2 girls 1 mic

The latest internet phenomenon: Two girls…. one…. MIC. *cough* what were YOU thinking? This is the latest epic high five moment in my life.

2 girls 1 mic

Kamini Pather and I have our very own radio show. On 2oceansvibe radio! Fridays from 1-3pm. #2girls1mic

We talk about topical subjects that amuse us, play songs that make us bop and mock each other for our differences. It’s the ‘not that kind of girl show’ where we laugh bawdily and talk candidly. After all – it’s internet radio, so that means. Not only can you listen to it anywhere in the world, but we have no censorship! (and no sponsorship – but we’re working on that). We will throw down F words from time to time and other words like Friday, Feline, Fiddlesticks, Fun, Flirt, Fornicate, and Fudge.

Yesterday was our first ever broadcast, live – with a webcam to point and laugh at us – and with lots of buttons, dials, keyboards and tabs on screens. It’s 2 girls 1 mic – they never said anything about all the knobs and  buttons!

But us savvy girls know how to push buttons, both in our relationships, love lives and radio lifes. And (much like in our relationships and love lives) sometimes we pushed the wrong button. But our smooth talking and fast thinking eased over the bumbles – like we try in real life.

We had the hilarious Tracy Klass in studio as a guest in our second half.

Back from her highly acclaimed and sold out one woman show ‘Klass Struggle’ in Joburg. She sashayed in, wearing full leopard print (or is it cougar print?) and brought us a celebratory bottle of Pongranz to toast our first ever show with a bang and pop.

Our other in studio guests were aKing band (who had just been announced as SAMA nominees for Rock Album of the year, the day before). They walked in like real rock-stars should and started popping bottles, causing kak and making us laugh.

The studio got a little chaotic with all the bubbly, humour and wit being flung about. And Kamini and I scrambled to get back on top of things – Like mountain climbers summiting Kili – we emerged victorious. A little dizzy, a little altitude sickness and a little sweaty from the stuggle… but victorious none the less. And on top of a mountain…

All in all I’d say it was a win of a first show. The podcast will be up soon so you can judge for yourselves. (and i used the term ‘judge’ loosely, don’t judge us. We’re new. )

Tune in next Friday 1-3pm here  — It’s Kamini’s turn to push buttons and turn dials. We should be better on our second time… and if not, we should be funny.

Follow the hashtag #2girls1mic or follow 2oceansvibe radio on twitter.

Or you could just follow Kamini and Me. (but you do that already…)

*high five*

2girls1mic NSFW. NOW safe for work.

All the amazing photos were taken by LynnD. Make up by MishtotheD. Hair by Scar.

*high five*

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