THINK THAI – The Hunger Games

If you’ve followed my “Team Gale” vs “Team Peeta” tweets you’d have noticed that I was recently pretty obessesed with the Hunger Games book trilogy – Little did I realise that i’d be ‘living it’ to an extent.

Happy Hunger games – and may the odds be EVER in your favour.

4 people, all friends BUT – there can be only one. *duh duh duuun*

Simply Asia are giving away a trip for 2 to Thailand.
And they have asked 4 people to compete by throwing the best Thai Themed banquet… The best banquet ALSO wins a trip for 2 to Thailand!!

To save you the suspense, unlike the real Hunger Games, I’m useless with a Bow and Arrow so don’t panic, no apples will be shot out of pig’s mouths. Besides, roast pig is not very Thai. Simply Asia is serving all the food. So the only “hunger” would be inspired by fantasising about dishes like this one:

Simply Asia - Green Curry

I also don’t predict any Hunger Games love triangles (although, I do have a bit of a girl crush on Robyn Hobson) Yup, I have some pretty stiff competition in the form of Social media gurus Mike Sharman and Bangers and Nash… and of course Robyn, but she’s not stiff. She’s girly and soft and lovely. (I made a naughty joke *high five*)

So thus embarks our Simply Asia Hunger Games. Less blood, sweat and tears (but perhaps a few… from Siv mostly.) Oh yes, that’s right. If I win, I’m taking my roomie. The ever bubbly actor and comedian Siv Ngesi. this is a picture of Siv the last time he was in Thailand:

Full Moon Party Mayhem

Imagine the shenanigans  we will get up to together, once our forces are combined.

Watch this space as we plan our Thai Banquet to beat all Thai Banquets.

Think Thai – Find out about how YOU can win a trip to Thailand with Simply Asia HERE

*thai high five* May the odds be EVER in your favour.

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