March of the Penguins…

What? We’re just getting over the New Years Eve hangover and it’s already MARCH?! Where did all these boots and autumn colours start emanating from in clothes shops? And is THAT an Easter Egg display!? ALREADY?! (Yes Angel, those have been up since Valentine’s day…)

Well, love it or like it – it’s March. 3 months into 2012. 9 months left until we can all point and laugh at the Mayans for being wrong.

The mascot for March has to be our favourite little happy footed friend. The Penguin. Why (as if you had to ask) Because it’s the March of the Penguins. Duh. Penguins are great.

Think of a penguin walking his little waddle, as if he’s searching for that bowtie to complete the look … and try not to smile.

Epic Penguin Photo Bomb!!! (sent by @MishtotheD)

If you didn’t smile at that then you may want to go to a hospital, coz I think you might be dead. And not in the sexy “ooh I’m a sparkly vampire” kinda way. But dead dead. Like Zombies, after a shovel to the face.

March for equal rights for black and white penguins.

Penguins are dressed appropriately for any situation. Even Marches. Tomorrow Cosatu are marching, 35 000 people are predicted on my street (that’s what you get for living next to parliament. That and no parking, but that’s probably not related.) I think a march of penguins is MUCH nicer than a march of angry Cosatu workers. And for that reason, maybe Cosatu should issue people with bow ties, and ice? (Just a thought, probably best not to use it. Although, ice will always go down well. It’s hot out there)

And in conclusion, I leave you with this amazing penguin camera set up in SeaWorld San Diego. Thanks to  El_Burro for tweeting it to me. (it won’t embed on my page, but if you click the link, it will take you to LIVE feed of penguins playing in SeaWorld)
Live video for mobile from Ustream

That’s like Big Brother for Penguins! Live reality TV with none of those pregnant orange women or fist pumping… although, if you watch long enough I’d bet you’d see a penguin or two giving a high five.

Now THAT would be random. A *random high five* SAY WHAAAT!

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