OH MY GOD! It’s a Double Rainbow All the way!

@GrahamAndRobert: twitpic of the Double Rainbow over Cape Town this morning

Well today is one of those not so rare days in our Mother of all cities,  full of Monkey’s weddings.

No – not politicians getting married!  *who said that?*

I’m talking about that beast of mother Nature, demonstrating her female right to confusion, rants, kindness and then changing her mind again. Rain and Shine.

The result of a Monkey's wedding

The beauty of this is that it lends itself beautifully to splashing the sky with the all to prevalent pride flag, as seen on every building in Greenpoint. The Rainbow! No other word than “Fabulous” can describe them. We get excited, we take pics, we tweet them, we take videos… and if we see a double rainbow – then, well gosh – we just have a full on orgasm:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQSNhk5ICTI&w=425&h=349]

Halloween 2010 was Double-Rainbowliscious

Who can forget that guy? He’s amazing. *HIGHFIVE*

“Oh my god, it’s a double rainbow. All the way. What does it mean…. aaah ahhh aaaah. wooooooahhhh! ”

The Viral double Rainbow man. He Inspired the planet, caused a global rainbow worshipping phenomenon. That youtube has been viewed 28,034,092 times!


And, If memory serves correct, he even made an appearance on Oprah. That’s INTENSE!

Someone tried to say that rainbows were made by refractions of light, by the sun on the water molecules.

Well, duh – what an idiot. Everyone knows they come from Unicorn farts.

Or as @Brandon_E suggested: Two Care Bears who got Drunk. Hell Yes!

I want to offer Random High Fives to that amazing dude in Yosemite Park for blowing his load over the rainbows. His name is Paul Vasquez and this is him on the right. (Looks pretty much exactly what you’d hope him to look like… minus maybe a polka-dotted top-hat.)

Double Rainbow Guy. (But What does it mean!?)

… I also want to Give random High Fives to anyone who’s ever seen a rainbow, and taken a pic – or thought; “Hey, Cool.”

And if you’ve seen a Rainbow farting unicorn flying through the sky? Lay off the mescaline, dude. Share it with me.

*High Five*

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