Win this fabulous cook-book ‘A Bite of Latin America’.

Today on my radio show, from 1-3pm on 2oceansvibe radio, I’ll be chatting to the fabulous Susie Chatz-Anderson. The traveler, author and chef behind ‘A Bite of Latin America’.

Susie and her husband took a year off to explore Latin America and this wonderfully illustrative book serves as her culinary diary. If (like me) you’ve always dreamed of visiting the colourful continent, this book serves as an excellent window into how it might look (and taste) with Susie giving a local explanation (and variants) on the classic dishes she most enjoyed in each country.

The subtle layering of flavour and use of authentic techniques make for scrumptious food, adapted for South Africa. Susie believes in good food and living a good life. Discover these for yourself with A Bite of Latin America.

She’s given me one book to give away to you, my fabulous listeners. So tune in, ¬†and retweet this tweet to increase your odds of winning and adding a little SALSA to your weekend.

(You can buy the book online here.)




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