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New York State of Mind

The original big Apple obsession, before Steve Jobs made it fit in our pockets.
Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 4.46.07 PM

As many of you know, I’m headed to NYC in 2 weeks’ time. I’m going to be exploring the underground stand-up comedy circuit, jumping on stages, lurking in audiences and taking selfies backstage… and in times square, because… cummaan!

Lesser known fact is that I actually lived in NYC during my Gap Year (and I bought gap jeans there, true story, although the pun wasn’t intended. I wasn’t very funny at 18. it took years of failure to cultivate this. Literally actually 10 years, since i started stand up at 28.) So it’s going to be 15 years, almost to the day since I was last in New York.

2001 was a pretty big year for the big Apple. Most notably, 9/11 happened. And yes, I was in New York for that. And no, i wasn’t in harm’s way. It was 8am. I was in bed. I might not have been a comedian yet, but I had a comedian’s sleeping patterns. (I was actually modelling… which is much the same thing, with less junk food, same amount self loathing and drugs.) Look at me acting all funny about drugs, like I’m cool. Look I wear high-tops now, so I think I’m kinda thug. (I recently bought my first pair of high tops. And I actually feel like every non-white person is laughing at me when they see me walking with what can only be described as ‘adidas bought white people swag’) No, I didn’t notice a single drug in NYC in 2001, I wasn’t even legal to drink at 18 (America is messed up like that) and had to brown bag Coors light, which is ironic, given it’s lame alcohol content.

2001 was also the year that was pre digital. I don’t even think the ipod had come out yet. I literally walked around with a FILM camera in my handbag, incase something awesome happened (no points for guessing that I DIDN’T Have my camera on me the day I left my Greenpoint, Brooklyn apartment on Tuesday Morning, which turned out to be September 11th.) I had a film camera and a CD walkman, that took batteries. I also didn’t have my camera on any of the days I met celebrities, which included Liv Tyler naked (in a changing room) I suppose she was glad I didn’t have my camera that day. No one else is.

To be honest, I don’t really know what i DID take photos of. Photos were so underrated in 2001, pre digital, pre social media, pre not having to have a slideshow of travel photos to make anyone actually see the pics aside from strangers in a bank queue. I think I have one blurry photo of the Statue of liberty and a few overexposed images of us drinking indoors, which could have been ANY-FUCKING-WHERE.

So, yes. I will be snapping EXCESS of photos on my 2016 voyage to NYC. I was so worried, at 18, with fitting in, and not looking like a tourist, and one of the things New Yorkers told me to do in order to blend in was ‘look pissed off’ and ‘don’t look up’ (because only tourists think tall buildings are cool. Or clouds, apparently.)
Well fuck. I DO NOT CARE about looking cool at 33. I am PAST my prime. I will be looking up like a short guy at a strip club… and the buildings will be the exotic Russians clothed in angular glass and cement. So I’ll be looking up. But I’m older now – and have resting bitch face. So maybe I’ll still look pissed off. I tried so hard to fit in when I was 18. I remember trying to walk in Times Square (rookie error, no locals go there) thinking I blended in, when a street vendor greeted me, “hey pretty lady, what country are you from?” Dammit. My cover was blown. I hadn’t even spoken. How did he know? I was truly mortified that I didn’t look local. Shame. Poor little Angel.

One time, I was in the subways and Joshua Jackson (yes, PACEY from Dawson’s Creek. Which was still very much A THING then) was waiting on the same platform as me. It was 2am so we were the only people there, and the trains were running slower than they do during business hours. I recognised him but was too shy to say anything, then my train arrived, after I got on I noticed that he didn’t make a move to get on, so this wasn’t HIS train. In a moment of YOLO I jumped off the train and decided to ‘pretend to be a foreigner and pretend that I was lost’. This is where it gets really good. 18 year old Angel was so convinced that she fitted in, seamlessly in NYC that SHE PUT ON A FAKE BRITISH ACCENT TO CONVINCE HIM THAT SHE WASN’T AMERICAN. Yes. I did that. This is true. No, my REAL South African accent isn’t exotic enough. I pretended I was lost, (british) asked him if he knew which train I needed. Turned out he was more lost than me, and I had to help him realise he was at the wrong station and walked with him to his new station (pretending I needed the same train). So Mr. Jackson doesn’t realise that his Guardian Angel, Angel helped him that night. Halfway through hanging out, I started trying to phase IN my normal accent, and phase OUT my Fake british accent. It was like a drunk Australian doing an Irish accent, I didn’t even bat an eyelid because he told me I was the first South African he’d ever met, so I knew he had no frame of reference. He did side-eye me pretty hard every time I swung from Pom to Saffa. He probably thought I was an American, fucking with him. Damn. I was THE WORST at 18. I didn’t have my camera that night either. I went home and wrote it in my diary though, which is almost as good. *hangs head*

So now it’s the NYC reboot. Bigger, better, less lame. Or maybe more lame. But Awesome all the same.

I have sorted out some epic hosts via friends and couchsurfing. (I love the internet.)
I will try to be better with blogging and just have massive brain-farts on here, so keep in touch for that chaos.

I’m looking forward to hitting the hustle in the Comedy underground, just to get on stages, or to chat with NY comedians, to hear their world views, and experience THEIR comedy. I cannot wait to stretch my brain and document this time – and I will have my iPhone6s, Apple belongs in the big Apple, i hope I see Liv Tyler naked again. For all our sakes.

*This Post was not sponsored by Apple. Although, if you work for Apple. Let’s talk.

(If anyone has any comedian connections in NYC, please let me know – I’m so interested in networking and finding out about all the underground gigs.)

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Nick Rabinowitz – WHAT THE EFF?

Nik Rabinowitz changed my career by, not only being a huge comedic inspiration but by offering to direct my first ever one woman show. It was his first attempt directing and the confidence he instilled in me, both through his compassionate directing techniques and the fact that he thought I was funny enough to be worth the risk has literally changed my comedy career, and thus my life.

Personal stuff aside. It’s widely accepted that Nik’s one of the funniest Xhosa Speaking Jewish people in SA. I dare say THE funniest Xhosa Speaking Jewish Person. And he has a new show:


It’s hard to live in South Africa for more than five minutes without looking around in wide-eyed bewilderment, and asking: “What the EFF?” Whether it’s hippies rubbing their chords together to produce solar energy, militants marching into parliament in Pep Store overalls and Italian shoes, or taxi drivers who manage to simultaneously cut you off and flip you the bird while paging through the newspaper and counting their money… at some point in every day, you will say: “What the EFF?” Fortunately, Nik Rabinowitz is here to answer that question. Or maybe not answer it, so much as shake it a bit, and see what falls out.

From the leafy green ganglands of Constantia, to the imaginary book storage lockers of Limpopo, Rabinowitz casts his eye far and wide, and muses: “What the EFF?” And if politics isn’t your cup of tea, there’s plenty of other ridiculousness that’ll have you shaking your head, and clutching your sides. This show is 100% vegan and eco friendly, and made up of 10% recycled material and 15% up cycled jokes. No punch lines were tested on animals. Bring your own canvas bag.

What the EFF? runs at the Fugard Theatre from 16 to 30 December 2014 at 8pm with tickets costing from R150 to R190 with discounts for Students, Pensioners and group bookings of ten or more. The performance on New Year’s Eve on 31 December 2014 at 9pm costs R250 per person for the show that starts at 9pm.

Aside from the popular theatre foyer bar, the Fugard’s rooftop bar is also open nightly from 7pm until late.

All bookings are through the Fugard Theatre box office on 021 461 4554 or and 08619158000. Advance booking is highly recommended. Please note there is an age restriction of 13 on this show.

*High Five*


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#WhatIfWomen Charity Comedy Show in aide of the WHEAT Trust

If you follow me on twitter or facebook, thank you, and you would know by now that the WHEAT Trust dropped off a huge cheque while I was on air at my weekly radio show on 2oceansvibe radio (Fridays 1-3pm. Plug Plug!)

Three of the 'influential women' Mbali Ntuli (DA member) Vanessa Raphaely (Head of Cosmopolitan Magazine) and Me.

A huge cheque both figuratively and literally. WHEAT is investing R10 000 into women of influence around SA (of which they chose me as one!?) for us to take that 10k, in a month and turn it into PROFIT! At the end of September I have to return the R10 000… PLUS the oodles of profit I have turned it into.

The hashtag is #WhatIfWomen, because What if Women made the difference? I mean, we already do. Just ask Beyonce. But the whole initiative was launched in lieu of woman’s month (August) and is pretty great! A charity that is GIVING money..?

Ok – So i’m pretty scared of this responsibility. I don’t know how to make money turn into more money – As a comedian, writer and Radio DJ, I know how to make words turn into money. So that’s what I’m going to do.

I have taken the R10 000 seed money and am going to throw an AWESOME huge charity COMEDY show. Using my funny friends in the bargain – who have all donated their time, because they are rad – and I will blackmail them if they don’t.  (The whole point of the challenge was to use your OWN industry to make money… challenge accepted.)


The date is set. Monday 29th September 2014, 6.30pm. (Put that in your diary NOW, or go buy tickets)

The venue is (super amazingly) sponsored by Crystal Towers Protea Hotels. (that’s the 5 star one, next to Canal Walk.)

There are SO MANY amazing sponsored prizes to be won on the night via a raffle we will have:

Weekends away at Aquila Game Reserve, hotel stays worth R8000, cases of wine and many many more.

The LINE UP of Comedians are: 

Nik Rabinowitz

Nik Rabinowitz: Legendary South African comedian, the Jew who speaks Xhosa and is so famous he has his own wikipedia page.

KG Mokgadi

Kagiso KG Mokgadi: The son of a sangoma, who has done Comedy Central, Blacks Only – appearing soon in the religion show ‘Divine’ for Comedy Central channel 122, toured SA with his one man show HEAVY to rave reviews AND is the recent WINNER of the Comic’s Choice Award, Best Breakthrough Comedian 2014.

Dalin Oliver

Dalin Oliver: You may have seen him at Vodacom Funny Festival, or in Grahamstown at one of his SOLD OUT shows of ‘I came, I taught I left‘ his debut one man show that’s directed by Stuart Taylor. He’s the sports presenter on Goodhope FM but this boy from Retreat is best behind a comedy mic. You’ll see why.

Yaaseen Barnes

Yaaseen Barnes: Relatively new on the comedy scene, this muslim boy has been impressing audiences and comedians alike. He won the Comedy showdown, earning himself a slot at the Jive Funny Festival in 2014, alongside Trevor Noah. He was ALSO a Nominee in the Comic’s Choice Best Newcomer 2014. You can catch him on Comedy Central’s Upcoming religion special called Divine on channel 122. But first, see him at the #WhatIfWomen Charity. You will love his dry one liners.

Phil De Lange

Phil De Lange: A new face on the comedy circuit, Phil’s brand of Ukelele fueled comedy is both funny and politically thought provoking. He opened for the Ovation Award Winning,  Sne Dladla’s ‘The Joke’s On You‘ at the National Arts Festival this year. Phil is also a DJ on Smile FM and proof the albinos can be functional. ;)

Angel Campey

Angel Campey: That’s me. I will be hosting the evening. I have a one woman show called Yes Really Angel that has toured the country and gotten good reviews. I’ve been on Comedy Central Channel 122 with Kings and Queens of Comedy, and did a TEDx Talk in 2013. I also have a radio show on 2oceansvibe radio and am one of the writers for ZAnews – the award winning puppet satire of SA news.

All of this. ALL OF THIS. For the super cheap cost of R100

Buy your tickets on Quicket NOW. Click here

29th September: SEE YOU THERE!

Book Tickets.

#WhatIfWomen *highfive*




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Cape Town Comics that I think you should see at Grahamstown National Arts Festival.

This year is the 40th Anniversary of the National Arts Fest. It’s also 20 years of South African Democracy – that’s a lot of maths for us artists, but what it DOES mean is that there is going to be A LOT of hooplah at the fest this year. The best fest everrrrr.

I know that there is an absolute assault on your senses of posters, fliers, beggars who are actually performers – begging you to come to their shows – or let them wash your windshield. Anything goes in G town.

With that in mind, it gets super overwhelming about what to see. Given that you are reading my blog, I’m going to go ahead and assume that Interpretive dance about the flight of a petal from the methane gas emitting green-peace fighting cow fields to the nuclear fall out of future, not yet understood rhino poacher’s secret castle situated in the middle of an oil field made out of baby seal furs… all danced by children dressed as eggs… symbolically – is not for you. (I actually struggled to make that sound boring. I had to delete a rant about an undersea kingdom of aliens who have been living alongside our species all of these years. Because I made MYSELF interested. I’d watch the shit out of that shit.)

But no. We are here for straight up, witty, intelligent, satirical and dark looks at one another, South Africa and probably Zombies too. Fucking zombies, they are in everything – even politics. (They are in my show too. And no, not on the days I don’t feel like putting on make-up, smart ass.)

There is A LOT of comedy at the fest this year. So much that making this list suddenly overwhelms me, as I was just going to promote my immediate friends’ shows – but now, on second thought – I should probably tell you about the other stand-ups too. Because, i freaking love all comedy. I’m like the (anti) beauty-queen, just shouting my mouth off about how I love everyone and only want world peace. (I don’t want World Peace. That’s in my show too. Come see why.)

Screw it. There’s too much great comedy out there. I’m going to keep it local and only tell you about the Cape Town shows… I can’t be a journalist AND a comedian. I gots shit to do.

That said, Here’s my best try at the comedy that you SHOULD see. (this doesn’t mean that shows that aren’t on here aren’t great. It only GUARANTEES you that the shows ON here ARE great, CAPE TOWN acts.) I used CAPS so many times in that sentence. And I don’t actually hit caps. I’m one of those people who holds the shift button down with my pinkie finger. Don’t you hate people like me? HATE US!? (I did it again.)

First things first: MY SHOW

Book here.

And now the other two shows that have been produced by my roommate Siv Ngesi.


(Yes, that is a screen-grab off of KG’s Phone that he sent me. Digital marketing is not his strong point. Being funny is.) He is funny. See him now, and watch him rise to the top.

The Joke’s on You.

An added bonus of Sne (who is directed by Rob Van Vuuren, so he’s got the midas touch) is that Phil De Lange is his opening act. Two blazing new acts on the Cape Town scene.


In general, any given night – this show is brilliant. Rob Van Vuuren and Martin Evans at their unscripted best.

For the purpose of my blog; the poster I’ll use is one featuring me (I’m performing a guest slot on the 4th July) But all the posters and all the line ups are great.

Martin Evans

The comedian’s comedian. We will all stop texting, chatting and drinking at a comedy club to watch Martin’s set. Fresh, improvisational, honest and intelligent comedy. That’s all you need to know.

(Martin has another show ‘Full Body P**s Klap’ at the fest. Look out for that one too.)

Rob Van Vuuren:

This one really needs no introduction. You should probably just book tickets now before it sells out, as always. I saw it last year. I loved it. Rob is an untouchable perfomer, fusing stand up comedy and his acting skill – and a bit of interpretive dance… wah hey, you get the culture after all.

Rob has a fancy website, so I couldn’t download a higher res version of his poster but just go here for more info.

Dalin Oliver

The debut one man show by Cape Town’s funny man, Dalin (He’s also my Grahamstown roomie. I don’t room with un-funny folk. Don’t believe me? I live with Siv Ngesi and my other Grahamstown roomie is KG Mokgadi. Sit down.)

Stuart Taylor

Another comedian who needs no real introduction, but we’re proud to claim him here in Cape Town. Make sure and catch Stu in G town this year, he also will probably sell out – so don’t dilly dally. (He also Directed Dalin, above – so there’s that.)

Brent Palmer:

Another comedic genius mind. The man who directs Nik Rabinowitz and Siv Ngesi has now been directed by Kurt Schoonraad! (That’s so many awesome funny names in one sentence, i can’t deal!)

Jou Ma Se Comedy Club:

I’ve left the best for last. Which is what the time-table at the Fest does too. Jou Ma Se Comedy Club kicks off at the Bowling club venue every night at 11pm. All the other shows will have finished. There’s a bar at the venue and all of the best comics from around the festival (as well as a few going up with Jou Ma Se exclusively) will be hopping on that stage. You can catch me on stage there on the 8th and 10th July, but I’ll be in the audience every night. It’s the only place to be after 11 in Grahamstown. Laughing is the best way to stay warm.

There you have it folks.

I sincerely hope I haven’t forgotten someone from Cape Town.

You should also look out for the Durban and Joburg comedians, Goliath and Goliath is a name you should look out for to catch a great line up of all the Jozi boys (and girls).

*sticky festival fingers high five*

See you there!


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Legends Comedy in Bellville, Cape Town.

Here it is – another place to catch me on stage.

Or you can catch me this Saturday the 31st May 2014 at Jou Ma Se Comedy Club and Wednesday the 4th June 2014 – it’s at the Pumphouse at the V&A Waterfront, details here.

Or else, in Bellville – on the 5th June, below:

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KG Mokgadi in HEAVY

If you have a sense of humour you will not regret your decision to take my advice and watch HEAVY.

KG is one of the best comedians you haven’t heard of yet, go and see him at the Baxter in Cape Town. I toured with him to Grahamstown Arts Festival last year and his OPENING SHOW (Aka the first time he EVER did the full hour performance) got a STANDING OVATION.

Enough hype. Go and see the man.

Heavy is written by KG, Directed by Rob Van Vuuren and Produced by Siv Ngesi. That’s a trifecta of awesome.

Tune into ‘The Yes Really Angel Show’  1-3pm this Friday the 14th March 2014 on 2oceansvibe radio, I’ll have the big man in studio to chat about Heavy, and life… which is also Heavy.

Book at computicket.

*high five*

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Rocking the daisies 2013

Counting the sleeps till we get three nights of no sleeps.

Rocking the Daisies 2013 is here, and that means summer has started.

I’ve been booked to perform there, 3rd year in a row! Yay.

I’ll be performing comedy on Sunday morning at 10.30am (ouch) but the rest of the time i’ll be rocking out – probably at the beach-bar, I’m all about that springtime sun.

Looking forward to it.

Here’s the TV ad for Daisies 2013 —- MAKES ME SO AMPED!!

*high five*




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What’s a girl to wear…?

It’s the annual funny-ness fest. Fest of lol. Lol-fest. Perhaps.

The 3rd Comics Choice Awards is happening on the 24th August 2013. And some of my besties in comedy have been nominated, and of course I’m going.

They have said the words that instill joy-and-fear in equal measures to any knock-kneed tom-boy girl who fancies herself a real girl – like Pinochio, but less Italian paint – RED CARPET.

Speaking of Italian artists.. the theme this year is sm-ART. Which is either a pun on art and smart, or the person typing Smart just sneezed as they did so. Which is possible.

But not being one who cares about public humiliation *she laughs as she casually flicks her hair and tucks her skirt into her underpants to walk down the street* I’m going to assume they mean ARTY FARTY SMARTY and embrace this, with the same clingy neediness I embrace most relationships… or cats with.

Wearing Demet Karatas - With Brent Palmer & Marc Lottering at 2012 Comics Choice Awards.

Last year I was dressed by the fabulous Demet Karatas in a raw silk little number that had me shining like an Oscar (the two legged kind) and braving the winter cold with tequila and tequila and sponsored Savanna… gargle, swallow and repeat. (We do not speak of the morning after.)

This year I feel I can stretch my comedy muscles a little more, or flex my funny-bone. If I was a boy I could make a ‘bone’ sex-pun there… gosh darn this “being a female” hindrance. BUT there is one perk (and two perky boobs – ZA WING, sex pun made it in) to being a rare-breed of female comic…. I get to stand out in my dress more. Unless the boys decide to wear dresses too, which Eddie Izzard has deemed completely normal. So there’s that.

I have a few designers offering me dresses. A few other talking about designing one for me. (How rad is life?) But I’m still not sure what I even WANT. Because I am a girl.

Visualise that scene in Clueless where she takes every piece of clothing out of her conveyor belt closet and lands up in a desperate heap on the floor… but minus the clothes and conveyor belt and just use the terms ‘Clueless’ and ‘Desperate’. Then you have an idea of me choosing clothes on a good day.

In my mind I might look like this:

Where in reality this is what you all see:

Explain myself in a nutshell? Howabout in an egg?


If ANYONE has any ideas, inspiration – thoughts or just a general need to speak out and be heard.

I’d love to hear advice or help.

Since the theme is ‘Art’ I’m thinking pop-art… perhaps even with my own face on the pop arty dress?

It’s the COMICS choice, not the oscars… but I’m still a girl. So I want to look quirky but hot.

Somewhere between THIS:

and THIS:

Posed laughter, faked friendship and Oscar statuette mandatory.

I even need help with WHAT sites to browse for ideas. So no suggestion is too lame.

(Lame? Who even uses that word anymore?! I blame the sight of those little Oscars and my mind thought of the other oscar… talk about LAME. Both in the literal and figurative sense.)

Help a sista’s style.

*high five*


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My Fest in a Flash- Grahamstown National Arts Festival 2013

Grahamstown National Arts Festival has come and gone. My first ever fest and I had the honour of getting on stage 18 times in 11 days….

Grahamstown is COLD.

It is hard work.

We learnt the art of self-promotion that could teach hookers a thing or two.
I put up more posters than a 15 year old Justin Bieber fan has in her bedroom and I had less sleep than a vampire in Twilight (…they don’t sleep.)

When I wasn’t spinning with frazzeled, prestick clutching, poster sticking, flyer handing frenzy – I absolutely adored it.

i was blessed with good reviews and strangers being kind to me about my comedy. It was awesome to have so many fellow comics from Cape Town (and a spattering from Joburg) there to smash the occasional beer with and a mutual exhausted glance of exasperation at the constant mayhem.

Thanks to my brother, roommate and producer Siv N for being my rock, my guide and my friend in the darkest moments. (And to the rest of the boys who stepped up to be a voice of calm or helping hand at key moments. You know who you all are. I’m blessed to be who i am and know who i do.)

My co-“stars” of Cape Comedy, Gareth Woods, Schalkie Bezuidenhout and a last min addition of Bradford Keen managed to promoted with such fervor on the Village green in their onesies that it even made the papers… and made for sold out shows.

Special mention to Rob Van Vuuren and Martin Evans for creating ‘Pants on Fire’ which was every night at 9pm and a mish-mash of improv comedy and samples of the best musicians and comics of the fest. It was my safe haven for my soul every night. A place to watch real creativity.

Bring on 2014 fest. I’m ready.



Us Cape Town Comics – FREEZING.


Banner wars.


Flyer fiends.


Posters – Team Siv.


Angel on stage as a guest at Jou Ma Se Comedy Club.


Fairy Lights for warmth outside Pants on Fire with Dave Levinsohn and Martin Evans


The ad hoc ‘Cape Comedy mash up’ gig we threw. Mostly comics.


KG’s glowing review.


KG and Angel with our banner.


Schalk’s tribute to Siv.


Freezing on the Village Green with flyers.


Cape Comedy invasion.


Backstage at Jou Ma Se Comedy Club. Siv, Angel, KG.


Village Green


Hipster KG.


Mojak Lehoko from #Thisisstandup and Bryan Forbay.


Cape Comedy flyer flying. literally.


Cape Comedy Stage.


My ‘fatty’ artist rendition in the paper. lol.


Team Siv


Sold out shows.


Siv’s review of Panic.


My first review. :)


The Gareth Woods. Rock and Role Play.


The heart and soul of Jou Ma se Comedy Club. Des and Jade.


Cardboard cutouts of our friends in shop windows. :)


Angels and Aliens and Angel. :P


Signing boots. Pimp.


Poster Wars.


Martin Evans on stage at Jou Ma Se Comedy Club


Rhys Woods, Bradford Keen, Angel Campey.


Rhys Woods as Mary Scary – SOLD OUT show.


Siv helping put up the Cape Comedy Banner.


The first time I saw my poster on a wall :)




Team siv banners.


KG sound check before the first show of HEAVY which got a standing ovation!


My view from Yes Really Angel stage :)


The scout hall foyer. Dominated by Team Siv posters.

*High Five*


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FAQs About Angel… Yes, Really, Angel

A litte behind the scenes glimpse into my mind. One week away from the Preview of my FIRST EVER ONE WOMAN STAND UP COMEDY SHOW, YES, REALLY, ANGEL (The CAPS was needed to show terror and excitement) Book for the preview on the 18th June 2013

Here’s a Q&A I did a while ago:


How long have you been a comedian? I started in June 2011, and haven’t looked back since (which makes reversing into parking spots difficult.)


How and when did you decide to become a comedian? My flat-mate is Siv Ngesi (well known actor and comedian) and he thought my blog and tweets were funny, he told (the late great) Rustum August about me who then called me up and literally bullied me into an open mic set. I didn’t know it was what I was meant to be doing with my life until i picked that mic up and got my first laugh – all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place in that moment.

What are your thoughts on “dirty talk” during comedy? It depends how dirty. Garbage trucks are pretty filthy. So is doing the dishes after a week of procrastinating and having that cold-war with your roommate as to whose fault the mess is. Yes, dirty talk is best avoided as it just gets me mad… why can’t people RINSE plates before they leave them?


Who do you most admire in the SA comedic world? I admire most of the working comics. Comedy is such an art form that it’s so individual and difficult to define if one or another is excelling. That said, Marc Lottering probably impresses me the most with his constantly evolving style and ability to keep things topical. I admire Trevor Noah’s tenacity and ability to have risen to the top so quickly. John Vlismas’ for his completely out of the box thinking. David Kau for his ease and brilliance on stage and of course Tumi Morake for blazing the trail for us females. Kagiso Lediga and Loyiso Gola are the comics whose style and material resonates the most with me, and my style. (To name just a few of the big dogs)


Who’s your favourite comedian worldwide? I’d have to say this is a 3 way tie (and in no way to be confused with ANY other kind of 3 way innuendo) with Eddie Izzard, Louis CK and Daniel Tosh. The intelligent, social commentary that borders on offensive but is always so expertly woven that you find yourself agreeing, laughing and learning things.


What comics /people have most influenced your career in comedy? My Landlord is probably my biggest influence. Only because he makes me pay rent every month and therefore keeps me very motivated to keep succeeding. Also, my flat-mate Siv Ngesi who never lets my dreams be anything but huge enough to terrify me… he feeds me cheese before bed. I hear that’s good for nightmares.


What’s your favourite place to hang in South Africa? It’s not really about WHERE you hang. it’s about what you hang on. Tree branches are the nicest, organic route – but can chafe. Another more attention grabbing one is to hang from street signs. Being hung over is probably my LEAST favourite place to hang, but if that happens, a hot cup of tea, my couch and TV series is my favourite place in South Africa.


What’s your favourite place in the world? Would I be cheesy if I said on stage, holding a microphone, telling jokes? Yes. Well slap me up some gorgonzola… coz that’s the truth.


What are you currently reading? Is this a trick question? I’m reading this email. I also read instructions on shower-gel. (that can get tricky) and I always read Woolie’s ‘how to cook this’ on the back of the pack, but you have to be stealthy and do that when your man-friend isn’t looking, or else he’ll figure out that you don’t really know how to cook. *Shout out to Woolworths for keeping the illusion alive :)*

……. I also love reading autobiographies by famous funny people. I just finished Michael Mcintyre’s Life and Laughing, Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants and Helen Moran’s How to Be a Woman. Now I’m reading Billy, by Billy Connolley’s Wife.


What’s your favourite music – or, what’s currently playing in your car? The CD in my car right now is actually Jeremy Loops. I love that guy. I’ll always buy local music.  (‘Buy’ being the operative word)


What advice to you have for women wanting to make it into mainstream comedy? Be funny. Don’t think being a woman makes you any less or any more likely to succeed. At the end of the day, if you get on a stage and make people laugh – that’s all you should be concerned about. To ANY comedian, talk about what YOU find funny, what YOU like – don’t try to be anyone by you. If you’re a woman. Then good for you. You can wear pants or a skirt. You have more choice. Well, so can men. This is Cape Town.

(This advice all applies to what I say to myself in the mirror, right before I slide down the wall and cry with fear.)

Yes, Really Angel previews (like a spoiler alert sneak peek) at the Alexander Bar in Cape town on 18th June 2013. Book

and then Premiers at the Fringe Festival of Grahamstown National Arts Festival on 27th June 2013. Tickets

*high five*


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