Does a Monkey say “cheese” or “Banana”?

My random high five goes to the wildlife photographer, David Slater – for leaving his camera unattended in a rainforest in Indonesia. A curious little monkey got hold of it, and started snapping off self portraits like this one:

"I'd put this on FB if i had opposable thumbs"

How much do you love that?

How happy does it make you?

Apparently, the monkey liked his reflection, and the sound the camera made when it snapped a pic, so kept snapping. He took hundreds of pictures, the photographer said that he felt like he coulda got a whole family portrait had he left them to their own devices a little while longer.

Now for the 'serious face'

*High five* little monkey, at least you didn’t pout.

Read the whole story (with more pics) HERE, at Daily

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