He’s camera shy. He doesn’t love the limelight, but he loves conversations with anyone.  I can’t gush about him because it would make him blush and me throw-up. And yet, i need to remember this joy, so here is the girliest of girly posts:

This #100HappyDays challenge has me successfully instagramming a ‘Happiness’ every day, for 23 days and going strong. The thing is – for all 23 of those days – I could just have put a photo of his face and said ‘him’.  So here’s  my little homage to love. Hell, it’s nearly Valentine’s day.

*disclaimer, grinches and people who hate PDAs should stop reading… now.*

English is his second or third language, and he still manages to make me laugh in it, daily.

He’s obsessed with football (as all South Americans are) but barely ever watches it around me because I don’t love it, and resorts to reading updates on his phone.

His texts are always full of exclamation marks, which is testament to his Latin American style, and the enthusiasm and joy with which he embraces the world.

On a particularly sleepy day, I was walking … nay… trudging through the CBD to a comedy gig with him. He knew my energy levels needed to be elevated before I performed. So… he made me do BALLET with him. He ran behind me, lifting me, spinning me – forcing me to run holding hands and jumping. It was the most Zombie apocolyptic looking pair of uncoordinated ballerinas you’d have ever seen in the quiet city of Sunday dusk. But to me it was what pure love looks like.

He insists that his favourite part of my body is the extra weight i’ve (loathsomely) gained over December.

He once heard me talking about my insecurity about how I look sans make-up and now makes a point of telling me he thinks I’m more beautiful every time I’ve washed it off my face.

Once, during a shouty-fight when I was defending how crazy I was acting he asked me if I was worried that he’d leave me for acting too crazy. I defiantly yelled back, “yes!” to which he shouted back  “Of course I can handle your crazy! I love all of you, including your crazy! If I left you for being crazy – then I didn’t deserve you, so you haven’t lost anything anyway!!” … *blink* …. The fight ended with that sentence.

At the end of the day yesterday, we took a bottle of wine, ice and an ipod to a deserted stretch of beach off the highway. We played ball in the surf, and then watched the sunset together with our toes in the sand  (where he suggested dancing again.)


He ‘high-fives’ me good bye every morning and then rushes back to whisper cutenesses into my neck.

*high five* to people who love hard, and love with joy.

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  1. Siki says:

    This has got to be the sweetest blog post i have read. I relate to most things. Don’t we just love LOVE?

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