Inspirational (art) Posters that I’d ACTUALLY hang on my wall.

I love this Gaping Void guy. You’ve probably heard of him, but if you haven’t… You’re welcome.

Hugh MacLeod is a cartoonist who has been drawing about life and business for twenty years. Hugh’s blog, gapingvoid has been one of the most popular blogs since the early days of social media, thus developing a loyal following of the best and brightest of Silicon Valley.  It remains in the top 20 of the AdAge Power 150 blogs today. (source)

Here are some of my favourite of his pieces. I’d have any one of these framed in an entrance hallway or office. You can buy any of these here.

Go see the rest of the thousands(!) of artworks here.

Or follow him on twitter @gapingvoid.

*High Five for creating*

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