End of Days

Humankind’s top 5 Legacies.

Tomorrow there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth according to ONE GUY: Mr Camping  (I am ashamed of his name. My surname is Campey. This is a little too close for comfort.)

Let’s be realistic. I am NOT going anywhere in the Rapture. Most of my readers and followers are not going anywhere either. Yes, if you are reading this, then I’m afraid you probably have a little depraved sense of humour and Jesus wouldn’t want you for a sunbeam. But that’s ok. I think the world will be a rad place full of high-fives and tequila shots when we’re all left behind, like the T-birds and Pink Ladies once they change Sandra-Dee to be ‘cool’.

Jokes aside (as if that’s a possibility)…

Assuming this is IT, (*dum dum duuuhm*) then let’s take a little look back onto the rest of History and see what the TOP 5 highlights may have been. As we cast our minds back and let our collective lives flash before our eyes as we lay us down to sleep… What legacy has the human race left behind?

"Crap, I shoulda blogged about our life..."

Legacy #5: Ancient Construction

As cool as structures like the FIFA stadiums and Disney World may be, I’m pretty confident that aliens or future species of earth will be baffled by the purpose and function of things like the Egyptian & Aztec Pyramids. I mean, just look how baffled we are. Can you imagine trying to piece those puzzles together a million years from now? It brings me glee just to imagine the confusion on their little green, alien faces.

Woah, dude. WTF are those for?

Legacy #4: Music

Now this is a pretty broad and divided category. We’re talking about ALL the music in the history of time. I don’t want to delve into which one is better, there have been many limbs lost between rockers, hipsters, goths and emos arguing about music that I might falsely assume is all the SAME THING anyway. *distant sound of hipster’s souls dying*

However, from bashing a drum around a fire, to mixing sick dubstep beats on a computer, I think music is one of the most epic Legacies that the humans have created. And I’m sure all the raptured-souls will miss a dirty little beat – or even Rebecca Black- after a few decades of harps and angel choirs*.

(*See, that’s the noun: angel, not the proper noun: Angel. An Angel choir would be badass!)

Legacy #3: War

No list about the history of humans would be complete without mentioning war. As far back as we can trace the footprints we’ve been Chucking spears and hurling knob-kerries.

It’s not something we should be too proud of but without war there would be no cool computer games, like Call of Duty. There would be no cool movies like “Apocolypse Now” or “300”. And that all too trendy ‘army print’ fashion statement would seem odd.

Imagine a world without THIS

Think of a world with no references to Hitler. Internet arguments which never ended up with someone calling someone else a Nazi… ? I know, right? Impossible to fathom. We’d have no nuclear power-stations, no looming ‘end of the world’ cold-wars, no superpowers and people would probably actually LIKE America.

Empires got built and broken because of war. Loves of Epic tales were launched thanks to it and it probably was one of the most motivational reason for civilizations to drive themselves forward. One of the primary reasons for war, other than territory or someone calling someone else’s mom a name?


Legacy #2 Religion

Oh isn’t this a fun little pearl? If it wasn’t for religion it wouldn’t even BE the end of the world tomorrow. Talk about a self fulfilling prophecy, catch 22.

Now, whatever your take on this – we cannot deny that human beings have created a pretty solid legacy of Gods and beliefs.

People willing to put their foreheads on a wall and pray, on the floor and pray. Cross their legs and pray, get on their knees and pray, dance around and pray or watch sport and pray. There are churches, mosques, temples, synagogues, halls, tombs, demons, angels, saints, virgins, zombies, followers, fat guys, reincarnation, walking, floods, zen, meditation and then there’s Scientology.

Obviously it’s Christianity that has this rapture happening tomorrow, and I don’t know about the rest of you – but if all the devout people suddenly FLOAT off the face of the earth, or spontaneously disappear… I’m gonna be a little nervous – although, we will have one less thing to feel guilty about NOT doing on a Sunday.

So, I’ve covered a lot of the big defining moments in human history. Ancient feats of engineering, music, War, Religion. I feel that movies and the Internet should fall into this too. Let’s put movies under “Music and War” since most of the good ones contain the former and are about the latter… and Internet? well that’s obvious – it’s categorized as Religion. Simple.

After all of these – the number one legacy that humans have created, and I’m sure that both men and women would agree. Something that has changed the planet and the way in which we perceive each other and expect to be perceived.

Something that has started wars, been in every movie, has songs written about it, practically dominates the internet and is a religion unto it’s own. It comes in all colours and sizes and shapes… and a grateful planet thanks you Mrs Mary Phelps Jacob

Legacy #1: The Push-up Bra.

Enough Said.

We're going to miss these MOST of all.

Let’s go out with a BANG. *wink* 

Enjoy the Rapture. Get front row seats, crack open a beer and wave goodbye.

I’ll catch you on Sunday the 22nd… with a hangover.

*high five!*

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