Rapture or Raptor?

So the word on the street is that the big Christian Rapture is happening this Saturday, 21st May 2011. As interesting as all the different theories may be – I just can’t help thinking how cool it’d be if there was a Raptor Apocolypse.  I’d want front row seats and 3D glasses!

Dinosaurs are all the rage today, as seen on Bangers and Nash’s epic Retro Tuesday blog post where he talks about that old TV sitcom that is best left in our collective memory banks – but it reminded me of this cartoon that I have:

How can they high-five with those little arms?

I mean. What’s not to love? It has Dino’s… it has Grammar Nazi qualities, (we all know how pedantic I am about that) AND it has HIGH FREAKING FIVES!

Pretty awesome. I’d say.

I like big Lizards.

That’s what SHE said! *High Five*

(Thanks to Playwright and friend: @KarenJeynes for this picture)

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