Kids of America giving hope to anti-racism.

This video will make you feel better about the future of humanity, equality and even the place we love to hate: America. It’s easy to generalise them all into ‘red-neck, small minded people’ which we sometimes do in our “lesser” nations… (with somewhat hypocritical ease.) However, check out their amazing offspring in the most wonderful display of how humans should be, with more articulation than most American beauty pageant contestants.

The offending Cheerios advert that features a bi-racial mother and father and a mixed race daughter caused a stir amongst the more pig-headed of American people, which unfortunately was enough people to bring a media frenzy. But the younger generation literally cannot see WHAT is wrong with the advert until it’s pointed out. Bless.

If you’re American and this advert offended you… psssst…. your PRESIDENT is the result of a bi-racial union. 

Bring on the future generation – We can only but hope that South Africa is on a similar track with our youth. Watch this:

The video is part of a Fine Bros. series that has kids, teens, and elderly people react to viral videos, news stories, or trends.

In the disclaimer before the video, the brothers write, “The insights of children about these issues can give incredible insight into where our society really is and where we are headed as people.”

When told that people were angry about the mixed-race couple in the commercial, the children display genuine confusion. Kids as young as 4 understood that love is love.

“It’s just the color of their skin, what matters is if they’re nice or mean,” says one.

“I thought Martin Luther King spoke against this and fixed this already,” says another.

“[Marriage] really just depends on their heart and if they really love me.”

“Underneath it, you’re literally the same. You have organs and a heart.”

One freckle-faced kid named Morgan says simply, “Some people just fall in love like that.”

*high Five* on behalf of me and all the brown skinned boys i’ve loved in public (ok, there weren’t that many, i’m not slutty…) but the one or two I’ve loved have made enough public appearances with me to count as many. ;)

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