Real Life Fairytales.

What if Fairy Tale Characters Came to life?

I don’t know about you, but I’m a princess. In my mind. Not like a real, crown toting, palace dwelling kind. But the kind who is the lead character of the story that is my life. Full of hope & dreams (the odd song) and constantly being thwarted by evil demons (mostly in traffic).

I was obsessed with Ariel – the Little Mermaid as a kid. Which was most upsetting being that I was not allowed to play “mermaid mermaid” in the pool because, according to the bigger kids: “Angels can’t swim, they can only fly”.

This harsh rejection may have been sweeter to swallow had I actually been able to fly and not swim. But no matter how hard I’d get my big brother to double-bounce me on the family trampoline – the “angel flight” seemed to be more a thing of peril than the swimming did. (Although Jaws did live in my swimming pool, so that wasn’t too safe either.)

I found this AMAZING blog of a photographer/photoshopper who has taken all little girls’ (who are now big girls) imagined lives and characters, and turned those 2 dimensional black line and solid colour cartoons into realistic depictions.

I love these.

How BEAUTIFUL are all of them? And I love that they really do look the same.

Ariel - The Little Mermaid

Ursula - The Little Mermaid

Tinkerbell - Peter Pan

Tiana - The Princess and the Frog

Snow White

Sleeping Beauty

Rapunzel - Tangled.


Jane - Tarzan


Princess Jasmine - Aladdin

Meg - Hercules

Esmerelda - The Hunchback of Notre Dame


Alice in Wonderland

Belle - Beauty and the Beast

Now I just want to go and watch all of those Disney films again.

Which one do you think is the hottest? I think Esmerelda, Jane and Jasmine, personally. Who knew Jane was such a hotty? Go Tarzan!

*High Five for nostalgia*

Check out the rest of his blog here.


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2 Responses to Real Life Fairytales.

  1. j l mo says:

    Fabulous photo/Photoshop job! High Fives!

    Perhaps it’s my culture, but I’d go with Pocahontas as the hottest of these chickies. The Disney movie “The Princess and the Frog” annoyed me. For all of the touting through the movie of her doing it herself, the prince still “saved” Tiana! Ugh! Pocahontas saved the men. That was cool! She’s the hottest.

    • YesReallyAngel says:

      I forgot to give Pocahontas a shout out. Not as the hottest… but as the sexiest… by far. Almost porno…!
      No wonder all the pilgrims left England for America.

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