30 before 30

30 years old. I’m in the final countdown *it took every cell in my body to resist typing dum dumdaaah daaam* but now i did it anyway. So I’m a winner. And a loser. It’s a fine art that I have mastered both simultaneously.

In an ideal world i’d like to do something significant every day of my last 30 days before I’m 30. (Much like my much coveted 29 before 29) But (much like my 29 before 29) I am realising that sometimes my dreams are bigger than my time-schedule and laziness combined.

Yesterday was the 10th of March (My birthday is on the 9th April) and my special moment for the day was hiking up table mountain. Something all us Capetonians say we should do more of. So i did.

Unfortunatley it was not as liberating as i thought as after the first 10 mins (no word of a lie) i was so out of breath that my lungs were stinging. I was convinced i’d developed asthma – for the first time ever – at that moment. I’m still not sure as to the medical reasons and factuality of this. Luckily my man-friend was patient and kind, and only kicked me lightly as he told me to stop being a baby and threw sand in my face. (some of those are not true)… and after a few more minutes my lungs stopped burning and my (almost) 30 year old immune system appeared to have beaten back asthma as soon as it had started. Booya.

I also made the top in a record time (for me) at 1.30min it’s the fastest I’ve done it. I’d previously done it in 2005, 2007 and 2010.

2013 summit. Having fought back death i was yet again on the top. And i'd like to put my Man-friend forward for official selection by the Nobel Peace committee as "most patient and kind" :P

The sweetest part of all of this is that on the top a lady humbly asked if I’d take a photo of her as she was by herself and didn’t have anyone to take it (she had an old school FILM camera… right?!) and she said it was her BIRTHDAY!

She had a film camera. but we had a POLAROID. yes. not the instagram kind. the real kind that I had to scan in... eat that hipsters.

My heart broke a little bit until she informed me that she actually wanted to come alone (the cable car is free on your Bday) and that her son would fetch her shortly. Her plan was to blow up balloons with smiley faces on them and let them go in the wind, as a symbolic gesture of letting go of baggage.

I thought that was quite lovely. and might emulate that. I love balloons.

It was her 59th birthday. Suddenly i felt sheepish for dreading 30.

So. This marks the beginning of doing something special on every day of my last days of my 20s. I will try to blog each one.

Here goes.

*make it count*


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