No Regret Friday … or Sunday.

You’ve heard the slogan. “Don’t Drink and Drive” you’ve heard it a million times. You’ve heard the stats. But somehow, in some part of your brain, you feel like it doesn’t apply to you. That the people who are BAD drunk drivers are OTHER people. That YOU’RE fine. That you live “just round the corner”… besides, you’re responsible. You’ll be fine. And ladies, I see you. I AM you. “We won’t get arrested. There’s nothing a flutter of eyelashes or short skirt can’t solve.”

Well. You’re wrong. Because it happened to me.
And I was wearing make-up, heels and a short skirt.

Watch this video: [youtube]

Now, change that guy with a skinny white girl on her way back from a Sunday Summer Afternoon session watching Goldfish in Camps Bay and you have EXACTLY what happened to me in January this year. Yes, January. It is now September and I am still appearing in court. Today in fact.

That video gives me chills. It’s so accurate. (Although that guy’s alcohol count was way higher than mine. it doesn’t matter, if you’re over – you’re over. And remember: if you’re a girl who weighs around 50kgs, 2 beers puts you over.)

If you think getting a taxi is too expensive, trust me: Lawyers didn’t get into their profession because it was less lucrative than driving taxis. They charge you for phone calls, letters, emails and every court appearance.  Their are WAYS to get home. Good Fellas has different levels of subscription, where they send someone out to drive you home, with your car. The monthly fee is less than one hour with my lawyer. My Criminal lawyer. Because that is what I am seen as now, a criminal. Little old, happy, innocent me. Rather get someone to drive you home. Regret nothing.

I didn’t drink for 4 years, voluntarily.
I am usually the designated Driver.

I was 2 blocks from home when the police randomly stopped me.

I didn’t FEEL drunk.
It was a chilled Sunday, not even a party night.
I was over the limit.
I spent the night in jail.
There was a fat, naked tik-head in the cell with me.
I am now in a lot of trouble. (it has nothing to do with the naked tik-head *side eye*)

Over 9 months of waiting for a verdict, a resolution. Hoping they lost my blood. (They didn’t). Hoping that there’d be a loophole (there wasn’t) I am now facing the Judge this morning.

My *random high five* goes to SAB and the people at No Regret Friday. The people behind that chilling advert up there. The people behind the twitter hashtag that trends every Friday #NoRegretFriday. The People trying to stop the rest of you knuckleheads out there from being a Knucklehead like me. Every person who has contributed to the website, signed the petition, sent in their story.

It’s just not worth it. Regret. Could have, should have, would have. Didn’t.

The second, *JUMPING High Five* goes to Good Fellas, for offering us such an amazing solution. (You can see my friend MumZ the comedian in their advert  below ‘talking drunkanese’ *High Five*)

WIN: SAB have offered to give a 6 month GOOD FELLAS subscription to one of you. All you have to do is send me YOUR stories of ‘No Regret Friday’Tell me how you or a friend had to learn the lesson the hard way. Or tell me what YOU do to make sure you have no regrets. Leave your comment on this blog post and we will choose one. If you’d prefer to do it anonymously, you can email me: 

No regret Friday will put your stories and testimonials on their website (anonymously if you’d prefer) But I’m speaking out. We’ve all done it. and we ALL need to NOT do it.

It could happen to you. It SHOULDN’T happen to anyone.  Regret Nothing.

Now  if you’ll excuse me, I have to get ready for court. Again.

*High five to designated drivers*

— Update at  10.50am: Just got home from court, the Judge has postponed – again – as they haven’t made a decision yet. That means more lawyer fees, more appearances and more suspence.


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17 Responses to No Regret Friday … or Sunday.

  1. Neelz says:

    Sad to hear about your situation hope everything goes off well!

    I don’t really have a story but tonight is my mates 21st in Cape Town and he has organised taxi’s to take us to and from Fez so that we have No Regrets This Friday! Big ups dude!!

    Hope everything goes well for you :)

  2. mspr1nt says:

    No, that’s not David, it’s mumZ ;)

    Brave girl. Good luck.

  3. Carmia says:

    I was pulled over by the police once, but I was very, very lucky and they escorted me home (I’d had way more than a few drinks). A friend of mine, however, was not as lucky. She crashed into another vehicle – one that just happened to be driven by an off-duty police commissioner. NOT ideal. It took more than a year to resolve the court case.

  4. I have had 2 mates locked up in jail and both had to go to court.

    But my story luckily had a happier ending, but definitely set in on the right track afterwards.
    I went out to a cocktail bar about 4km from my house and ended up getting very drunk. My friends offered to drive me home but being drunk you always think you are fine and that NOTHING will ever happen.
    All i remember is waking up as my car hit and ramped the payment at a T-junction (i had passed out), my car then smashed into a massive palm tree which knock over and fell onto the house (which was about 3 meters way. The owners of the house came out, phoned the police and said to me that if that Palm tree was not there then i would of crashed straight through their house wall and into their bedroom as that wall was there bedroom wall. (i could of killed 2 people in their bed). I was arrested and put in the police van while my friends arrived and tried to talk to the police. I eventually was let go (not sure how or why, but it might of been because of another drunk driver that crashed into the house next door).
    My car (which i had for 2 weeks, Land Rover Freelander) was written off and i had to pay for the repairs to the house and new palm tree (we are talking R19 000 damage).

    I thank my lucky stars every day that i did not kill someone and did not kill myself.

    It definitely is the cheaper and safer option to have a designated driver or use a great service like Good Fellas. NEVER BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP and rather do the RIGHT thing!

  5. BrettRexB says:

    Shame, lady, that sucks.

    Yeah, there is no way that I could honestly make a positive contribution to this. I’ve always fallen into the k*k-lucky category (seriously, some stories…), but i have no illusions that it will last for ever.

    Honestly, the biggest thing I did to curb the drinking-driving conundrum was move to Town. Now I just walk everywhere! Best mode of drunken transportation on the planet. You can move as fast or slow as you want, no-one ever bugs you for a lift (a piggy-back must be offered) and the police don’t rock up every time you crash into someone’s wall.

    Option #2: Date a girl with sober habits :)

    Best of luck with the case. Well wishes and hi-fives abound.

  6. Kirsty says:

    It pains to me to say that I am guilty of drinking and driving *hangs head in shame* I have been pulled over numerous times (usually after a mere 2 drinks but I know that is no excuse.) I have been very close to being arrested but, as Angel mentioned, have managed to charm my way out of it. I’m proud to say that I haven’t hopped behind a wheel after some alcoholic refreshment in years. *motorboats Good Fellas*

  7. Marcia says:

    You keep hearing how bad jail is but it never really quite sinks in until you have to spend the night in a cold, damp, dark cell. I was lucky. Due to the awful state of the cell and overcrowding I was let go early and didn’t spend the night. There’s nothing quite like calling your family and asking them to fetch you from the police station. And being treated like a criminal. Because you are one. Not just on that night but every court appearance you make. And there’re many. Many dragged out for more than a year. Eventually, again, I was lucky. Case got thrown out on a technicality despite the fact that I was clearly over the limit. Wine tasting all day in Franschhoek will do that. I faced a massive fine, possibly getting my licence revoked or the next-to-best-case scenario community service. These days I regularly crash on uncomfortable couches at friends in order to not drive home. I might even start keeping an overnight bag in my car to avoid rocking last night’s clothes the morning after. Or I’ll start using Good Fellas just to have the comfort of my own bed.

    Good luck with the case and thanks for sharing your story.

  8. From Anonymous via email:
    Hi Angel,

    Wow you really inspire me to tell my story. You have no shame in putting what you did out there. And I think it’s a great thing! Everyone needs to know that drinking and driving is dangerous, wrong and just plain stupid!!
    I was caught in Sep 2007, on a Monday night after leaving a friends farewell party. I was pulled over for talking on my cell phone at a red light – and things went downhill from there.
    They could clearly see I was over the limit, they arrested me and then the harrowing journey began.
    I was taken all the way to the little police unit on the side of the N2 – near the airport – very scary stuff (apparently the only breathalysing unit). Me in the back of a cop car with two big male cops, laughing at me and not telling me where I was going – so scary.
    I luckily for some reason had my cell still with me – so I could text friends and my mom to let them know where I was all the time.
    After they breathalysed me, and I was twice over the limit – they took me all the way back to town to the jail near the court houses.
    It was now about 3am in the morning. I was put in a cell with one other passed lady – thank goodness. Spent the rest of the night – huddled freezing in the corner under what little roof the cell had.
    Eventually at about 9am they allowed my mom to bail me out. Boy was I glad to get home, shower and just be safe.

    Like you, court appearances were lots and far between – eventually I received my sentence in Feb 2008.
    A record as a criminal – R5000 fine – which had to be paid then and there or I would spend the time in jail until I could pay. And luckily I didn’t get my licence taken away – although the judge was wanting to make an example of me, thank goodness my lawyer argued I needed my licence for work.

    Since then, drinking and driving is a no no. I never in my life want to go through that scary experience again!!!
    Goodfellas is awesome!! I have used their services often. I am so happy someone had the brain to start such an amazing concept in a country like ours where public transport is pretty much non-existent.
    Kudos to them.
    Thanks for having the courage to share your story with us.
    Take care,

  9. Julia says:

    Hi Angel,
    your story has certainly cemented my resolve not to drink and drive.
    i escaped this so narrowly once and i still feel bad about it… what I don’t understand is why can’t breathalysers be provided to the public as a tool to test themselves rather than as a tool for police to catch them? So many of us would not be over the limit by choice – we just estimate! Make the tools available and we’ll observe the law!

  10. Nigel Howard says:

    You spelt ‘suspense’ wrong.

    But I get what you saying. Shot for this post, because I’m VERY glad I am the D.D. Will definitely be passing this post around to my mates who tend to D&D, to which I always reply; “I ain’t bailing your drunk ass outta jail, cos I can take you home. Ass”

    Real eye-opener, and thanks again

  11. Emil says:

    *highfive* for the honesty. I’ve been doing this drinking thing for 23 years, and 18 months ago stopped all together. I am very fortunate to have never been caught DUI. And I should have been. Numerous times. Now, ironically, I get pulled over often, sober, of course. The looks of disbelief! Until I pass the tests.

    I’m sorry for your ordeal. The suspense of the wait I can imagine is pure agony. I’m hoping it will work out well. Or as well as these things can be.

  12. Janet says:

    I am so proud of your honesty Angel. We have all done it at some time. I’m holding thumbs for you for your next court appearance and for the best outcome. You said that so well – you should be the one getting the prize.


  13. cindy laufs says:

    The same happened to me and I am also going tpo speak out very publicly about what happened to me. I Also got into a car way over the limit. Got arrested and facing huge legal bills. The result of my actions will be huge if I am found quilty which I most likely will. I wont be able to travel for work, I work in the community on weekends, that will ALSO fall away. Because we are all connected and should not only learn from our mistakes, it is also our responsibilty to share with other what we have learned. You are right, you never think it is going to happen to you untill it does or somebody that you know….. its happen to me and its happened to you and we are connected to a whole bunch of people. I will most likely face a world of judgement because I will speak out publicly about drinking and driving, but if it could prevent just one person from getting into a car after drinking at least some good has come out of it

    Hats off to you brave girl….awesome for speaking out!

    Much love and all the best with your case…..mine is still to come

    • Thanks for your words and for speaking out. SAB would like to award you the 6 month Good-fellas membership because of your responsible attitude toward it.
      *High five*

      Good luck with your court case. Please email me at with your contact details so we can hook you up with the sponsorship before the silly season of summer starts.


  14. Bo says:

    Thanks for sharing your story and being so honest! I don’t think many people have taken No Regret Friday seriously and unfortunately the wake up call is harsh! It sucks what you’re going through now! All the best!

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