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Sonic RS Drives Comedians wild (or just to Grahamstown).

Here it comes folks. Angel writing about a car. Look, it’s no joke that I know nothing about cars (luckily they emailed me a spec sheet of all the info the rest of Ya’ll might be interested in) but I do know that when you turn the key and it starts, thats a good thing. And then if it goes well – and uses very little petrol, that’s an even better thing.

So here comes my ‘Clueless girl Observations on why the Sonic RS is awesome’.

Chevrolet very (very) kindly offered to sponsor me a car for the Grahamstown national Arts Festival. And they branded it like a BAWS too. It made me feel that little bit famous (that I’ve never felt before).

This is not a ‘paid for post’. They didn’t ask me to write a blog  – they were perfectly happy with the simple knowledge that their cars were out on SA roads. So this is just the honesty of why these cars are RAD.

It’s completely smart-phone compatible. It can even access your photos and videos onto the ‘my link’ touch screen. This might sound like a hazard, but it only works when the car is stopped… so no accidents, don’t worry Oprah.

The rest of the ‘answer’ and ‘make a call’ functions are conveniently situated on the right of the steering wheel, for your thumb to control (the same place the radio functions are).

It reads USB drives! So you can load all of your music onto a flash (or in my case, Game of Thrones Audio Books) and it’s reader is sneakily situated inside the glove-compartment, so that it’s safe to leave it plugged in when the car is parked.  With all of that USB storage you have music for DAYS. As comedian Nina Hastie said “It’s like being inside an iPod, that you can drive”.

Interior of the RS.

It tells you how many Km’s you have left in the tank. (Look, I’m not saying these are unique functions, it’s just things I thought was rad) As a chick, on a roadtrip, you never really know if you can make it to the next town on the 1/4 tank or if you should just stop. The top right of the dashboard display has a little image of a car and a petrol pump and it tells you how many Km’s you have until you need to find one. Super useful. It’s also interesting to note that more gentle cruise speeds made the KM go up so you had less petrol usage. Taught me a little bit about driving more conservatively.

Comfy Seats. I think they are called bucket seats? They hug you, and are soft and this girl approves.

CRUISE CONTROL – My boyfriend laughed at me that I thought this was so cool. Apparently most cars have it these days. So sue me. My car is from 1995. It didn’t even know what a cellphone was, let alone a smart phone. So this is all very exciting. The cruise controls are on the left of the steering wheel. And on long trips I found it super useful, most specifically with sticking to the speed limit. You know how those small towns finance their christmas parties (and year round parties) by making that ungodly 60km speedlimit out of nowhere. Now, all i had to do was make sure i was going exactly the speed limit, flick that cruise control switch – and then take my foot off the gas. No stress, no speed limits broken. It’s like a car that drives itself. You feel like you’re in a ride at Disney land through South African landscape (just don’t close your eyes and throw your hands up).

(I also noticed, this made the petrol usage better too.)

SIX GEARS – Ok, the SonicRS is fast. Super fast. KG Mokgadi’s first text to me when we both got our cars was “Careful baby, this thing f**ks off!”. (Obviously sans stars)

Siv Ngesi also phoned me (handsfree, weee!) as soon as he got HIS sponsored SonicRS to say “You guys weren’t kidding about how fast this thing goes!”

It’s a very powerful little beast, with 6 gears. It’s one of the coolest most liberating things to have to downgear into FIFTH gear, to overtake on a hill.  Nothing  more to say. It’s fast.

And now – here’s the real tech info:

Power: 103 kW

Engine: 1.4-litre turbocharged ECOTEC® petrol engine

Fuel Consumption: the new Sonic RS consumes just 6.6-litres per 100 km on the combined average cycle, with carbon emissions of 155 g/km to match

Direct Competitor: Suzuki Swift Sport

Source; Imported from South Korea, developed in the US.

Fun Fact: Sonic RS has the same exact steering wheel as the Chevrolet Camaro!

My Link: 
MyLink has been designed to be compatible across the board both in terms of phone integration and playable media formats, which means the most common music, picture and video formats can be streamed or played via most smartphones – the additional USB and auxiliary ports ensuring that other sources of music, videos or photos can also be easily integrated. Up to 35 pre-set and 15 auto-stored AM or FM radio stations can be programmed as well, rounding off the complete entertainment solution that is MyLink.

And that’s about that.

Thank you so much to Chevrolet South Africa and Lunga Ntsendwana for being such a dream to work with.


*SonicRS highfive*

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So they KNOW they can dance: Adorable (and brilliant) married couple.

Meet Keone and Mariel Madrid. They are married. (Awwww!) and they are awesome.

This will make you happy – and impress you. The song is ‘Happy’ feat Derek Martin and I’m on my way to itunes to download it right now.

Watch me use it as my alarm tone and do the robot out of bed every morning…

*high five*

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Inspirational (art) Posters that I’d ACTUALLY hang on my wall.

I love this Gaping Void guy. You’ve probably heard of him, but if you haven’t… You’re welcome.

Hugh MacLeod is a cartoonist who has been drawing about life and business for twenty years. Hugh’s blog, gapingvoid has been one of the most popular blogs since the early days of social media, thus developing a loyal following of the best and brightest of Silicon Valley.  It remains in the top 20 of the AdAge Power 150 blogs today. (source)

Here are some of my favourite of his pieces. I’d have any one of these framed in an entrance hallway or office. You can buy any of these here.

Go see the rest of the thousands(!) of artworks here.

Or follow him on twitter @gapingvoid.

*High Five for creating*

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14 photos of Laughing children from around the world, to make your day better.

“There’s nothing more contagious than the laughter of young children; it doesn’t even have to matter what they’re laughing about.”
― Criss Jami















“You don’t stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing.” 

― Michael Pritchard


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Photos of Water-balloons thrown at Bald Men’s heads. Yes.

That title might sound like some crazy arty metaphor. But it’s not. It’s amazing. It’s real.

Here is my first ‘Random high five’ as found on the world wide web:

Photographer Tim Tadder did a photo series where he threw water balloons at different ‘threatening’ bald men. With hilarious results. He named this project, “Water Wigs.”

High Five, Tim. You’ve made me giggle. I don’t know what kind of childhood you had that made you feel inclined to throw balloons full of water at angry bald men. But I’m glad it happened to you, so that you could make this.

*Warning: Don’t try this at home – the results may vary*


All photos copyright to Photographer Tim Tadder.

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Kids of America giving hope to anti-racism.

This video will make you feel better about the future of humanity, equality and even the place we love to hate: America. It’s easy to generalise them all into ‘red-neck, small minded people’ which we sometimes do in our “lesser” nations… (with somewhat hypocritical ease.) However, check out their amazing offspring in the most wonderful display of how humans should be, with more articulation than most American beauty pageant contestants.

The offending Cheerios advert that features a bi-racial mother and father and a mixed race daughter caused a stir amongst the more pig-headed of American people, which unfortunately was enough people to bring a media frenzy. But the younger generation literally cannot see WHAT is wrong with the advert until it’s pointed out. Bless.

If you’re American and this advert offended you… psssst…. your PRESIDENT is the result of a bi-racial union. 

Bring on the future generation – We can only but hope that South Africa is on a similar track with our youth. Watch this:

The video is part of a Fine Bros. series that has kids, teens, and elderly people react to viral videos, news stories, or trends.

In the disclaimer before the video, the brothers write, “The insights of children about these issues can give incredible insight into where our society really is and where we are headed as people.”

When told that people were angry about the mixed-race couple in the commercial, the children display genuine confusion. Kids as young as 4 understood that love is love.

“It’s just the color of their skin, what matters is if they’re nice or mean,” says one.

“I thought Martin Luther King spoke against this and fixed this already,” says another.

“[Marriage] really just depends on their heart and if they really love me.”

“Underneath it, you’re literally the same. You have organs and a heart.”

One freckle-faced kid named Morgan says simply, “Some people just fall in love like that.”

*high Five* on behalf of me and all the brown skinned boys i’ve loved in public (ok, there weren’t that many, i’m not slutty…) but the one or two I’ve loved have made enough public appearances with me to count as many. ;)

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Tuesday Joy

Yes, it;s South Africa. Things are always going wrong. Busses are striking, (white people just went “Really?”) most of the country is inconvenienced by this.

The president continues to rape our… banks. Winter is coming and things are generally worth complaining about.

But stop – look around. Is there a homeless person singing to themself, or feeding his precious little bread to a squirrel. The sun is shining and we live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. And that’s just not for the Capetonians… even Joburg is beautiful. What with the ‘world’s largest man made forest’ and your African sunsets bury ours.

Durban, well – you have the Drakensburg near by.

here’s some heartwarming joy to lift your Tuesday. (If Bon Jovi AND Justin Bieber touring here this week weren’t enough *side eye*)


High fives for sunbeams from your face and looking lovely.



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Rubber Ducky High Five

How much joy does this picture of a ducky in the Hong Kong Harbour bring you?

It is being pulled by a TUG BOAT. And look how much smaller the boat is? Amazing.

It’s a work of “art” by Florentijn Hoffman and they have this to say:

The Rubber Duck knows no frontiers, it doesn’t discriminate people and doesn’t have a political connotation. The friendly, floating Rubber Duck has healing properties: it can relieve mondial tensions as well as define them. The rubber duck is soft, friendly and suitable for all ages!

Ok. Who needs meds?

I found this on this website… go there for more amazing photos of the ducky.

*High five for absolute random joy.*

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Genius Beggar.

I love this. I think we should set up some of our beggars up with these signs… lol.


*high five*

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27 before 30

Tea and a Show

on Wednesday the 13th (which people were trying to make significant due to it’s 13-03-13 numerology.. that’s a jump, tigers. Just coz there’s no 13th month. no need to get all ahead of yourselves) it marked 27 days before I turn 30… 27 more days of being in my 20s.

My mom was in Cape Town from Durban for business. She came over for tea. Tea with mom. :) Spend more time with your parents. All of you.

Tea and conversation.

Get Culture

As important as yogurt is to our diets, sometimes we need to double up on culture. I live 2 blocks away from the Fugard theatre. Master Harold and the Boys is a Fugard play that I’ve seen the movies of and read in University… but I don’t think I’ve ever watched a Fugard play (at the Fugard theatre) voluntarily. It’s part of our country’s heritage…

South African heritage is a rich and complicated thing and as a person who has physical reactions to injustice, let me just tell you, this play hit a nerve. I cried. I sobbed. My man-friend got worried about my excessive tear flow action, he’s used to that meaning he’s in trouble. It’s nice to pretend that it’s the past and such class divides no longer exist, but I think that’s naive. I’m just eternally grateful to my parents for never instilling that ingrained sense of ‘better than’ that exists in so many of the subtones in this play. And my heart is broken for all of the people who have ever been made to feel ‘less than’. All over.

Be nicer to strangers. People are all fighting some kind of battle.

*make it count… times 30*





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