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It’s women’s day tomorrow. In case you missed the memos, the TV adverts, the magazines and that airplane dragging a banner announcing it.

We’re wonderful, whimsical, mystical, creatures, us women and the world owes us a thank you. (We shall skillfully ignore the man quietly raising his hand at the back of the room… every month is man’s month. Apparently.)

Since the Spice Girls first gave us “Girl Power” clad in platform shoes and mini skirts we’ve realised that as women, we can do everything men can do. And more. Don’t believe me? I’d like to see the average man paint his nails and wear jeggings, cry when he watches a moving TV commercial or spend hours talking about hair styles. I’m not saying that men like that don’t exist, but let’s be honest – those men would have more fun hanging out with women too.

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