Comedian Peter Sserwanga on Apathy and Outrage

Many of you may follow @solidgame on twitter. Peter Sserwanga with the most commonly misspelled surname in the industry. We just call him Swagger. It’s easier to pronounce. (He may mislead you to think he possesses it, what with his solid GAME handle and the fact that he runs one of the most successful Model data bases in the country. He can make you famous – honey. Not you Jessica, you did that on your own. Sit down.)

You would have been endlessly entertained (as I am) by his live tweets of Mad Men TV show, or his political commentary, his endless tweets about “My Agent Just Called” and other general outlooks. He is about to watch Glee and has assured me he will Live-tweet the shit out of that. I am very excited for this.

Pete’s one of the most passionate comedy-loving comedians that I know. He’s constantly researching it, reading about it, watching it, thinking about it, writing about it… (Some say passionate. Others might say geek or nerd…)

Why the reason for this ode to Swagger? Well because he (ever creating comedy) has made this epic little YouTube. It makes me chuckle the whole way through. Especially with the little call-backs like “can I call my agent?”

Bravo, Swagger! This is well edited, well performed, and well timed.

A comedy Triumph. (you may be trying to make a valid point – but all I got was that Arsenal aren’t top of the log.) lol

Whether or not you have “solid game” with the ladies (Jury still out… been out for so long, I think they might have snuck away on an island holiday.) You definately have “Solid Game” with comedy.

*high five*

Read more of his thoughts, musings and rants here:

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3 Responses to Comedian Peter Sserwanga on Apathy and Outrage

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  2. martin evans says:

    Pete is great
    I didn’t get a chance to read all of this. But what impresses me most is that 2 people shared this via google plus.

    now that is news.

  3. True that, the man is a gem

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