Lather up Happiness

The Sweet Smell of Happiness. Rinse and Repeat.

I have recently discovered that I am a shameless consumer who judges a ‘bottle by it’s label’. I’m clearly not really too concerned with how a soap or shampoo smells or functions, as long as it’s puuurty.  And as geeky as this next paragraph is going to sound, it’s the truth and needs ‘out’.

I spent an embarrassing amount of time in the Pick’nPay toiletries aisle yesterday, trying to decide between two Radox body washes,(this isn’t a marketing plug for Radox and they aren’t slipping me money under the table to mention them *hint hint*. Their bottles are just handy with that built in ‘hook’ for your shower hanging convenience)…Anyway, I ended up eventually choosing one with a picture of Thailand and *glitter* in it, walking two aisles away, CHANGING my mind and walking all the way back to switch it for the other.  Really? Body-wash? Does it really matter?

I argue: YES! What was so alluring about this new soap that it forced me to battle my trolley, with a bum wheel, back up an aisle that I had already traipsed down, avoiding eye contact with employee shelf-stackers who were wondering why I was returning to the same place I had stood like a guppy moments before? It made me put back the one that had a picture of Thailand on it and sparkled with actual pieces of glitter in it…. I ask you with tears in my eyes, Why would I do that? The answer is: Its name!

It was called ‘Happy Me’. Happy is one of the best words in the English language… And it was Purty. And hot pink.

Click here to get taken to the Happy Factory:

Now I ask you, what girl wouldn’t want to start her day with a label like that smiling at her in the shower saying, “Good-Morning, Look how cute my beach scene is. Andwhat’s that ? The water in my perfect beach scene is pink! Pink makes you happy, doesn’t it?… and I’m a happy pink colour inside my bottle too!  And you will be even more happy when you see how foamy I get… and Happy is a GREAT word.  And I smell amazing, like candy and violets, doesn’t that make you HAPPY!?”

Well, if there is a girl who wouldn’t answer, “Yes, it makes me SO happy!” whilst clapping and hopping up and down just a little, then that girl is not me. Because I’m in lurve with it. Its yummy. It makes me happy. It’s subliminally programmed me to skip down the street and high-five people with the knowledge that I rubbed happiness all over my naked body. Oh yes. It’s like that thrill we get when we wear expensive sexy lingerie under normal jeans and t-shirts. No one else knows, but WE know, and you? Oh you can tell we know.

My previous happy maker was the Nivea variety:

It’s Time for HAPPY

Which deserves its dues. I remember gushing about it endlessly with its yummy orange-coconut flavour and super foamy, luxuriously bubbly-ness. My boyfriend at the time would use it and shout elated comments from the bathroom “Oh my God, I’m so fucking Happy…Weeee!” Mostly to mock me. Or it. Regardless. I know he loved it. Faux happiness is better than NO happiness.

But, thank you Radox – for making Happiness PINK.  I will never rise above the idea that one should surround themselves with words, colours and pictures that bring you Joy, make you happy and program your subconscious to keep smiling.

So Ladies, Get Happiness and rub it all over your naked, wet body.

It’s the second best thing I can think of to do in the shower.


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