27 before 30

Tea and a Show

on Wednesday the 13th (which people were trying to make significant due to it’s 13-03-13 numerology.. that’s a jump, tigers. Just coz there’s no 13th month. no need to get all ahead of yourselves) it marked 27 days before I turn 30… 27 more days of being in my 20s.

My mom was in Cape Town from Durban for business. She came over for tea. Tea with mom. :) Spend more time with your parents. All of you.

Tea and conversation.

Get Culture

As important as yogurt is to our diets, sometimes we need to double up on culture. I live 2 blocks away from the Fugard theatre. Master Harold and the Boys is a Fugard play that I’ve seen the movies of and read in University… but I don’t think I’ve ever watched a Fugard play (at the Fugard theatre) voluntarily. It’s part of our country’s heritage…

South African heritage is a rich and complicated thing and as a person who has physical reactions to injustice, let me just tell you, this play hit a nerve. I cried. I sobbed. My man-friend got worried about my excessive tear flow action, he’s used to that meaning he’s in trouble. It’s nice to pretend that it’s the past and such class divides no longer exist, but I think that’s naive. I’m just eternally grateful to my parents for never instilling that ingrained sense of ‘better than’ that exists in so many of the subtones in this play. And my heart is broken for all of the people who have ever been made to feel ‘less than’. All over.

Be nicer to strangers. People are all fighting some kind of battle.

*make it count… times 30*





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