The Twilight of our new favourite song

Here’s a SUPER RANDOM high five.

My roommate Siv just had a birthday. One of his gifts (from Nu Metro) was the Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack. He kind of eyed it with an air of skepticism.

You may hate on Twilight all you want. You may be blind to the hotness that is Edward and Jacob, but the music on this soundtrack made us SO HAPPY.

It’s just ‘beautiful’ to quote Siv. “We need to make copies of this so it can play EVERYWHERE we go.”

This blog purpotes to bring you ‘random high fives’ of things that are awesome. And here is my high five to you today. The music is awesome. In that haunting ‘it will break your heart’ kind of way.

Our new routine in the flat (for those of you without night vision goggles or spy cams) Siv will get home, talk to me for 2 mins in the living room and then say ‘put the twilight song on’. I press play and he yells ‘oh my god, it’s so beautiful’ (then he moves away from the mirror and says “oh my god this song is so beautiful”)

tee hee.

Our favourite song on the album is this one:

Now you may judge us.

Or you may also feel the haunting need to hit ‘replay’ over and over.

This is not a plug or a promotion of any kind. Unless Edward or Jacob (whatever the actor’s real names are… who cares) sees this and some how falls in love with my pen wittery.

*high five*

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