Joy. It’s the little things. Every Day.

31st December 2011, midnight: filled with drunken recounts of Auld Lang Syne, yelled at the moon – where no one really knows the words anyway so are all just joined together in a collaborative group hug and shouting of ‘lahs’. Pops of fireworks and champagne bottles, awkward midnight kisses with strangers trying to create some semblance of a ‘movie style’ romantic moment and of course the infamous, the insipid: Resolutions.

Now I should probably clarify that I was fast asleep at midnight on new years eve. Not in a bah-humbug, party pooper kinda way. (well, a little) But because we were camping at Rock the River (where I had performed stand-up comedy twice that day) and after dark in the wilderness, with no electronic lights or stimulation to keep me going (she says, convieniently neglecting the two huge rock stages and the reverberating dub-step tent) I get sleepy. I heard the yells of happy new year and fireworks and songs… (a tent’s wall’s are not exactly sound proof)… I smiled, I rolled over on the hard floor, and went back to sleep. (bah humbug)

I was later (unceremoniously) yanked from my tent by a fellow comedian, Christopher Steenkamp who literally picked me up at 3am, in my sleeping bag and plopped me in the circle of people chatting (moments before he himself passed out) So there I sat. Looking at the stars which are infinitely more milky out of the cities, counting satellites, imagining if the Mayans are right and getting that all too familiar feeling of “maybe we’re just an ant-hill” nothingness that most humans get when they stare at the big great yonder for too long.

Here I am. in 2012. With a stubborn hesitance to leave the greatest year of my adult life, 2011 behind. Whether we like it or not, the planets keep rotating and the calendar pages keep turning over.

I’ve looked into the Mayan thing, quite a lot. Just because knowledge is power. And ignorance is for Americans and all that…

Did you know, the Mayans celebrated every day. EVERY DAY. because they believed it played a purpose, a function. That every day had a role in the bigger scheme of things and the lessons you learned and challenges the planet and society faced were all part of the greater cosmic plan (that the infamous calendar-countdown factors into) Now I’m not going to lecture you on the Mayan things, and all they predicted in the past but it’s pretty fascinating stuff. Their calendar stars 16 BILLION years ago. Billion. With a ‘B’. Aka: with the Big Bang (that’s with a ‘B’ too.) Pretty intense stuff for a bunch of ‘jungle dwellers’ to know.

Now the concept of having a celebration EVERY day is great, but i think party hats and cake can get old. Wait. What am I saying? Party hats will NEVER get old… and cake? Cake is evidence that God even exists… Ok. So – eating cake every day will make us obese, and then we can’t wear the party hats coz the elastic won’t stretch around our three chins. Fine.

But, the concept of finding ONE thing to celebrate everyday. Little things. Joyful things. A moment when you stop and think: “life’s pretty rad” now that’s something we can do. Something I can do. It’s my belated new Year’s Resolution.

I discovered Joy. Frankly I had no choice.

I have created a little tab that I will update every day… I aim to lift my heart and everyone else’s with a ‘random high five’ to the Universe every day. To count blessings. Find Joy. and Be grateful.

And if you, reading this find moments you’d like to celebrate, I will make allowances for OTHER people’s ‘little things’ to go onto the list too.

Imagine how heartwarming it will be after a few weeks. To read awesome things. I know lists like this exist on lots of sites. But this one’s mine. And it’s for me. Because i need to count my blessings and remember to find joy. Coz so far, 2012 is not as awesome as 2011, but it will be.

So Far:

1. Riding in a convertible with good friends, on a warm summer night. Throwing your hands up like a rollercoaster and singing along to Barry White – My Everything. (Then seeing the laughter of car-guards, at you, as you drive past them.)

2. Taking my dog for a walk. Watching her as she succumbs to running and rolling in the tall grass. You could swear she was smiling.

3. Being able to say “i love you” to someone. And mean it.

4. Drinking Creme-Soda and lots of ice, out of a wine-glass in the heat-wave.

5. Eating Honey that was made from hives in my childhood neighbourhood. The nectar could have come from some of the flowers in my garden.

Go to the tab:

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  1. Gillian says:

    Looking forward to the tab. Love the ‘daily rad’ concept!

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