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The Avengers… Highly hailed as the The greatest movie of  all time, (this month.) It’s created lots of  hype and fan-boys and fan-girls the globe over have slid off their chairs, or stuck to them (depending) because of the unbridaled hotness of The Black Widow, Thor, Captain America and Ironman. (sorry Hulk)

Iron Man was always a fan of trance, as demonstrated by his glow-sticks

One of my favourite YouTubers (yes, that’s a thing) NigaHiga aka Ryan Higa has made his latest contribution to the Avengers – the Avengerz. Aside from the AmericaniZation use of ‘z’ at the end… It’s pretty entertaining. Yes, it has cheesy elements… and perhaps it’s funnier to those of us who know Ryan’s other videos and general style. But it’s 4mins of your life worth the chuckle. Just for the gosh-darn postmodernism of it all.

I especially like Bat-man’s cameo.

*super hero five*

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  1. Put a ridiculously silly smile on my face

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