My 5 Favourite Beauty Things (At the moment)

I see other (real) bloggers doing these kinds of posts all the time. And I’m pretty voyeristic and love to see what others are using, thinking doing… basically I’m a sheep. In human clothing.

Here are my favourite girly beauty things, in case anyone benefits from them (most of mine came from word of mouth, so- there’s that.) Let’s keep paying it forward, lest that Hayley Joel Osmond boy comes back to tell us he sees dead people, and those people are us. Live it up – I guess. (I should get that embroidered onto a pillow. that was motivational as fuck.)

1. Shampoo

Shampoo for my real friends and real-poo for my sham friends!

Our hair is our shining glory and as such deserves to go first. I’ve been blessed with deathly straight hair that I fight to give any body to. In the country of GHD weilding woman, i realise I’m in the lucky minority when I say all I’m really looking for in a shampoo is something that smells nicest. And if it makes it super glossy and adds volume then all the better too.

My favourite yummy smelling shampoo (that also is pretty fab at doing what the bottle promises) is Aussie Hair. I know, I know – South Africans are bred to not support Australia – but this is different. Because it’s purdy. The ‘Luscious Long’ was the first head turner for me and I have since tried out and am currently using the Mega Instant, which also smells yum.

I was once told by a hairdresser friend that one should alternate hair products every wash, to prevent build up – and keep hair it’s most glossy… I don’t know if it’s true – but it does mean that I can try out more smells – so I also have some other brand that smells the most amazing in the world ever. And it’s all natural and organic  and even VEGAN (It has no friends) it’s from Lush, and named (wait for it) Happy Happy, Joy Joy. 

I mean. Sold. The name is the best thing to see in the shower every morning. It smells like a summer garden of pressed flowers, gone right (not that rotten water filled with crushed petals we used to make – and call perfume.)

Their blurb goes: Finally, another vegan conditioner! A rose water, orange blossom water and almond milk base soften, beautify and condition hair. It works wonderfully on bleached and over-processed hair, and on everyone else too as it is rich and moisturizing, but doesn’t weigh hair down. Orange flower absolute, rosewood and grapefruit oils perfume your hair to make you feel Happy Happy all day long. 

That’s the conditoner (I find it a tiny bit too light for my hair, as it is always a little too knotty when wet. But it’s great to alternate with) and I use Lush’s seaweed shampoo BAR called Seanik for the first hair washing bit. It’s like a little blue bar of soap, and you only need to swoosh it over damp hair like once, and enough foam comes from that to make you feel lush. Hence the name, I’m sure.

It doesn’t really smell  like much, but it doesn’t need to. It’s pretty good at adding volume with sea salt and all sorts of ingredients – so I’m a fan.

2. Mascara

The hair around our eyes, is an extension of that crowning glory. Mascara is one of those things that we kind of say are all the same, and make-up artists will tell you that you don’t need to spend on a good one – because there’s not much difference – but then girls are always asking and comparing and they have SO many out there that it’s getting quite baffling.

I used to be a MAC obsessed human, and as such would get the MAC mascara (I forget which one) but I know I wasn’t alone in the fact that I found that it used to irritate my eyes a teeny bit. A bit burny when applying the wet mascara and then again when washing it off and it gets in your eyes.

My new favourite is INGLOT False Lash Effect. It’s not too heavy and clumpy – it works on all the points I want it to, length and volume – and it’s not too expensive either, it also doesn’t irritate my eyes. So – what more is there to ask from it?


3. BB Cream

This is all the trend and since my skin’s (finally) been getting better… see below for more… I can use this and not rely on the more heavy bases for cover-up. I don’t have any authority on this, and am constantly looking for a better brand (but then too afraid to veer from my tried and tested one.) But I find Garnier both cost effective and effective.

4. Skin Care:

Up until rather recently, I would have sung the praises of Dermatologica all the way to a duel to the death. And I’m not going to take away from them, as I still have their eye cream, and face spritz toner and a whole collection of other products. However, I started suffering from breakouts from about the age of 28. And try as I might, all my best Dermalogica intentions seemed only to manage it, and not clear it up. (This is also down to hormones and diet, and I started Tim Noakes’ Banting and noticed a skin improvement too.) But a strange chance meeting (on a red carpet – how scripted!?) found me in the friendship circle of  an Australian named Paris Skye. Now there is going to be a full blog on Paris (the person) soon, she wants to give away an awesome facial treatment to someone – and you want to be that someone. She gave me a facial (mmm) and the products she use are Dr Hauschka. A brand I’d heard of but never looked into, for lack of word of mouth.

 What’s nice about these products is that they are homeopathic and aromatherapy based. Very gentle on the skin and they smell great. So gentle in fact that the ‘Daily Cleansing “scrub”‘ is not to be scrubbed, at all ever, but merely pressed and released on the skin – it alledgedly creates a type of suction and removes impurities that way. There’s also a Lavender essential oil that you put in hot water and press on your face before and after to open pores and calm skin. The whole (yummy smelling) experience has left me with a much more glowing skin than I had previously. It smells less clinical (the day moisturiser’s key ingredient is rose water!) and it’s also about half the cost of Dermalogica (and if you buy directly from Paris Skye, she gives you a 10% discount as incentive.)

I have noticed a marked improvement on my skin, breakouts and ability to regenerate as well as general silkyness and have had people (including my too-honest Nanna) comment on how much better it is looking. That’s enough proof for me to be sold.

5. Perfume

I think it’s testament of me growing up and finally maturing that the quality I most love in a perfume now is it’s subtlety. This coming from a girl who’s signature scent in high-school was ‘Angel’. Ok. For obvious reasons, but that Angel scent is about as subtle as a crucifix in a vampire’s chest.

My current favourite scent is just the perfect amount of sweet/musky/subtle and haunting. I can’t pronounce his name (as I learnt when my Spanish speaking Argentinian boyfriend laughed at me) but I love it. Narciso Rodriquez – Her.

That’s my top 5 favourite things –

and if you look under your chairs – you’ll see…. An Oprah O Magazine in the dust. Reminding you how you never got free things under your chair. and today is no different. But keep an eye – will be having a Paris Skye Giveaway soon :)

*high five*


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