World’s most downloaded Male Model

I have a lot of male model friends. In fact a lot of my closest friends are male models. This is something I can say with a slight pucker of the lips and nod of the head. Hell yeah. Poppin bottles and chilling with models. Take that feminism. Objectification works both ways!

But in all seriousness. Aside from being really, really, ridiculously good-looking they are some of the nicest people I know. And even my (non-model) male friends have gotten to know them and realised that whilst they do spend SOME time staring at their reflections in spoons, and take more on their hair than I do – the rest of the time is spent being awesome.

One of my best friends - Zeke.

Zeke over there is also a very talented photographer and has been one of my best friends since we met at a braai in 2007 and bonded over our mutual love of The Beatles and live music. He’s been there to pick me up when I got my heart broken, send me funny texts when I’m bored, listen when I need to rant – He even cheered me up with a framed photo that he took in Thailand of the Thai coke bottles on the back of a tuk-tuk. Because he knew how happy Thailand makes me, after a particularly bad break-up.

The thing about Zeke is that he pops up EVERYWHERE in print. In airport billboards in England, magazines in Germany, computer game adverts in Asia… even inside the Kulula magazine that I’m on the cover of – The article I did with Loyiso Bala – on the left hand side of it – BAM there’s Zeke waving his hands looking mighty happy. The website I write for moneysmart even has a photo of Zeke on their community pages. In a nice multiracial group – laughing at camera. He’s a dad, a cop, a tennis player and a host of other hilarities that make me and all those that know him peal over in fits of giggles every time he’s spotted.

That’s what makes this youtube so much more hilarious. That.

My friend Brian from Denmark.

And the fact that two of my other favourite people are male models from Denmark. I swear I have never met a bad looking person from Denmark. On all my travels through Asia and South East Asia – all the back-packers encountered. Every remotely beautiful person was a Dane.

The guy in this YouTube is the MOST downloaded man on the internet. AKA – Zeke aint got nothing on him… He’s Danish. Obviously.

The Best bits of this video is how the photographer old-guy seems to be hitting on the model dude. And everything he says crashes and burns. In his defense though, the model dude seems to be a huge douche and very odd… This is not so for the other danish guys I know. And now – because we can all do with eye candy – and because I miss them… here are a few other lovely (straight) male models that I’ve called friends… (another reason why I love my life)

Objectification of the Fairer sex … word!

Aquilles from Brazil. (Pronounced Achilles... yes. like the god. Naturally)

Christian from Austria - Possibly one of the happiest most witty people I

Kasper from Denmark. Yet another Great Dane. An intelligent, soft natured human.

Sam from England. My closest friend for a summer.

Yoav from Israel. Phwoar....! (and he knew it)

Remko from Holland. The good kind of Dutchmen.

*High Five for Abs*

This youtube crossed my path thanks to @ThatsMeAngela on Twitter.

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