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The Adventures (so far) of Boeta the Buddha.

Boeta the Buddha has had a very eventful life in the last few weeks.

After spending years on my shelf, overlooking my bed and the city of Cape Town – He’s met more famous people and been more places than he even dreamed existed.

He was even at the head of the table at our Think Thai Dinner. Which you can read more about here

Boeta in between Sparklers, Lanterns and Thai Buckets... (photo by Quentin Chong)

OF course, this is all in aide of his campaign to tell people that Simply Asia are giving away a trip for two to Thailand – which he wants me (Angel) to win so that I can take his little stone body on his little stone heart’s dream vacation, to Thailand. His homeland. And introduce him to his granny. (Imagine the joy. I can picture the slow motion, made-for-TV movie montage already..)

Many people on twitter, facebook and in the real world have been inquiring about Boeta’s journey and what he’s gotten up to so far.

So here’s a few snaps of his adventures picked up and names dropped… thus far:

You can follow the #thinkThai hashtag or @SimplyAsia_SA to keep up. 

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Boeta the Buddha

Meet Boeta. He’s an African Thai Buddah.

Boeta the Buddah

Much like (no fairy tales ever) Boeta began his life in Woolworths and upon being rescued from sure death by humiliation on the sale rack, was placed in a tower with a lovely fair princess in a faraway land.  By “Faraway land” I mean Cape Town, By ‘tower’ I mean the 16th floor of a building, which was sure the highest Boeta had ever been, even including that one time that the kids had hot-boxed the Woolworth’s storeroom. By “lovely, fair princess” – i mean just that… in other words, Angel, who acted like a princess… well, if princesses stayed in their pyjamas all day, slopped around the house, ate biscuits in bed, swore a lot and passed out with their make-up on. Then sure. Kate Middleton eat your heart out.

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