Movember Song

From the guys who brought you Rebecca Black – Braai Day and then the smash hit The Car Guard Song as well as Some Budgie that I used to Know… comes their newest release, just in time for Summer Blockbuster status (And MOVEMBER)

What’s more exciting is that they asked me to be in it! Not just as the comic relief, “we need a goofy chick to talk to” as is usually the case. NO! I played the ‘hot chick’… which is funny in itself I suppose.

So much of LOL to shoot. (walking down Lower Main in Obz, with heels on and dressed like a hoochy mama was pretty… interesting… for the locals.) The video is hilarious. I love the the little moments and beats.

Look out for Top Billing’s Dr Michael Mol as well as my flat-mate extraordinare Siv Ngesi’s cameo.

 The fun-filled video, a parody of Carly Rae Jepsen’s mega-hit, “Call Me Maybe”, also stars Dr. Michael Mol (Top Billing, The Dr Mol Show), Siv Ngesi (Copposites, Race Card) and Angel Blythe Campey (Kings & Queens of Comedy, 20ceansviberadio).

It’s not ALL fun & games however; the band have created this video to help further the real purpose of Movember: educating men & raising awareness about prostate & testicular cancer, helping them to take control of their health whilst raising much-needed funds for the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA).

“We wanted to show our support for the Movember cause, which we have supported privately for quite a few years now,” said Derick Watts member, Gareth Allison. “Not everyone seems to realise that there is a real meaning behind this month of magnificent “snors”, and we just wanted to help contribute this year in the best way we know how – comedy!”

For more info, please visit and get involved this Movember – help us punch cancer in the face!


*high five*


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  1. j l mo says:

    My son and his friends participated in the Movember cause here in the states. This video is Too Cool! Congrats to the band and thanks for sharing, Angel! You look Mah-Velous!

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