Chinese New Year 2011

Year of the Rabbit…

Mr. P. Rabbit, I presume.

Only the Chinese could manage such a gargantuan jump from 2010 – the year of the TIGER!  To 2011 –  the year of the…. Rabbit. *me me mow*

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Rabbit?

Easy Tiger.

The Tiger makes sense.

I said of the last New Year: “2010, the year of the Tiger – enough said.” No matter how you dissect it: Tigers are very, very cool.

Who doesn’t want to identify with this most terrifying and beautiful of creatures?

But Rabbit? Seriously, come on China!  What does a rabbit symbolise for a year’s positivity?

An increase of babies born, perhaps? People acting like rabbits.

"Harro, I'm a Labbit."

Is it just me, or slap a bowtie on him (after some liposuction and face re-constructive surgery) and our young rabbit there could bear a striking resemblance to another ‘rabbit’ that is prevalent in popular culture.

…. hrm. suspicious. “This just in: 2011, Sponsored and brought to you by the kind folk at the Mansion.”

2011, the year of the Playboy? Well, at least that’s closer to Tiger.  (Both the animal and the golfer. High five!)

If we accept that, instead of taking the normal qualities said to represent the year of the Rabbit literally  (taken from this site) and we rather interpret them using our newfound ‘Playmate’ analogy, it makes much more sense – although, the likelihood of an increase of babies born seems inevitable now.

1.Affectionate, gentle with strong family ties. – aka: Wink wink. Ties? Like bondage? Kinky Bunny!

2. Caring and hates conflict. – aka: Make Love not War.

3. Peace-makers with lots of friends. – aka: Make Love, not War – and SWING!

4. Dislike being the centre of attention and enjoy the good things of life. – aka: Please leave me alone, Media – I needs to get my groove on.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m suddenly feeling a whole lot more optimistic about the year of the Rabbit.

Rabbits are people born in: (1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011) – If this is you, let me know how much you love bunnying about. I was born in the year of the Pig. (Say nothing!)

Rabbit Equivalent Western Zodiac Sign: Pisces – ….Fishy? …No – I’m NOT going there!

Rabbit’s Lucky Stone: Pearl (In necklace form, preferably. High Five!)

Rabbit’s Best Season: Spring (Well, that makes sense.)

Another positive Icon of Rabbit-hood, lest we forget, the ever inspiring Mrs Rabbit:

Jessica Rabbit. "Ahooooogah!"

A woman, who – were she to walk off the page into reality –  would have me seriously questioning my heterosexuality.

And Grandpa Hugh is getting hitched this year, to someone 60 year’s his junior. Go, you mad bunny you.

Which one is she? Does it matter? He doesn't know either.

So there you have it. Not quite as predatory and kick-ass as the tiger. But sometimes a lil ‘slap-ass’ is just as good as ‘kick-ass’.

2011, the year of the rabbit. Thanks, China. Go forth everyone and gets yo bunny on.

And guess what… next year is the DRAGON. Oh yes. (China, you are one contradictory nation, ping-ponging from one extreme to the other… Ping-Pong. Ha! that’s almost a pun. Somehow.)

May your Rabbit year be a little less “Peter” and a little more “Jessica”.


"let's move to China!"


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