My impres-SIV roommate’s Birthday.

Siv Ngesi. The King of BOOM

People always react the same way when they hear that I live with the enigmatic ball of ‘exploSIV’ energy that is award winning actor and comedian, Siv Ngesi.

“Wow, how do you put up with that?” “Wow, life must be crazy” “Wow, he must be a handful”

And here’s the truth, ‘wow’s aside’ : He’s the greatest room mate any human could want.

Angel and Siv. Roomies sharing a mic.

I want to take today, the 18th October – Siv’s birthday – to write a few reasons why Siv is so ImpresSIV.

He cooks.

We once had to leave a comedy show early because Siv was roasting us a honey glazed duck, stuffed with peaches. A dish he’d decided to cook on a whim. It was finally ready to eat around 11pm. We took it out, took a few photos of its glory – high fived eachother, and then sat together in silence as we ate it from the oven dish (Siv doesn’t “do” veggies.)

He Cares.

Siv is the perfect brother, one day when I was sobbing over a particularly bad heartbreak over BBM to him – he came home early, with a present. Not chocolates, not flowers… nothing ‘useless’. No, he gave me a book: ‘Why Men Love Bitches’ and told me to stop being too nice.

On valentines day, he gave me a bunch of red roses. For no reason, Because he knew I wasn’t going to get anything else.

And it’s not just me he cares about. Anyone he considers a friend, he’s actively interested in other people’s lives. Checking in, following up – phoning to say hi. More than I do. I’m trying to be more like him.

Siv's Birthday at Fez last year 2011

Last year on his birthday I told him that ‘this year’ was going to be even better. He proved me right. With a smash hit one man show, Race Card (that even Helen Zille came to watch) and his starring role in Copposites opening tomorrow in cinemas. I can’t wait to see how much MORE proud i’m going to be of him in 2013.

He loves his mother

When he had his mother do a voice over for the opening of his latest one man show, Race Card, he laughed so hard at the way she delivered the line that he played the recording about a hundred times, howling with laughter until tears ran down his cheeks.

Family Photo. Rob Van Vuuren and Daughter Bijou with Siv, his mom Jackie and Me. At the premier of Copposites - the movie Rob and Siv Star in.

The day after the above photo, Siv’s mom messaged him to say, “You have made my life. Amazing. Watching my baby up there on the big screen, how many mothers get to do that?”

 He Succeeds.

Siv is the perfect example of “if you’re going to do something, do it well – or don’t do it at all” Everything he touches turns to BOOM. And not in the negative Taliban sense, but  in the Siv sense of EXPLO-SIV. I remember him plotting his latest Grahamstown Arts Festival Run, how he thought of flyers, posters, strategies above and beyond the norm. I worried (like any concerned family member) in case it wasn’t going to go as well as he was bargaining on, i didn’t want anything to pop his optimistic bubble.

What a naive worrier I was. This is the text I got a couple of days in. “I’m on the cover of ANOTHER newspaper. I know I said i was going to murder, but I didn’t expect this kind of a massacre!”

Siv had done it again. Most sold tickets at the festival.

I actively try to be more like him in my ambition and optimism.

Our first photo together. We'd been living together for 1 week when this appeared in the society pages of a magazine. My life had begun to BOOM.

He Reaches Out.

Little known fact. For a guy that gets flown around the country to appear on a stage for 20mins at exorbitant fees, Siv also dedicates hours and hours of his time for free. He doesn’t publicise this because it’s not done for any reason other than that he truly cares. He’s often visiting the Red Cross and other children’s homes. He goes to High Schools to do speeches to motivate young people. He takes kids to matric dances, or appears at their validictories – just to make them feel special.

About a year ago, Siv was taking a girl to her matric dance. She was over the moon with excitement. He still had his (soon to be) old BMW, en route to her house, some gaskett or something blew (excuse my lack of car terminology) He opened the bonnet and something exploded steam ALL over his arm. Creating a giant welt and blister. The kind of wound that you would wince at if I showed you a photo of it.

We all know how much a burn stings.

What did Siv do? Did he phone and cancel like any normal person would? Certainly like a well known, famous person could.

Of course not. He knew she’d be heart-broken. He didn’t even tell them he had these blisters on his arm under the suit. It was the arm that she clung to in photos… an action he later confessed made him wince inside.

At the very end of the evening he went to the emergency room where the doctor marvelled at how he’d managed to last an entire evening with no treatment.

That story shows the kind of commitment, dedication and mind power Siv has. And none of it was for his own gain.

Siv and I at the Loeries Awards 2012

He’s musical

Siv’s always randomly singing at the top of his lungs. He’s obsessed with Broadway musicals and is certainly the gayest straight guy I know. He sings along to RENT and Smash and Glee. He belts out Josh Groban, Adele and has a personal affinity to Queen.

I remember after my first tough comedy gig. I was in Joburg and texting Siv how much my heart hurt that it didn’t go as well as it usually did. He was sending me encouraging messages, and genuinely understood (that’s one thing we definitely have in common. our need to excel on stage) then a few hours later, I got a voice file from him. I openend it and it was a recording of him singing along to Queen, “The show must go on”.


Roomies out on the town

He’s My Family.

When I was recently debating over moving to Joburg for my comedy career. Siv said that it broke his heart to admit it, but he thought that it was the wisest choice for my success. I replied that he was my ‘home’ and I didn’t want to lose ‘home’. Siv then said “No, comedy is your home. I am your family. I will always  be there.”


So In conclusion… “Wow, it must be hard work living with someone like that”

The answer is  – No. It’s the easiest thing I’ve ever had to do.

I have a new brother. A person who constantly pushes me to be a better and better version of myself. A person who’s dreams for me are bigger than I’d ever dare hope for myself.

A person who loves as hard as he laughs. A person who is genuine, funny, kind, compassionate and that the city of Cape Town honours every day at Noon. Listen for it at the next strike of 12. It’s a resounding BOOM – to remind you that you’re living in the City of SIV.

Happy Birthday. It’s an honour.


So proud of Siv. At the Premier of Copposites.

Watch his new movie Copposites. Starring Siv Ngesi and Rob Van Vuuren. Opens Friday 19th October at Cinemas countrywide (that’s tomorrow) It’s hilarious. I’ve seen it! Trust me. book here:

 If you don’t already. The best birthday gift is if you Follow Siv here. @iamSivN

Or Like him here. Sivuyile “Siv” Ngesi

*high five*

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24 Responses to My impres-SIV roommate’s Birthday.

  1. Frank.0 says:

    Yu! Great article! Met him briefly after Race Card one night. Seems like a great dude. Love his work.

    • YesReallyAngel says:

      Thanks for the comment. Yes, he’s a great dude. and i wanted to write this so people know it’s not all for show. It’s real. :)

  2. Ani says:

    Amazing piece from one friend to another on his life while he is still alive!! Having lost to many friends way to early I am all for telling people how much they mean to me now and not be sorry about things I did not say when they are not here anymore. Celebrate in life!!! Happy birthday Siv!

    • YesReallyAngel says:

      Agreed. I recently wrote a blog on Rustum August, our Cape Town comedian and friend who passed away in August.

      I thought similarly that one shouldnt wait to say good things about people.
      What better reason than a birthday, not the opposite.

  3. Ian Duvenage says:

    Very cool write-up! Met Siv at the TEDx events… Such a fun guy, on and off stage! Look forward to seeing the movie!

  4. Rory Berry says:

    When my Mom passed away two months ago after losing a battle with Cancer, Siv got hold of me and told me that he would be at the funeral. there was no negotiation, it was just gong to happen. He never got the chance to meet my mom and so was there entirely to support me as my friend. After the service he came up to me and quite simply opened the conversation with ” I am really sorry I never got to know your mom dude, she seemed like a great lady”. Then gave me a hug.

    The size of his heart is 50 times the size of the biggest BOOM he could ever make. I am proud to be able to say he is my friend even though we don’t connect as often as we both would like.

    Happy Birthday Siv, and Angel you are blessed to have him as a roommate and friend. Thank you for writing this piece to give an insight into the man behind the madness.

  5. Nats says:

    I think cause he’s your bro, you forgot to mention he’s HOT!!! I’ll be visiting RSA next June-end of August. I hope you’re still roomies!!! I’d live to perv him. Lol!!

  6. Mimi says:

    I feel really bad asking this after the comment above BUT what we all want to know is….have you slept with him? I think I’d have trouble not hopping into his bed “accidentally”!

    • YesReallyAngel says:

      I take it you do not have a brother? If you do – Have you ever slept with him? And if he’s really hot – have you hopped into his bed “accidentally”? Aside from perhaps crying on his shoulder, watching YouTubes together, or… no….I can’t think of any other examples of an ‘or’…. that’s it. NO.

      And if you winced at the thought of me saying “have you had sex with your brother?” then that’s what I did when you asked the same thing of me and Siv. I don’t care how hot he may be. ;-)

      Let the record show. No.

    • Siv N says:

      You made me blush Mimi

  7. liz jones says:

    Fantastic article deserving of a fantastic young man! I wish there were more young men like SivN.. Well done Angel, your words are moving to the soul.

  8. Thabo says:

    A great blog reflecting a special brother.

  9. Lynn D says:

    You did it, this IS the perfect BOOM-present for Siv! Well written. Love ya!

  10. Bernard Fisher says:

    This was well written /created and it’s the closes anyone has ever expiereanced the love of my brother Siv..For I always knew him to be this way!The secrets out of the bag!MadMadMad Love for you Siv! From Bernard

  11. Siv N says:

    No words!! I write these words with tears in my eyes , even after the 2nd time I have read the best gift anyone has ever given me(u know I hate reading)……
    I am a blessed individual to have you in my life big sis.
    Thank you for seeing beyond what I let the world see

    love you BOOOOOM

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  13. Ash says:

    Wow, Angel! This is truly a great post about about a great person! Yoh.. I think you didn’t really leave much out, so not much need for me to add much. Although, I do have a fairly lengthy list of good things he has done over the years…

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