#TBT Living in South Korea.

If you know me, or have seen my stand-up comedy, you’ll probably know that I lived in South Korea for 2008 and 2009, teaching English.

I love SoKo, we had the best time, but there are a lot of moments of cultural frustration and language frustration, and race frustration, and general frustration at living in the second most densely populated city in the world. I randomly stumbled across my (best friend in Korea’s) facebook post from 2008. With a whole lot of questions about life in “the West” versus our life in “the East”. If you’ve lived in Korea, these will definitely make you chuckle, and remember a time when even buying a scarf took a whole day, a whole lot of miming and still didn’t work.

(That’s a true tale of how I introduced the above mentioned (Best friend in Korea) to another friend of mine, Doug – (mentioned in her post below). They are pictured below, far right. They are now married… but the tale of how they met over a scarf is for another day.)

If you’ve never lived in Korea, this list will help you to count your blessings and realise that while the grass may seem greener on the otherside, in a lot of instances, that grass is probably paved over and has an old Korean lady hawking a loogie onto it.

Us Seoul city folk taking a 4th of July weekend away on an Island... with the restaurant owner who was baffled by all the foreigners.. and spoke no English.

Korea… The ‘Good Life’?

Our mutual good friend, John Steffenauer, recently told Doug and I that we were living the ‘good life’. We both love and respect John, but we strongly disagree… so we’ve posted some questions that we have for him.

Do you worry about mosquitoes in your bedroom?
Do you spray bug spray around your bed to ensure a good nights sleep?
Do you ever see a bathtub?
Do you have to duck to get your head wet in the shower?
Can you watch TV and understand what they’re saying?
Do you flush your toilet paper? Such a good question. Really, John. Do you?
Does your landlord walk into your apartment, at any time, without knocking?
Do your feet ever walk on carpet?
Do you bake things in an oven?
Do you cook your food on a Bunsen burner?
Do you have microwave?
Can you drink your tap water?
Do you use a dryer?
Do you have to put your clothes in a pillowcase when you wash them?
Do you get to choose where you live?
Do you have a balcony or a porch?
Do you have to squeegee or leave a fan running to dry your bathroom?
Do the fans there kill people?
Do you watch live sports games on TV?
Is someone currently threatening you with nuclear warfare?

Do you dodge piles of vomit on your way to work?
Do you have to dodge stumbling drunk old men at 6pm?
Can you read signs on the street?
Can you buy shoes, shirts, pants, socks, condoms, or underwear that fit?
Do you have stars in your sky?
Do you have a blue sky or is it always hazy?
Do you breathe fresh air?
Do people usually stare at you when you’re outside?
Does your neighborhood smell like sewage?
Do women show their shoulders in public? Or just whores?
Can you buy canned air and not end up with a can of Ben-Gay?
Do your movies have Korean subtitles?
Do you drink alcoholic beer at a horse track?
Do your cab drivers ever take you for ‘a ride’?
Do you drive a car?
Do you ever have to smell silkworm larvae on the sidewalk?
Do you throw your garbage on the street or use a dumpster?
Do you have bills larger than a ten?
Do people apologize to you on the street if they bump into you?
Do you have liquor stores?
Does the rain there make your hair fall out?

Are you served fermented cabbage with every meal?
Does the food there look at you?
Do you get to eat with a fork or two little pieces of metal?
Do you wear your shoes in restaurants?
Do you sit in chairs at restaurants?
Do you order items on a menu that AREN’T pictured?
Are you able to read ingredient lists?
Can you buy turkey, limes, pop tarts, Doritos, or any snack food that ISN’T squid, fish, or octopus flavored?
Are ham and spam the same thing there?
Do you have to ‘moo’ at the grocery store lady to ask if what you’re buying is beef?

Really John? Really? The ‘good life’?

Written by Jennifer Reynolds (Nee Zubko) – Hometown: Tennessee, USA. 

aka one of my Best Friends in Korea. 

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Angel’s Charlies – Comedy for Good.

Monday blues can be chased away with laughter and helping a great cause. Stand up comedian, Angel Campey (that’s me) is throwing the mother of all charity comedy gigs to raise money for WHEAT trust – to change women’s lives.
Angel has assembled a star studded line up of the who’s who and the who’s new in comedy: Nik Rabinowitz, KG Mokgadi, Dalin Oliver, Yaaseen Barnes and Phil De Lange are the Charlies. Top South African comedians, Award winning comedians and some of the brightest rising stars in South African Comedy, with styles to cater for every taste.
All together, for your enjoyment. One night only.
Date: 29th September
Time: 6.30 for 7pm
Venue: African Pride Crystal Towers Hotel & Spa
Cost: R100
Tickets: Quicket
WHEAT Trust challenged three female celebrities to use their industry and influence to turn a R10 000 cheque into profit using the hashtag #WhatifWomen – What if women made the difference. This is Angel’s attempt to give back to a charity that supports women who make a difference in their communities.
Every cent of this event is going to the WHEAT Trust Charity, even the venue African Pride Crystal Towers Hotel & Spa has been generously sponsored by Protea Hotels. The comedians have donated their time and performance fees to the cause as well as MANY GREAT PRIZES sponsored by awesome local companies to be won in a raffle draw on the night.
Some of the sponsored prizes you stand a chance of winning, just for buying a ticket and attending (you can buy more raffle tickets on the night to up your odds) include Safari weekends at Aquila, Hotel stays at African Pride Crystal Towers Hotel & Spa and African Pride 15 on Orange. A night for 2 at Tintswalo Altantic Hotel worth over R8000, spa packages, cases of wine and dinner vouchers.
Angel’s Charlies – Doing comedy for Good.
Come and laugh for good. Do good. Feel good.
To read more about WHEAT Trust: Click here
My other Blog about it: Click here
Tickets on Quicket:
Facebook Event:

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#WhatIfWomen Charity Comedy Show in aide of the WHEAT Trust

If you follow me on twitter or facebook, thank you, and you would know by now that the WHEAT Trust dropped off a huge cheque while I was on air at my weekly radio show on 2oceansvibe radio (Fridays 1-3pm. Plug Plug!)

Three of the 'influential women' Mbali Ntuli (DA member) Vanessa Raphaely (Head of Cosmopolitan Magazine) and Me.

A huge cheque both figuratively and literally. WHEAT is investing R10 000 into women of influence around SA (of which they chose me as one!?) for us to take that 10k, in a month and turn it into PROFIT! At the end of September I have to return the R10 000… PLUS the oodles of profit I have turned it into.

The hashtag is #WhatIfWomen, because What if Women made the difference? I mean, we already do. Just ask Beyonce. But the whole initiative was launched in lieu of woman’s month (August) and is pretty great! A charity that is GIVING money..?

Ok – So i’m pretty scared of this responsibility. I don’t know how to make money turn into more money – As a comedian, writer and Radio DJ, I know how to make words turn into money. So that’s what I’m going to do.

I have taken the R10 000 seed money and am going to throw an AWESOME huge charity COMEDY show. Using my funny friends in the bargain – who have all donated their time, because they are rad – and I will blackmail them if they don’t.  (The whole point of the challenge was to use your OWN industry to make money… challenge accepted.)


The date is set. Monday 29th September 2014, 6.30pm. (Put that in your diary NOW, or go buy tickets)

The venue is (super amazingly) sponsored by Crystal Towers Protea Hotels. (that’s the 5 star one, next to Canal Walk.)

There are SO MANY amazing sponsored prizes to be won on the night via a raffle we will have:

Weekends away at Aquila Game Reserve, hotel stays worth R8000, cases of wine and many many more.

The LINE UP of Comedians are: 

Nik Rabinowitz

Nik Rabinowitz: Legendary South African comedian, the Jew who speaks Xhosa and is so famous he has his own wikipedia page.

KG Mokgadi

Kagiso KG Mokgadi: The son of a sangoma, who has done Comedy Central, Blacks Only – appearing soon in the religion show ‘Divine’ for Comedy Central channel 122, toured SA with his one man show HEAVY to rave reviews AND is the recent WINNER of the Comic’s Choice Award, Best Breakthrough Comedian 2014.

Dalin Oliver

Dalin Oliver: You may have seen him at Vodacom Funny Festival, or in Grahamstown at one of his SOLD OUT shows of ‘I came, I taught I left‘ his debut one man show that’s directed by Stuart Taylor. He’s the sports presenter on Goodhope FM but this boy from Retreat is best behind a comedy mic. You’ll see why.

Yaaseen Barnes

Yaaseen Barnes: Relatively new on the comedy scene, this muslim boy has been impressing audiences and comedians alike. He won the Comedy showdown, earning himself a slot at the Jive Funny Festival in 2014, alongside Trevor Noah. He was ALSO a Nominee in the Comic’s Choice Best Newcomer 2014. You can catch him on Comedy Central’s Upcoming religion special called Divine on channel 122. But first, see him at the #WhatIfWomen Charity. You will love his dry one liners.

Phil De Lange

Phil De Lange: A new face on the comedy circuit, Phil’s brand of Ukelele fueled comedy is both funny and politically thought provoking. He opened for the Ovation Award Winning,  Sne Dladla’s ‘The Joke’s On You‘ at the National Arts Festival this year. Phil is also a DJ on Smile FM and proof the albinos can be functional. ;)

Angel Campey

Angel Campey: That’s me. I will be hosting the evening. I have a one woman show called Yes Really Angel that has toured the country and gotten good reviews. I’ve been on Comedy Central Channel 122 with Kings and Queens of Comedy, and did a TEDx Talk in 2013. I also have a radio show on 2oceansvibe radio and am one of the writers for ZAnews – the award winning puppet satire of SA news.

All of this. ALL OF THIS. For the super cheap cost of R100

Buy your tickets on Quicket NOW. Click here

29th September: SEE YOU THERE!

Book Tickets.

#WhatIfWomen *highfive*




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My 5 Favourite Beauty Things (At the moment)

I see other (real) bloggers doing these kinds of posts all the time. And I’m pretty voyeristic and love to see what others are using, thinking doing… basically I’m a sheep. In human clothing.

Here are my favourite girly beauty things, in case anyone benefits from them (most of mine came from word of mouth, so- there’s that.) Let’s keep paying it forward, lest that Hayley Joel Osmond boy comes back to tell us he sees dead people, and those people are us. Live it up – I guess. (I should get that embroidered onto a pillow. that was motivational as fuck.)

1. Shampoo

Shampoo for my real friends and real-poo for my sham friends!

Our hair is our shining glory and as such deserves to go first. I’ve been blessed with deathly straight hair that I fight to give any body to. In the country of GHD weilding woman, i realise I’m in the lucky minority when I say all I’m really looking for in a shampoo is something that smells nicest. And if it makes it super glossy and adds volume then all the better too.

My favourite yummy smelling shampoo (that also is pretty fab at doing what the bottle promises) is Aussie Hair. I know, I know – South Africans are bred to not support Australia – but this is different. Because it’s purdy. The ‘Luscious Long’ was the first head turner for me and I have since tried out and am currently using the Mega Instant, which also smells yum.

I was once told by a hairdresser friend that one should alternate hair products every wash, to prevent build up – and keep hair it’s most glossy… I don’t know if it’s true – but it does mean that I can try out more smells – so I also have some other brand that smells the most amazing in the world ever. And it’s all natural and organic  and even VEGAN (It has no friends) it’s from Lush, and named (wait for it) Happy Happy, Joy Joy. 

I mean. Sold. The name is the best thing to see in the shower every morning. It smells like a summer garden of pressed flowers, gone right (not that rotten water filled with crushed petals we used to make – and call perfume.)

Their blurb goes: Finally, another vegan conditioner! A rose water, orange blossom water and almond milk base soften, beautify and condition hair. It works wonderfully on bleached and over-processed hair, and on everyone else too as it is rich and moisturizing, but doesn’t weigh hair down. Orange flower absolute, rosewood and grapefruit oils perfume your hair to make you feel Happy Happy all day long. 

That’s the conditoner (I find it a tiny bit too light for my hair, as it is always a little too knotty when wet. But it’s great to alternate with) and I use Lush’s seaweed shampoo BAR called Seanik for the first hair washing bit. It’s like a little blue bar of soap, and you only need to swoosh it over damp hair like once, and enough foam comes from that to make you feel lush. Hence the name, I’m sure.

It doesn’t really smell  like much, but it doesn’t need to. It’s pretty good at adding volume with sea salt and all sorts of ingredients – so I’m a fan.

2. Mascara

The hair around our eyes, is an extension of that crowning glory. Mascara is one of those things that we kind of say are all the same, and make-up artists will tell you that you don’t need to spend on a good one – because there’s not much difference – but then girls are always asking and comparing and they have SO many out there that it’s getting quite baffling.

I used to be a MAC obsessed human, and as such would get the MAC mascara (I forget which one) but I know I wasn’t alone in the fact that I found that it used to irritate my eyes a teeny bit. A bit burny when applying the wet mascara and then again when washing it off and it gets in your eyes.

My new favourite is INGLOT False Lash Effect. It’s not too heavy and clumpy – it works on all the points I want it to, length and volume – and it’s not too expensive either, it also doesn’t irritate my eyes. So – what more is there to ask from it?


3. BB Cream

This is all the trend and since my skin’s (finally) been getting better… see below for more… I can use this and not rely on the more heavy bases for cover-up. I don’t have any authority on this, and am constantly looking for a better brand (but then too afraid to veer from my tried and tested one.) But I find Garnier both cost effective and effective.

4. Skin Care:

Up until rather recently, I would have sung the praises of Dermatologica all the way to a duel to the death. And I’m not going to take away from them, as I still have their eye cream, and face spritz toner and a whole collection of other products. However, I started suffering from breakouts from about the age of 28. And try as I might, all my best Dermalogica intentions seemed only to manage it, and not clear it up. (This is also down to hormones and diet, and I started Tim Noakes’ Banting and noticed a skin improvement too.) But a strange chance meeting (on a red carpet – how scripted!?) found me in the friendship circle of  an Australian named Paris Skye. Now there is going to be a full blog on Paris (the person) soon, she wants to give away an awesome facial treatment to someone – and you want to be that someone. She gave me a facial (mmm) and the products she use are Dr Hauschka. A brand I’d heard of but never looked into, for lack of word of mouth.

 What’s nice about these products is that they are homeopathic and aromatherapy based. Very gentle on the skin and they smell great. So gentle in fact that the ‘Daily Cleansing “scrub”‘ is not to be scrubbed, at all ever, but merely pressed and released on the skin – it alledgedly creates a type of suction and removes impurities that way. There’s also a Lavender essential oil that you put in hot water and press on your face before and after to open pores and calm skin. The whole (yummy smelling) experience has left me with a much more glowing skin than I had previously. It smells less clinical (the day moisturiser’s key ingredient is rose water!) and it’s also about half the cost of Dermalogica (and if you buy directly from Paris Skye, she gives you a 10% discount as incentive.)

I have noticed a marked improvement on my skin, breakouts and ability to regenerate as well as general silkyness and have had people (including my too-honest Nanna) comment on how much better it is looking. That’s enough proof for me to be sold.

5. Perfume

I think it’s testament of me growing up and finally maturing that the quality I most love in a perfume now is it’s subtlety. This coming from a girl who’s signature scent in high-school was ‘Angel’. Ok. For obvious reasons, but that Angel scent is about as subtle as a crucifix in a vampire’s chest.

My current favourite scent is just the perfect amount of sweet/musky/subtle and haunting. I can’t pronounce his name (as I learnt when my Spanish speaking Argentinian boyfriend laughed at me) but I love it. Narciso Rodriquez – Her.

That’s my top 5 favourite things -

and if you look under your chairs – you’ll see…. An Oprah O Magazine in the dust. Reminding you how you never got free things under your chair. and today is no different. But keep an eye – will be having a Paris Skye Giveaway soon :)

*high five*


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3 Comedians 1 Mic – on the Angel Campey Show. @2OVfm

After a small hiatus to run around in a manner that can only be likened to a reenactment of the looming zombie apocalypse, I’m BACK in Cape Town – and my weekly Friday radio slot will resume its normal programming.

As has been the (very popular) trend of late, I will continue with the spree of showcasing all of the comedic talent this fine land has to offer. That said, all I could dredge up this week are two bearded men.

Luckily for your ears – they are very funny men.

Bradford Keen (@BradfordKeen) was recently announced as one of the nominees in the (very prestigious) South African Comics Choice Awards, as the ‘Best Newcomer’.

Westley Cockrell (@wez_undercover) was recently called ‘funny, for an Afrikaans person’ which is basically the same thing.

Westley Cockrell

Westley Cockrell is an Afrikaans speaking gentleman from George. He has been living in Cape Town for five years now and really has nothing interesting going on in his life. He someday wishes to travel to Kimberly to see the big hole.

Bradford Keen. Plays well with kids.

Bradford Keen wants to one day be known as an intellectual comedian. He is doubtful this day will ever come so for now he talks in funny voices and pulls faces – much to the delight of children and the broken-spirited. When he is not on stage he is on a yoga mat, or fiddling with words riddled with tragedy in the exciting domain of tabloid news.

To hear what these two (very funny) men have to say to the equally funny me… Tune in from 1-3pm local time (GMT +2) – accessible online, from anywhere in the world here.

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Sonic RS Drives Comedians wild (or just to Grahamstown).

Here it comes folks. Angel writing about a car. Look, it’s no joke that I know nothing about cars (luckily they emailed me a spec sheet of all the info the rest of Ya’ll might be interested in) but I do know that when you turn the key and it starts, thats a good thing. And then if it goes well – and uses very little petrol, that’s an even better thing.

So here comes my ‘Clueless girl Observations on why the Sonic RS is awesome’.

Chevrolet very (very) kindly offered to sponsor me a car for the Grahamstown national Arts Festival. And they branded it like a BAWS too. It made me feel that little bit famous (that I’ve never felt before).

This is not a ‘paid for post’. They didn’t ask me to write a blog  - they were perfectly happy with the simple knowledge that their cars were out on SA roads. So this is just the honesty of why these cars are RAD.

It’s completely smart-phone compatible. It can even access your photos and videos onto the ‘my link’ touch screen. This might sound like a hazard, but it only works when the car is stopped… so no accidents, don’t worry Oprah.

The rest of the ‘answer’ and ‘make a call’ functions are conveniently situated on the right of the steering wheel, for your thumb to control (the same place the radio functions are).

It reads USB drives! So you can load all of your music onto a flash (or in my case, Game of Thrones Audio Books) and it’s reader is sneakily situated inside the glove-compartment, so that it’s safe to leave it plugged in when the car is parked.  With all of that USB storage you have music for DAYS. As comedian Nina Hastie said “It’s like being inside an iPod, that you can drive”.

Interior of the RS.

It tells you how many Km’s you have left in the tank. (Look, I’m not saying these are unique functions, it’s just things I thought was rad) As a chick, on a roadtrip, you never really know if you can make it to the next town on the 1/4 tank or if you should just stop. The top right of the dashboard display has a little image of a car and a petrol pump and it tells you how many Km’s you have until you need to find one. Super useful. It’s also interesting to note that more gentle cruise speeds made the KM go up so you had less petrol usage. Taught me a little bit about driving more conservatively.

Comfy Seats. I think they are called bucket seats? They hug you, and are soft and this girl approves.

CRUISE CONTROL – My boyfriend laughed at me that I thought this was so cool. Apparently most cars have it these days. So sue me. My car is from 1995. It didn’t even know what a cellphone was, let alone a smart phone. So this is all very exciting. The cruise controls are on the left of the steering wheel. And on long trips I found it super useful, most specifically with sticking to the speed limit. You know how those small towns finance their christmas parties (and year round parties) by making that ungodly 60km speedlimit out of nowhere. Now, all i had to do was make sure i was going exactly the speed limit, flick that cruise control switch – and then take my foot off the gas. No stress, no speed limits broken. It’s like a car that drives itself. You feel like you’re in a ride at Disney land through South African landscape (just don’t close your eyes and throw your hands up).

(I also noticed, this made the petrol usage better too.)

SIX GEARS - Ok, the SonicRS is fast. Super fast. KG Mokgadi’s first text to me when we both got our cars was “Careful baby, this thing f**ks off!”. (Obviously sans stars)

Siv Ngesi also phoned me (handsfree, weee!) as soon as he got HIS sponsored SonicRS to say “You guys weren’t kidding about how fast this thing goes!”

It’s a very powerful little beast, with 6 gears. It’s one of the coolest most liberating things to have to downgear into FIFTH gear, to overtake on a hill.  Nothing  more to say. It’s fast.

And now – here’s the real tech info:

Power: 103 kW

Engine: 1.4-litre turbocharged ECOTEC® petrol engine

Fuel Consumption: the new Sonic RS consumes just 6.6-litres per 100 km on the combined average cycle, with carbon emissions of 155 g/km to match

Direct Competitor: Suzuki Swift Sport

Source; Imported from South Korea, developed in the US.

Fun Fact: Sonic RS has the same exact steering wheel as the Chevrolet Camaro!

My Link: 
MyLink has been designed to be compatible across the board both in terms of phone integration and playable media formats, which means the most common music, picture and video formats can be streamed or played via most smartphones – the additional USB and auxiliary ports ensuring that other sources of music, videos or photos can also be easily integrated. Up to 35 pre-set and 15 auto-stored AM or FM radio stations can be programmed as well, rounding off the complete entertainment solution that is MyLink.

And that’s about that.

Thank you so much to Chevrolet South Africa and Lunga Ntsendwana for being such a dream to work with.


*SonicRS highfive*

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Cape Town Comics that I think you should see at Grahamstown National Arts Festival.

This year is the 40th Anniversary of the National Arts Fest. It’s also 20 years of South African Democracy – that’s a lot of maths for us artists, but what it DOES mean is that there is going to be A LOT of hooplah at the fest this year. The best fest everrrrr.

I know that there is an absolute assault on your senses of posters, fliers, beggars who are actually performers – begging you to come to their shows – or let them wash your windshield. Anything goes in G town.

With that in mind, it gets super overwhelming about what to see. Given that you are reading my blog, I’m going to go ahead and assume that Interpretive dance about the flight of a petal from the methane gas emitting green-peace fighting cow fields to the nuclear fall out of future, not yet understood rhino poacher’s secret castle situated in the middle of an oil field made out of baby seal furs… all danced by children dressed as eggs… symbolically – is not for you. (I actually struggled to make that sound boring. I had to delete a rant about an undersea kingdom of aliens who have been living alongside our species all of these years. Because I made MYSELF interested. I’d watch the shit out of that shit.)

But no. We are here for straight up, witty, intelligent, satirical and dark looks at one another, South Africa and probably Zombies too. Fucking zombies, they are in everything – even politics. (They are in my show too. And no, not on the days I don’t feel like putting on make-up, smart ass.)

There is A LOT of comedy at the fest this year. So much that making this list suddenly overwhelms me, as I was just going to promote my immediate friends’ shows – but now, on second thought – I should probably tell you about the other stand-ups too. Because, i freaking love all comedy. I’m like the (anti) beauty-queen, just shouting my mouth off about how I love everyone and only want world peace. (I don’t want World Peace. That’s in my show too. Come see why.)

Screw it. There’s too much great comedy out there. I’m going to keep it local and only tell you about the Cape Town shows… I can’t be a journalist AND a comedian. I gots shit to do.

That said, Here’s my best try at the comedy that you SHOULD see. (this doesn’t mean that shows that aren’t on here aren’t great. It only GUARANTEES you that the shows ON here ARE great, CAPE TOWN acts.) I used CAPS so many times in that sentence. And I don’t actually hit caps. I’m one of those people who holds the shift button down with my pinkie finger. Don’t you hate people like me? HATE US!? (I did it again.)

First things first: MY SHOW

Book here.

And now the other two shows that have been produced by my roommate Siv Ngesi.


(Yes, that is a screen-grab off of KG’s Phone that he sent me. Digital marketing is not his strong point. Being funny is.) He is funny. See him now, and watch him rise to the top.

The Joke’s on You.

An added bonus of Sne (who is directed by Rob Van Vuuren, so he’s got the midas touch) is that Phil De Lange is his opening act. Two blazing new acts on the Cape Town scene.


In general, any given night – this show is brilliant. Rob Van Vuuren and Martin Evans at their unscripted best.

For the purpose of my blog; the poster I’ll use is one featuring me (I’m performing a guest slot on the 4th July) But all the posters and all the line ups are great.

Martin Evans

The comedian’s comedian. We will all stop texting, chatting and drinking at a comedy club to watch Martin’s set. Fresh, improvisational, honest and intelligent comedy. That’s all you need to know.

(Martin has another show ‘Full Body P**s Klap’ at the fest. Look out for that one too.)

Rob Van Vuuren:

This one really needs no introduction. You should probably just book tickets now before it sells out, as always. I saw it last year. I loved it. Rob is an untouchable perfomer, fusing stand up comedy and his acting skill – and a bit of interpretive dance… wah hey, you get the culture after all.

Rob has a fancy website, so I couldn’t download a higher res version of his poster but just go here for more info.

Dalin Oliver

The debut one man show by Cape Town’s funny man, Dalin (He’s also my Grahamstown roomie. I don’t room with un-funny folk. Don’t believe me? I live with Siv Ngesi and my other Grahamstown roomie is KG Mokgadi. Sit down.)

Stuart Taylor

Another comedian who needs no real introduction, but we’re proud to claim him here in Cape Town. Make sure and catch Stu in G town this year, he also will probably sell out – so don’t dilly dally. (He also Directed Dalin, above – so there’s that.)

Brent Palmer:

Another comedic genius mind. The man who directs Nik Rabinowitz and Siv Ngesi has now been directed by Kurt Schoonraad! (That’s so many awesome funny names in one sentence, i can’t deal!)

Jou Ma Se Comedy Club:

I’ve left the best for last. Which is what the time-table at the Fest does too. Jou Ma Se Comedy Club kicks off at the Bowling club venue every night at 11pm. All the other shows will have finished. There’s a bar at the venue and all of the best comics from around the festival (as well as a few going up with Jou Ma Se exclusively) will be hopping on that stage. You can catch me on stage there on the 8th and 10th July, but I’ll be in the audience every night. It’s the only place to be after 11 in Grahamstown. Laughing is the best way to stay warm.

There you have it folks.

I sincerely hope I haven’t forgotten someone from Cape Town.

You should also look out for the Durban and Joburg comedians, Goliath and Goliath is a name you should look out for to catch a great line up of all the Jozi boys (and girls).

*sticky festival fingers high five*

See you there!


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My Grahamstown National Arts Festival Shows

So, a year ago I went on my first National Arts Festival Adventure, seeing me on stage 18 times in 11 days. At the end of it, i was in a shaking heap, face down in the mud – twitching. Any sane person would tick that item off of their bucket list and say ‘been there, done that, two shaky thumbs up’.

But not a performer. As I lay twitching, face down in the mud created from my own sweat and tears, i was told by my infallible producer, roommate and brother Siv Ngesi -

and agreed – that ‘next year will be easier now’.

This is that next year. I don’t know what comatose Angel was thinking, as I am filled with the same amounts of dread and excitement. The pros are that ‘Yes Really Angel’ is a more solid show – it was brand new a year ago. It has now toured, it has now fattened up like that first year out of your parents house when you eat only out of bags… and not Woolies ones. The cons are that reviewers are allowed to write their opinions of my comedy… fuck. That’s the WORST fear imaginable. The fear YOU have when you imagine how scary performing stand up comedy might be (you’re mostly wrong, it’s AWESOME) is the fear I have when I imagine a reviewer writing about me. And luckily last year it was 99% good (but that 1% is all we focus on) the fact remains that comedy, like music – is completely subjective. More so. A band can get a thumbs up because the guitars were audible, heads were bobbing and chords were struck.

ME on the other hand, heads can be lolling, mics can be working but if I strike a CHORD – that could be offensive.

There are so many comedy credos and pep-talks to prepare oneself of the inevitability of a crowd not liking you, or a show not going well. And that I can handle, that is in the moment, that’s present – that’s what I’m signing up for. But the reviewers… ugh. I’m too new in this game to pretend like it’s water off of a ducks back. (And I know I walk like a duck, but cold water on my back is going to piss me off. Grahamstown is COLD, i don’t want water down my back, thanks.) People pretend that it doesn’t matter. But we all know that it does. On enough levels to sting, it matters.

BUT – that’s the game I’ve chosen. So on we merrily skip.

Luckily for me, Chevrolet has offered to loan me one of their fancy brand new Sonic RS cars to make the 10 hour (omfg) road trip in, and to zoot around the town during the festival. I’m pretty excited to see all of its ‘smart phone compatible’ features, but if I’m being honest – I’m mostly excited to drive a car with a functioning fan – so that I can turn the heat on.

I have the mastermind Nik Rabinowitz as my director, constantly pushing me to take more risks and be more fearless with the dark things I find funny, so I’m hoping he can’t be wrong.

I’ve put a few new elements into my show – which means that I wake up in cold sweats with nightmares of having forgotten my words – it also means that my show excites me again, and I’ll be on my toes with new material. It’s sometimes a good idea to change up the order one says jokes – just to confuse your mind, because otherwise you could slip into auto-pilot of familiarity with repeating them, and that’s boring for the audience. The funniest stuff is always the ‘in the moment, off the cuff stuff’ because the audience can read that it’s fresh and new. So the fresher and newer that one can make the whole show feel, the better.

This was not my motivation for changing my show. But it’s the mantra that I am convincing myself with now. My motivation was merely that I’ve grown in this year (hopefully just metaphysically and not horizontally) My hair has grown – but I cut that shit back, so you can’t really tell. But emotionally (distant harps) I have grown, and so have adjusted my material accordingly. What I’m trying to say is that I’m trying to be honest on stage, and if i was pretending that the exact same material of a year ago is who I am today – that wouldn’t be honest.
I like to think that at the end of the hour I’m on stage – you’ll walk (or run) out with a bit of a look behind the curtain that is my mind. (most people’s minds are brains, mine is a curtain. You see how fascinating I am.)
So, that was supposed to be the ‘short intro’ on my posters. Here’s where you can find me at the FEST:
I’m also making a guest appearance on Friday the 4th July at Pants on Fire (one of my favourite places at the fest)
You can also catch me on Tues 8th July and Thursday 10th July at Jou Ma Se Comedy.
(also a staple of the comedy fringe)

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Two G’s in a Pod with Angel

A few weeks ago I sat down with two very funny gents, (and friends of mine in the Cape Town Comedy circle) – Gareth Woods and Gareth Allison. Aka Two G’s in a Pod. (Because they have pod-casts… get it?)

“Stand-up comedian Gareth Woods & Gareth Allison, from comedy duo Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues, come together with a very special guest every Wednesday to bring you TWO G’s IN A POD - a weekly podcast showcasing their comedically sideways look at the world, current events & any topic they come across or deem fit for parody.”

I was the very special guest for episode 21. Click here to listen: The context fairy, death to Suárez & a frog wedding? Yep, you guessed it: it’s another listen-worthy (real word alert!) instalment of #TwoGsInAPod!

The show, which debuted in January 2014, is slowly building a loyal following on iono.fm, iTunes & Stitcher and is already on its 22nd episode. You won’t find a better South African comedy podcast hosted by two guys with the same name – go on, try it.

I will have the Two G’s (out of their Pod) on MY radio show this Friday the 27th June 2014 from 1-3pm on 2oceansvibe radio. Listen live here.

*Two G’s High five*

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Kim Gush ‘White Noise’ Dress at the Bokeh Fashion Film Festival

A few weeks ago I made a plea for someone to please help this (bumbling, stumbling) comedienne get a dress for the red carpet and Kim Gush rose to the challenge.

She’s usually a mens wear specialising designer but she had an idea for me, and made it in a week.

The hem at the bottom is a SOUNDWAVE of white noise (I told her I’d be rad if it was a soundwave of my comedy… she said white noise was funnier… fair enough.)

But seriously, here’s the inspiration for the dress:
‘You’re a ghost, driving a meat coated skeleton made from stardust, what do you have to be afraid of?’
This collection represents the series of events our mind goes through on approaching the end. Chaos, silence, ecstasy, release.
The print is a soundwave of ‘white noise’. White noise being almost that end.
Pretty epic.
I felt like a real movie star.
A gay man (i only point out that he’s gay so you know that he wasn’t hitting on me) back tracked through the crowd after complimenting my dress to add – “seriously, i think you’re the best dressed person here” so bravo Kim Gush. Bravo.
Check out Kim’s Facebook or Twitter and her website.
*white noise high five*


Style Africa listed me as one of the ‘Best Dressed’ at the event! Way to go Kim!!

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