Kim Gush ‘White Noise’ Dress at the Bokeh Fashion Film Festival

A few weeks ago I made a plea for someone to please help this (bumbling, stumbling) comedienne get a dress for the red carpet and Kim Gush rose to the challenge.

She’s usually a mens wear specialising designer but she had an idea for me, and made it in a week.

The hem at the bottom is a SOUNDWAVE of white noise (I told her I’d be rad if it was a soundwave of my comedy… she said white noise was funnier… fair enough.)

But seriously, here’s the inspiration for the dress:
‘You’re a ghost, driving a meat coated skeleton made from stardust, what do you have to be afraid of?’
This collection represents the series of events our mind goes through on approaching the end. Chaos, silence, ecstasy, release.
The print is a soundwave of ‘white noise’. White noise being almost that end.
Pretty epic.
I felt like a real movie star.
A gay man (i only point out that he’s gay so you know that he wasn’t hitting on me) back tracked through the crowd after complimenting my dress to add – “seriously, i think you’re the best dressed person here” so bravo Kim Gush. Bravo.
Check out Kim’s Facebook or Twitter and her website.
*white noise high five*


Style Africa listed me as one of the ‘Best Dressed’ at the event! Way to go Kim!!

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