Cape Town Comics that I think you should see at Grahamstown National Arts Festival.

This year is the 40th Anniversary of the National Arts Fest. It’s also 20 years of South African Democracy – that’s a lot of maths for us artists, but what it DOES mean is that there is going to be A LOT of hooplah at the fest this year. The best fest everrrrr.

I know that there is an absolute assault on your senses of posters, fliers, beggars who are actually performers – begging you to come to their shows – or let them wash your windshield. Anything goes in G town.

With that in mind, it gets super overwhelming about what to see. Given that you are reading my blog, I’m going to go ahead and assume that Interpretive dance about the flight of a petal from the methane gas emitting green-peace fighting cow fields to the nuclear fall out of future, not yet understood rhino poacher’s secret castle situated in the middle of an oil field made out of baby seal furs… all danced by children dressed as eggs… symbolically – is not for you. (I actually struggled to make that sound boring. I had to delete a rant about an undersea kingdom of aliens who have been living alongside our species all of these years. Because I made MYSELF interested. I’d watch the shit out of that shit.)

But no. We are here for straight up, witty, intelligent, satirical and dark looks at one another, South Africa and probably Zombies too. Fucking zombies, they are in everything – even politics. (They are in my show too. And no, not on the days I don’t feel like putting on make-up, smart ass.)

There is A LOT of comedy at the fest this year. So much that making this list suddenly overwhelms me, as I was just going to promote my immediate friends’ shows – but now, on second thought – I should probably tell you about the other stand-ups too. Because, i freaking love all comedy. I’m like the (anti) beauty-queen, just shouting my mouth off about how I love everyone and only want world peace. (I don’t want World Peace. That’s in my show too. Come see why.)

Screw it. There’s too much great comedy out there. I’m going to keep it local and only tell you about the Cape Town shows… I can’t be a journalist AND a comedian. I gots shit to do.

That said, Here’s my best try at the comedy that you SHOULD see. (this doesn’t mean that shows that aren’t on here aren’t great. It only GUARANTEES you that the shows ON here ARE great, CAPE TOWN acts.) I used CAPS so many times in that sentence. And I don’t actually hit caps. I’m one of those people who holds the shift button down with my pinkie finger. Don’t you hate people like me? HATE US!? (I did it again.)

First things first: MY SHOW

Book here.

And now the other two shows that have been produced by my roommate Siv Ngesi.


(Yes, that is a screen-grab off of KG’s Phone that he sent me. Digital marketing is not his strong point. Being funny is.) He is funny. See him now, and watch him rise to the top.

The Joke’s on You.

An added bonus of Sne (who is directed by Rob Van Vuuren, so he’s got the midas touch) is that Phil De Lange is his opening act. Two blazing new acts on the Cape Town scene.


In general, any given night – this show is brilliant. Rob Van Vuuren and Martin Evans at their unscripted best.

For the purpose of my blog; the poster I’ll use is one featuring me (I’m performing a guest slot on the 4th July) But all the posters and all the line ups are great.

Martin Evans

The comedian’s comedian. We will all stop texting, chatting and drinking at a comedy club to watch Martin’s set. Fresh, improvisational, honest and intelligent comedy. That’s all you need to know.

(Martin has another show ‘Full Body P**s Klap’ at the fest. Look out for that one too.)

Rob Van Vuuren:

This one really needs no introduction. You should probably just book tickets now before it sells out, as always. I saw it last year. I loved it. Rob is an untouchable perfomer, fusing stand up comedy and his acting skill – and a bit of interpretive dance… wah hey, you get the culture after all.

Rob has a fancy website, so I couldn’t download a higher res version of his poster but just go here for more info.

Dalin Oliver

The debut one man show by Cape Town’s funny man, Dalin (He’s also my Grahamstown roomie. I don’t room with un-funny folk. Don’t believe me? I live with Siv Ngesi and my other Grahamstown roomie is KG Mokgadi. Sit down.)

Stuart Taylor

Another comedian who needs no real introduction, but we’re proud to claim him here in Cape Town. Make sure and catch Stu in G town this year, he also will probably sell out – so don’t dilly dally. (He also Directed Dalin, above – so there’s that.)

Brent Palmer:

Another comedic genius mind. The man who directs Nik Rabinowitz and Siv Ngesi has now been directed by Kurt Schoonraad! (That’s so many awesome funny names in one sentence, i can’t deal!)

Jou Ma Se Comedy Club:

I’ve left the best for last. Which is what the time-table at the Fest does too. Jou Ma Se Comedy Club kicks off at the Bowling club venue every night at 11pm. All the other shows will have finished. There’s a bar at the venue and all of the best comics from around the festival (as well as a few going up with Jou Ma Se exclusively) will be hopping on that stage. You can catch me on stage there on the 8th and 10th July, but I’ll be in the audience every night. It’s the only place to be after 11 in Grahamstown. Laughing is the best way to stay warm.

There you have it folks.

I sincerely hope I haven’t forgotten someone from Cape Town.

You should also look out for the Durban and Joburg comedians, Goliath and Goliath is a name you should look out for to catch a great line up of all the Jozi boys (and girls).

*sticky festival fingers high five*

See you there!


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