29 things before 29 years.

It’s my 29th birthday in 29 days. To celebrate my last birthday in my twenties, and because 9 is my lucky number. I am writing a list of 29 things I have never done and ‘should have done’ before I’m 29.

99 Red Balloons… 29 Pink ones.

I will try to get one done a day and blog about the experience. Let’s try and make the end of my 20’s memorable. (then i’ll do a proper list of 30 big things to do before I’m 30…)

red balloons

In no particular order:

1. Get a facial

2. Watch James Bond movies

3. Walk down a busy street with 29 helium balloons.

4. Bake a cake from scratch.

5. Test drive a luxury sports car.

6. Learn ten basic things in sign language.

7. Learn how to play poker.

8. Go to a ballet or Opera.

9. Ride the My Citi Bus.

10. Shoot a handgun.

11. Find the perfect pair of jeans.

12. Learn the difference between names of wine.

13. Help an old lady across the street.

14. Write a Haiku.

15. Make a list reminiscing my 28 previous birthdays.

16. Choose my 29 Favourite songs of all time.

17. Plant a potplant.

18. Meditate for 29 mins.

19. Join a protest to Parliament. Or make own protest.

20. Read in the park.

21. Bake cookies for the neighbours and make friends with them.

22. Make a custom t-shirt.

23. Find a street called ‘Angel’ and take a photo.

24. Reconnect with a long lost old friend.

25. Feed a homeless person.

26. Find a 29 letter word.

27. Donate more than R100 to charity.

28. High Tea at Mount Nelson Hotel.

29. Be on the cover of a magazine.

*Birthday high five*

P.A.R.T. Why? Because We're running outta years to do it!

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11 Responses to 29 things before 29 years.

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  2. I like this. Think I’ll follow suit with a 30 things to do before 30 years!

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  5. Talana says:

    Eeeek Also 29 this month… Hope to make the 30’s more memorable!! Hopefully being older and wiser wont make me too responsible. :)

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  8. Bee says:

    i’ve made a list of 23 before 23! :)

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