Surviving the Petrol Price

Being a single girl in these trying financial times, I hear a lot of talk about ‘sugar daddies’- but I can buy my own sugar. What I need is a “petrol daddy”. Petrol is skyrocketing faster than it did when it was physically inside the first actual rocket that went into the sky. (Well, that’s not scientifically accurate. But the severity of the analogy is not lost on any of us).

Just last week, I was chatting to my petrol pump attendant (in an effort to distract myself from crying, as I noticed how little the needle moved after what was essentially a R300 shot of petrol) and he was telling me that many motorists have stopped tipping him at all for his services, because they’re too mad about the prices. As if it’s his fault. He doesn’t even have a car. Yet again the bottom rung suffers most.

While there is very little we can do – here are some ways to save petrol in the 2012 mayhem in which we live. And for goodness sake, tip your attendants…

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