Sonic RS Drives Comedians wild (or just to Grahamstown).

Here it comes folks. Angel writing about a car. Look, it’s no joke that I know nothing about cars (luckily they emailed me a spec sheet of all the info the rest of Ya’ll might be interested in) but I do know that when you turn the key and it starts, thats a good thing. And then if it goes well – and uses very little petrol, that’s an even better thing.

So here comes my ‘Clueless girl Observations on why the Sonic RS is awesome’.

Chevrolet very (very) kindly offered to sponsor me a car for the Grahamstown national Arts Festival. And they branded it like a BAWS too. It made me feel that little bit famous (that I’ve never felt before).

This is not a ‘paid for post’. They didn’t ask me to write a blog  – they were perfectly happy with the simple knowledge that their cars were out on SA roads. So this is just the honesty of why these cars are RAD.

It’s completely smart-phone compatible. It can even access your photos and videos onto the ‘my link’ touch screen. This might sound like a hazard, but it only works when the car is stopped… so no accidents, don’t worry Oprah.

The rest of the ‘answer’ and ‘make a call’ functions are conveniently situated on the right of the steering wheel, for your thumb to control (the same place the radio functions are).

It reads USB drives! So you can load all of your music onto a flash (or in my case, Game of Thrones Audio Books) and it’s reader is sneakily situated inside the glove-compartment, so that it’s safe to leave it plugged in when the car is parked.  With all of that USB storage you have music for DAYS. As comedian Nina Hastie said “It’s like being inside an iPod, that you can drive”.

Interior of the RS.

It tells you how many Km’s you have left in the tank. (Look, I’m not saying these are unique functions, it’s just things I thought was rad) As a chick, on a roadtrip, you never really know if you can make it to the next town on the 1/4 tank or if you should just stop. The top right of the dashboard display has a little image of a car and a petrol pump and it tells you how many Km’s you have until you need to find one. Super useful. It’s also interesting to note that more gentle cruise speeds made the KM go up so you had less petrol usage. Taught me a little bit about driving more conservatively.

Comfy Seats. I think they are called bucket seats? They hug you, and are soft and this girl approves.

CRUISE CONTROL – My boyfriend laughed at me that I thought this was so cool. Apparently most cars have it these days. So sue me. My car is from 1995. It didn’t even know what a cellphone was, let alone a smart phone. So this is all very exciting. The cruise controls are on the left of the steering wheel. And on long trips I found it super useful, most specifically with sticking to the speed limit. You know how those small towns finance their christmas parties (and year round parties) by making that ungodly 60km speedlimit out of nowhere. Now, all i had to do was make sure i was going exactly the speed limit, flick that cruise control switch – and then take my foot off the gas. No stress, no speed limits broken. It’s like a car that drives itself. You feel like you’re in a ride at Disney land through South African landscape (just don’t close your eyes and throw your hands up).

(I also noticed, this made the petrol usage better too.)

SIX GEARS – Ok, the SonicRS is fast. Super fast. KG Mokgadi’s first text to me when we both got our cars was “Careful baby, this thing f**ks off!”. (Obviously sans stars)

Siv Ngesi also phoned me (handsfree, weee!) as soon as he got HIS sponsored SonicRS to say “You guys weren’t kidding about how fast this thing goes!”

It’s a very powerful little beast, with 6 gears. It’s one of the coolest most liberating things to have to downgear into FIFTH gear, to overtake on a hill.  Nothing  more to say. It’s fast.

And now – here’s the real tech info:

Power: 103 kW

Engine: 1.4-litre turbocharged ECOTEC® petrol engine

Fuel Consumption: the new Sonic RS consumes just 6.6-litres per 100 km on the combined average cycle, with carbon emissions of 155 g/km to match

Direct Competitor: Suzuki Swift Sport

Source; Imported from South Korea, developed in the US.

Fun Fact: Sonic RS has the same exact steering wheel as the Chevrolet Camaro!

My Link: 
MyLink has been designed to be compatible across the board both in terms of phone integration and playable media formats, which means the most common music, picture and video formats can be streamed or played via most smartphones – the additional USB and auxiliary ports ensuring that other sources of music, videos or photos can also be easily integrated. Up to 35 pre-set and 15 auto-stored AM or FM radio stations can be programmed as well, rounding off the complete entertainment solution that is MyLink.

And that’s about that.

Thank you so much to Chevrolet South Africa and Lunga Ntsendwana for being such a dream to work with.


*SonicRS highfive*

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