Ab-solutely (f)Ab-ulous.

This is a shameless perve high five.

It’s a high five to Gym-equipment – and hot men who know how to use it.

Yes all those stinky, heavy weights that are awkwardly positioned in front of the mirror. The area of the gym that I skip lightly passed, whilst glancing a coy look over my shoulder at the sweaty testosterone-soaked men, grunting with eyes bulging in strain. I look because I hope that one day I will see the fine whittle work of masters like Da Vinci and Michaelangelo at work. Gym machines scuplting art underneath an already pleasant face. A face like that of Ryan Gosling, who we all fell in love with in ‘The Notebook’ where he loved her enough to build her a house and hold her senile old hand till the end.

Furthermore, I’d like to high five director Glenn Ficarra¬†for making Crazy Stupid Love¬†– a movie that is as hilarious as it is witty, and sexy as it is smart. But more than the performances of comedic genius by Steve Carrell (40 yr old Virgin), Julianne Moore (4 time Oscar Nominee) and Emma Stone (Zombieland and Easy-A) is the sweet, thoughtful directorial idea to have Ryan Gosling take his shirt off.


Angel has a new ‘happy place’ to go to in her mind:

If God doesn't exist, then how do you explain THIS?

*High five* on your sweaty gym hands. Oops, I missed and hit your pecs instead… – *high five again* – oops I missed again – how silly of me, now I’m touching your abs…. wow, they’re really hard.


*high five*

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