Why is Comedy such a male dominated industry?

As a girl comic, People ask me this question a lot. “Why is comedy such a male dominated industry?”

I tell them that they are wrong and that females have replaced males by and large. After me explaining the modern age of communication and the whole basics of the internet, starting with a structured history of Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs… it gets awkward for a brief moment as we both realise that I am speaking of e-mails not females.

Based on this evidence alone, Perhaps it’s because we’re not so smart?

But nay. It is more than that. I would venture it dates back as far as the knights of the round table… you are familiar, I’m sure, with the saying – “he laughed his head off”. Now. Females were very rarely (dare I say NEVER) given the swords or axes in battle and therefore were never able to cut someone’s head off. It is this base level neglect that has probably stunted our belief in our ability to make anyone lose their heads from laughter.

Imagine the scenes, with bloody knights returning from battle (I don’t mean that the were covered in blood, I mean that they are bloody annoying) They had their helmets in one hand, and their head gear in another. (yes, that was a sexual reference… *demure chamber-maid GIGGLE*) and they joked happily about how many heads they saw roll.

This brings to obvious light the modern day terminology of comedy ‘Killing’ when one is funny and ‘dying’ when one is not. If you were to say you ‘murdered’ the audience – this is not a cause for alarm. (as the SAP have found out much to their embarrasment… no, I’m obviously joking. The SAP wouldn’t really care, even if you deposited a corpse on their front door step, unless the proper paper-work was filled out (and by paper-work, i mean paper money) they would just keep chilling.)

So you see. Men were the real killers, murderers and axe men of days of old. So therefore they are logically the ones who would want to get onto a stage to murder and kill again. Women might be more into comedy if the term was called ‘I passive agressively intimidated that audience’ or ‘I cried until they loved me’… or in the more subtle vein of killing… perhaps we should “poison” a crowd rather than “slay” them with jokes.

Then perhaps there will be more women in comedy.

This is my scientific opinion. I can’t prove it. But I can prove that it’s my opinion. And it’s on the internet…. That makes it true.

*factual high five*



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