My Mother, the Hero.

My mom told me recently that her favourite thing on the internet was reading my blog. Which 1. makes her sound like a stalker. 2: makes her sound like she’s biased and 3.. makes her sound like an awesome mom should.

Since it’s mother’s day – and I’ve done all the perfect daughter superficial gift planning in the real world… I thought a nice (post modern) way to send her a card would be to dedicate a post to her, my biggest fan. From me, her biggest fan. (aside from the one on her bedroom ceiling. That’s much bigger than me.)

My Mom and my brother David in the Drakensburg, Natal 1982 - before me.

It’s sometimes hard for us to fathom that our parents had lives before us. And the fact of the matter is that their lives change forever as soon as we come into it. We become their lives, so what they had before doesn’t matter.

My mother had me when she was 28 – which is one year younger than I am now. I’d like to think I’ve had a pretty busy life – full of stories and adventures… imagine having an offspring just erase it into nothingness by covering it with one paragraph? Well, imagine no more – because that’s what’s about to happen….

Tee hee - My mother the Model, with a baby David in 1981

Before me there was my brother… he had a whole two and a half years of our mother to himself. A luxury that he did not willingly give up. So much so, that in all my Christening photos, my brother can be spotted in the background, white sheet over his head – dressed as a ghost – trying to scare MY guests away. Oh. Wait… you expected me to go back even FURTHER… to before she was a MOM? oh ok….

This is the story as I know it – Elza-Lynne was born in “Rhodesia” which is now Zimbabwe, but these old school people get very touchy when I call it that. So fine, She was born in Rhodesia, and she’s a stickler for details. She sang, danced and played piano all through her childhood – if I’m to believe the hype she was borderline divine in her perfection. She pretty Much tap-danced through the 50’s and 60’s with people throwing roses, certificates, head-girl banners and the Duke of Edinburgh awards at her. She was then to go to the University of Natal in Durban where she again got the highest marks in the universe as her perfection oozed through to make her have the most friends and win every popularity contest she held in her own bedroom, alone. (This is my version, it may be slightly biased) It was around this time that she realised her life was incomplete and only a little girl or “sunshine child” as she refers to her idea of me (oh poor mother was sorely surprised) – her plan was to marry and have a trial run baby (my big brother David) and once she was confident that she wasn’t going to mess up this “being a mother” thing… she decided to try her luck at me. see how I got my name

Doesn't she look so thrilled to have had me... ;) Christmas day in Zimbabwe, 1984

(And now for the serious stuff)

It’s mother’s day. We all think our mothers are the best mothers in the world. (For your sake, I hope you do.) They shape our little minds and create a perception on the world that we then stomp forth into.

Here are my reasons for why I think my mother, my hero, is the best one.

1. My mother was a prodigy daughter to her own mother. Perfect grades and sports and theatre.  Something to aspire to always.

2. She was a single mom for the past 22 years and has put us both through University and supported us always.

3. She made me believe in fairies when I was a child, and will still swear blind that we saw one in our Mulberry tree. I can remember it – but my 5 year old mind was probably tricked. My mother will look me dead in the eye – 24 years later and promise it’s real.

Climbing trees with my brother and I. Always making us see magic.

4. She used to read to us when she put us to sleep – from time to time. She was the mother who made us physically clap our hands in that part of Peter Pan when Tinkerbell is dying. She would put on voices and really throw herself into the stories. I think she enjoyed it more than we did. ;-)

5. My mother would play the Piano for me, Beethoven, Fur Elize. She’d tell me the story of the little mermaid as she’d play. The sweet parts were her falling in love with the prince and the Crescendo was King Titan getting angry. Turning classical music into magic.

6. When the other kids were mean to me, she’d tell me it’s because they were jealous of me. Because I was obviously perfect.

7. When i was scared of vampires as a kid (before I fell in love with their sparkly counterparts as an adult) she would kiss her finger and draw a crucifix on my forehead. She told me it’d glisten in the moonlight and scare off evil. Years later – when i’d get a sudden attack of night panic. I’d do it to myself.

8. One night when I ran to her room, terrified of the thunder. She took me into her bed and cooed that it was only God playing football with the angels. She then turned it into a game and we sat and narrated the match and each rolling crack was an Arc Angel falling over or Jesus kicking the ball hard.

9. When I got my heart broken in high school she left a note on my bedroom door saying she knew I was sad, but my angels were with me and my purpose was to spread joy and happiness and as soon as I remembered that, my heart would heal. I did. And it did.

She’s always believed in my dreams. And supported them:

10. When I was 14 I wanted to be a Wiccan because I saw the movie ‘The Craft’. She let me buy black nail polish – black dresses, candles, books and Doc Martins. She told me I’d be the best Wiccan there ever was and that I was magic.

11. When I was 15 I fell in love with the Backstreet Boys – She’d buy me TeenBeat magazines and let me plaster my bedroom with their posters and play their CDs non stop. (Perhaps the most tolerant moment of her life). She told me I’d probably marry Nick Carter when I grew up and I was the best Backstreet Boy fan there ever was.

12. When I was 16 I started surfing. She bought me surfing magazines, a surfboard, a wetsuit and drove me to the beach every day. She told me I’d be the best surfer there ever was.

13. When I was 18 I wanted to move to New York. My mother told me I’d be the best and most successful 18 year old actress in New York there ever was. She bought me a ticket and sent me on my way.

14. When I was 19 and I decided to come home and get a degree, my mother told me I was the best film student there ever was at UCT. She bought me the best video camera she could to help me.

Graduating from UCT in 2004 with my mom

15. Each dream. Each vision. From Care Bear birthday cakes as a child – to my 28th Birthday where my mother gave me a key-ring of a stiletto shoe because I had just started THIS blog “High Heels, High Fives and life’s other awesome things” and she thought it was the best blog that ever was. My mom’s been there. Fiercely supporting both me and my brother.

16. She taught me to always tell the truth. To never cheat. That if something was worth doing, then you did it 100% or not at all. She showed me compassion for other people and equality. She taught me to never judge and to never lie. She showed me that the power of the mind can conquer illness and failure. That hard work and dedication will pay off.

17. When I was heartbroken in 2010, sliding down the kitchen wall onto the floor with sobs. Barely able to breathe in for sadness and heartache… The only number my tear-covered fingers wanted to press was my mom. Who would stay on the phone with you, on that kitchen floor. While you sobbed. She’d talk and plan to pick your life up again. Until you could breathe. Until you could think. Until you could live a life to make them proud. And she’d tell me I’d live the best life there ever was.

18. When I first found a comedy mic, my mother was not surprised to hear that I loved it. “After all,” she said  “you were born to spread joy . What better platform?” And as soon as she starts to understand any of my jokes she’ll probably start saying I’m going to be the best comic there ever was.

All that I am, and all that I ever hope to be, I owe to my mother. To her faith in me. Her silent voice in the back of my mind telling me I CAN and I WILL accomplish what I set out to do. Because I’m the best there ever was.

Thank You mom. Thank you for being the only person who will have read this blog all the way to the end. And thank you for never telling me my dreams are too big, or too far away to reach, too weird or too illegal (just kidding… You’re far too nerdy to let me do ANYthing illegal. Even if it meant me facing “jail” ou made me take the ethical route ;-) Thanks for always supporting me – Even if it was in my dream to marry a boy-band member…..(maybe you SHOULD have exercised a little more discresion there.)

My Mom, My Brother and I - 2007

I love you, and I believe in you. After all – you’re the best mother there ever was.

*Happy Mother’s Day*

My mom... just before she was a mom. Pregnant with David in 1980. (I'm lead to believe she worked for Santa Claus before she was a mom!?)

Now go and write your mom a list of reasons and memories why you love her.

*high five for moms*

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11 Responses to My Mother, the Hero.

  1. Frank.0 says:


  2. romy says:

    I read that all the way to the end and your mom sure is awesome :) beautiful!

  3. Jennifer M says:

    Ah Angel..:) From someone who knows your mom a little better than she knows you, treasure her. This made me cry. She is an incredible woman. And so beautiful! Inside and out. Epitome of strength.

    • YesReallyAngel says:

      Thanks Jen. Means alot. Yes. You can see the subtexts I put in there. My mom is a great human for overcoming all she has. Appreciate the kind words.

  4. Louise Breytencach says:

    Awesome! You are lucky children to have a mom like you do, treasure her as you do! xx

  5. Tianne says:

    Beautiful :)

  6. Hassan says:

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  7. Shelagh says:

    Coming late to the party here Angel (never been an on-time sort of girl :)), but this is a beautiful post dedicated to your mom.

    I’ve had the privilege of meeting this lady and having her “adopt me” into your little family when I was at ‘varsity. Even now I consider you my adopted little sister and her one of my adopted moms. She has always believed in you and David and it’s that belief that has let the two of you reach for the stars and live extraordinary lives.

    Your “big” sister,

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