Petition for Life is Savage to be Hot again:

So this just happened.

Life is Savage, the blogger and twitter fiend is no enemy of mirrors. We love him for it. We love him so much in fact that his little avatar drifts up my twitter feed and I smile softly as it floats past… thanking God, Allah and Tom Cruise for inventing abs, pecs, brown skin and then throwing water over that creation.

Exhibit A: Life is Savage - Your happy place.

I then thought I should draw attention to this with an innocent perve tweet.

And then it backfired.

In a moment of Maiden modesty (or boyish defiance) Savage changed his profile picture (the very OPPOSITE of what I wanted…) to this:

New daddy

Now whilst that photo might still exite and allure me, it’s for ALL the wrong reasons.

Ladies. Rise up. Petition. comment on this post to let our voices be heard.


It’s our turn to perve and objectify men. And they should damn well oblige.

*high five*

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  1. Leave comments. Sonnets. Odes or rants… help sign the petition.

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