24 Before 30 – Live like a Tourist.

Every year I make a list of new things I want to try.  Some are difficult, some are easy, some are shockingly mundane. This is making every day count as I count down to 30.

Kalk Bay

Cape Town is rated as the top tourist destination in the world. This is something we are all very proud of. And yet, we live in it in the same mundane way that joburgers do… for the most part. Sure we probably lock our car doors while we’re inside them less, and we adhere to red-robots after dark – but we also throw the fact that we have “the sea and the mountain” around way more than we actually utilize them

Kalk bay makes me happy. It makes my soul smile. On Saturday the 16th March, I took my man-friend to Kalk bay – we lunched. We strolled on the jetty and spoke to a few fishermen. We watched seals, we drank beer and then we drove to Grand West Casino.

Learn How to Play Poker

Learning how to play poker was one of my ’29 before 29′ that i never actually got to. I have the worst memory for card games. I learn them and then forget. Grand West Casino has this great system where you can go and LEARN how to play. They have Roulette and Poker tables and really friendly staff, who walk you through step by step, with fake chips. I also figured out they dealt fake hands – because I had a royal flush in the second round… But then once we started “fake playing for real” i won R60 000… hypothetically. I was really good at it. My man friend was better at Roulette – he cleaned up there. Between the two of us, we’d make over 1ook. We didn’t really. But we got to high-five a lot. And that’s just as good. :)

See Cirque Du Soleil.

I’ve always wanted to watch it. What better 30th gift to myself than to go?



This was a pretty packed 24th last day of being in my 20s.

*high five* – Make it count.


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