Sweet Brown’s Cold Pop Escape

This post is just so gosh darn amazing.

Sweet baby Lord Jesus!

Youtube tells me it’s a month old, so maybe I’m late to the party. But how much do you love this woman… her name is Sweet Brown – for one.

I think I’d like to be her friend. She looks at life in a way that makes me want to high five her. 

Top comment on Youtube: “How did she get to be interviewed by Jesus?”

And then in the immortal ways of the internet (and by ‘immortal’, I mean 2 week lifespan) someone made an autotune remix.

High five. (I especially enjoy the editing choices.) It’s a pretty catchy song.

Sweet Brown, all I can say is that I for one, am glad you made it out of that fire alive. Cold pop saved your life… Who said high sugar drinks in the middle of the night were bad for you!?

*High five*

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