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Hey guys, I have a press release for my new show. Here it is!

A new stand-up comedy special written by Angel Campey, directed by Tara Notcutt and produced by Siv Ngesi.​

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury – they say “rather the devil you know, than the Devil you don’t.” You may already be familiar with Cape Town Comedian, Angel Campey – but if not allow us to introduce you because she’s launching a new comedy special and it’s wickedly funny.

Comedienne, writer and radio presenter Angel Campey is back with her second stand-up comedy show and (despite her real name) she’s hell-bent on proving that she’s no angel, or at least reminding us that the devil was once an angel too. Her New comedy special, Devil’s Advocate will debut at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown for nine consecutive performances from 30th June to the 8th July 2017.

Brought to you by popular comedian and TV personality Siv Ngesi (Mnet’s Wingin’ it and SABC3’s Man Cave), Devil’s Advocate marks Angel’s triumphant return to the National Arts festival, after having taken a hiatus in 2016 in order to spend most of the year in New York City, performing at some of the world’s top comedy clubs including a trip to the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal Canada, where she joined up with Comedy Central Africa. She’s back and she’s more fiery than ever, with added New York street swag, and a stronger bladder.

Devil’s Advocate is directed by multi-award winning director, writer and producer Tara Notcutt (Three Little Pigs, Miskien and Rob Van Vuuren’s WhatWhat & Life). This marks the first collaboration between these two power-house women and they are very excited to stretch each-other’s limits and uplift funny females.

Cape Town local, Campey launched her first comedy hour Yes, Really Angel in 2013 to rave reviews and a successful three year run at fest. It was directed by legendary comedian Nik Rabinowitz in his directorial debut, (which he’d offered to step up to work on after seeing Angel perform only once as a newcomer in the comedy industry.)

Yes, Really Angel was heralded as “well-scripted stand-up”, “Nothing short of hilarious” and critics applauded Angel as a “dark comedian with razor sharp wit” calling her “one of the best stand alone female comedians at the festival” and a Cape Times reviewer welcomed her into the comedy fold with the headline simply stating Angel earns her comedy wings”.

As much as she enjoys all the puns and plays on words about her birth-name, ‘Angel’ is ready to kick it up a notch and Devil’s Advocate takes her comedy to the next level. As one of the top emerging comedians in South Africa, Angel has a lot to say about our country, the status quo of race, gender and politics – and her own life observations. Whilst leaning hard on the hilarity that we can all relate to, Angel is sure to rub some of your opinions up the wrong way – but it’s all in good fun, after all she’s just playing Devil’s Advocate.


Angel’s comedy career started with an open-mic night in a packed comedy club on Long Street, Cape Town in 2011 which earned her a standing ovation, and her career has rolled with the punchlines ever since. She’s a regular on festival line-ups and comedy club stages all over South Africa. Having appeared on Comedy Central Africa’s Channel 122 with Kings and Queens of Comedy in 2013, she’s a resident ‘queen’ on the franchise and regularly tours the country to perform to sold out arenas of up to 5000 people. In 2015 Angel was nominated by the department of Arts and Culture for an Mbokodo award in the Comedy Category, honouring women changing their industries through innovation and trail blazing. (Her Devil’s Advocate director, Tara Notcutt was nominated for the same award in the Theatre category. Mbokodo means rock. Two rocks on one team!)

Angel is also a TV writer for multi award winning satire news show Puppet Nation, ZAnews which has won 4 consecutive SAFTAs for Best TV Comedy, was nominated for 2 international Emmy Awards for Best Comedy and earned Angel 2 Muse Award wins from the Screen Writer’s Guild of South Africa for Best TV Comedy Scriptwriting in 2016 and 2017.You can catch her voice daily on the Smile Drive with Maurice Carpede as she co-hosts the popular drive-time show on Smile90.4FM for 3 months during Bailey Schneider’s maternity leave. She also hosts her own Friday lunch show for the past 5 years on 2oceansvibe radio, The Angel Campey show is an unruly chat to fellow comedians and local creatives and has proved to be one of the top rated shows on the station.

It is a Latvian proverb that ‘Even the Devil himself doesn’t know where a woman sharpens her knives’, well Angel clearly sharpens her tongue in the same place. (Even though she’s not Latvian. She’s first generation South African, the daughter of British and Zimbabwean immigrants – and she has opinions on that too, but you’ll have to catch Devil’s Advocate to hear them!)

Devil’s Advocate Court is in session from 30th June with daily performances in the Masonic Back until the 8th July 2017 at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. Bookings

*Devil’s Advocate is rated 16 for Mature content.



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