest in his video, he started the hashtag #ChangeOneThing on twitter, and it’s kind of exploded. And it’s kind of beautiful.

South Africans are getting involved – Here’s a video by my friend Frank, she undertook to help a magazine vendor sell his Big Issue magazines for a day, thus giving him a “good day” (it’s much harder than you’d expect – even given that she was obviously a different kind of seller to motorists. I respect those magazine vendors so much more now and will try to keep cash for them):

My personal fave moment of that video is “You’re talking on your cellphone – that’s illegal!! I promise not to tell if you buy a magazine..”

This guy gave kids in Diepsloot new footballs (Soccer balls, America)


These rad Cape Town guys fed 90 kids Nando’s (Chicken franchise) and then gave Nando’s a Neknomination, giving them a week to rise to the challenge.

Other corporates have.

Shoprite and Checkers, a grocery store franchise released this video today – and Nek Nominated 10 more huge brands in South Africa. So far Pampers and All Gold have tweeted that they accept. So let’s see what they do!

This SA schoolgirl donated a bunch of books to a children’s home. Watch here

This photographer girl from Joburg (one of my fave videos) simply went around making people smile at their places of work and capturing it through her lens. She returns to give them photos of their joy.
It’s a simple act of kindness that shows how a day can be a little better. And beautiful.


AND it’s spreading overseas – This American girl does her “South African Style NekNomination” and pays for the person behind her at the drive thru’s breakfast.

I absolutely love that South Africans are behind this movement, like that Hayley Joel Osmond movie – after he saw dead people, they are Paying it forward to the world. *happy twirl*

Sure we can cross examine things and say that South Africa has a bigger problem than ‘one good thing’ is going to ever make a dent in. But don’t ruin the beautiful thing. These are people who WEREN’T doing something nice, who are now. Sure they feel better about themselves, but they made someone else feel better too.

They reached out, and acknowledged a stranger – made another person feel that they mattered a little bit more.

And isn’t THAT what the human experience should ultimately be about?

*High five everyone.*





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