Cancer, Jou Ma se!

Cancer is kak. Everyone knows. It’s unfair on every level.

One of our brothers, Rustum August has been dealt this very raw deal. And it looked like he’d come through the woods. But then this demonic, evil thing reappeared in his brain. Leaving us all reeling, numb, heartbroken and mad.

What do comedians do when brought into a corner? We make jokes. Rustum did too. He even told me last week with a chuckle, how he’d had nightmares about performing comedy at one of his VERY OWN cancer benefits, and the crowd didn’t laugh. Ha.

If you don’t know Rustum – then your life is less shiny for it. He’s a comedy mind like no other. Soft spoken. Easy to laugh. and someone who once said to me “I don’t know why people always try have conversations with me when they see me in public, I deliberately try and make it as awkward as possible for them” (This just after a girl had coughed once, and sidled away – after trying to flirt with him.)

We love Rustum. We are all speechless. So we make jokes.

Please support the below Comedy Is Kak event… Comedy at Jou Ma Se. It will be full of laughter and love. Great comics, who are even greater for donating their time.

I can promise you are in for a special evening. Your heart will be warmed.

Read about the first Cancer is Kak night with Corne and Twakkie here.

*High Fives for Rustum*

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  2. Reza says:

    Rustum has now passed away, thank you to all those who have shown him support and love, it soothes his family to know that he has had so much of a positive impact in his tragically short life. The world is not a better place without him.

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