My Skin – What worked for me… finally!

Girl-talk time!

I had great skin when I was a teenager. Don’t get me wrong – I wasn’t some beauty queen; I was duck-footed (still am) Goofy (still am) and had braces (luckily don’t) – but my skin wasn’t a concern. Which was one less thing to worry about in the ‘he said, she said, his friend told her, your friend lied to you’ bullshit world we lived in.

I have often thought, over the last year in my 30s that I might have preferred having had a slightly problematic skin back then, as opposed to NOW. In my freaking 30s!? Back then it wouldn’t have been any better to wake up feeling like a monster and then see the mirror and realise it’s worse. Greeting new little evil face-spawn that have cropped up overnight. No, that would have still been devastating. But it’s supposed to be like that then. People don’t secretly wonder what you’re doing wrong – they say “Shame, you’ll grow out of it, it’s normal.”

I don’t know – I think it would have somehow been better than having to worry during a conversation with a fellow (perfect complexioned) 30 year old, hoping they aren’t judging you for having breakouts. It makes your normal, sane(ish) 31 year old self want to yell “I wash my face, ok!? I eat moderately healthily, ok!? I don’t know why God hates me!! I’m just going to go to my room and listen to music ok, stop judging me!? I hate you!” and then run off doing the ugly cry. See, this is why it suits teenagers perfectly.

I tried everything. I went on The Pill. That made it worse. I went off the Pill… it got even worse. (WHAAAT!?) I changed brands of pill and it got a little better. I was spending thousands on face creams and facials and concealers and treatments. Literally thousands. Every month. I justified it to myself with the notion that I’m in the public eye (if you don’t know me, I’m a stand up comedian) so it was an investment for work. (Do you think SARS will include facials as tax deductable?)

I have to stand on a stage and be looked at by everyone in the room, now add to that an insecurity about really annoying, obvious breakouts. I got around that insecurity hurdle by writing a joke about my bad skin and saying it early in my set – once I owned it, no one could mock me about it. A trick I learned in school when kids picked on my duck-feet. I have a technique where I can literally twist my feet all the way inwards to face backwards (ewwww!) I know, right!? But do it once, and no kid mocking your skew walk will ever have any klout again.

After all of this, I had kind of given up. Resigned to being forever enslaved to MAC concealer and base and powder and all sorts of make-up tricks to artfully bring me back to normal. And dreading ever being caught fresh faced from the shower by anyone.  Honestly, I was supposed to be worrying about wrinkles starting at my age. Whatevs.

Then I met a wonderful Australian (but we forgive her) lass one winter night at an event. She’s living here and we bonded over red-carpet selfies and our weird names (hers is Paris Skye). Turns out Paris Skye is a beauty therapist and she offered me a complimentary first facial. Because she’s awesome like that.

That was in June 2014. My story is going to take a turn for the Disney, because here comes the happy ending.

I thought of facials as a maintenance, not a cure. I had become a slave to Dermalogica and owned almost all of their products for my skin types. Even the lip-balm. Now this is not a Dermalogica bashing post – I did notice an improvement with them. I used them religiously for about 2 years. The general condition of my skin was great, wrinkles were not a worry – I think I owe that all to Dermalogica.

But Paris used Dr. Hauschka on my skin. It’s all organic and free-trade and homeopathic- aromatheraputic hippy. Honestly, I would never have glanced twice at it had she not exclusively used it. She talked me though the ingredients of all of the products she used on my face. From lavender oil in the water to calm, balance and relax skin to almond flour in the ‘cleansing scrub’ that you don’t actually scrub because that’s too abrasive and you compress it with your fingers to create a suction into the pores. I liked the smell of everything. Lavender. Lemon Grass. Rose water, lots of rose water. Nothing smelled like chemicals, nothing smelled harsh.

Say what you like about it, my mother is a huge advocate of Homeopathy. I used to have to fight her tooth and nail just to get a Panado for period cramps in my (pimple free) high school years. She’d tell me to take magnesium and drink water. Whatever! So it usually worked, that wasn’t the point. The ‘Mother’s child’ side of me decided to give this bees-wax infused rosey smelling yumness a chance.  5 months later. And it’s working.

I don’t know why. I daren’t ask how. But the gentle, subtle combination of plant extracts and organic ingredients seems to be what my skin wanted. I noticed an improvement almost instantly. Who knows – maybe it’s unrelated and my hormones have just balanced. But maybe it’s not. My skin is far from perfect, as it’s now dealing with the scarring from the past 2 years of abuse. But it’s smoother than it’s been in ages, like silky smooth, with no new teenage style breakouts. And it smells like a freaking English garden!

Dr. Hauschka is also significantly cheaper than the products I was using prior. About half the price.

This is not a sponsored post, I’m not affiliated with this brand in any way (except that it’s in my skin). I just hope I can maybe help someone else, our skin is all different – so what works for me might not work for you. But I thought I’d share what worked for me, just in case it helps someone. I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to see my make-up free face and not jump back from the mirror, cringing. The time I save getting ready alone, is worth it. Some days now I only swipe on a tinted moisturiser (Melissa day cream with a drop of bronze tint added) and leave the house. gasp. make-up free!? It’s all very reminiscent of my high-school self.

I think you can get Dr. Hauschka at Woolies, but you need to make sure you’re getting the right ones for your skin. I know Paris sells them at cost price (bargain. yay!) you can contact Paris here if you want to set up a facial and consultation (she even does house-calls) or just to buy the products.

Here’s hoping you can cross one more thing off your list of things to worry about… like I did. Now it’s just my duck-feet again, wanna see the trick I do where I turn my feet backwards?


Stop running away…



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