Face of SA Comedy gets touched by an Angel

I’m touching faces. Inappropriately? Probably.

I actually am quite fond of dragging my palm down someone’s face and yelling ‘Face Rape!’ so you can imagine my relief on further inspection to find out the article was not about these incriminations.

I had my first ‘real’ interview this Tuesday. With a ‘real’ journalist. The kind who scribbles furiously whilst maintaining eye contact with you as you jabber away. Then I got all reflexive and panicky in my mind thinking all the horror stories of how the media is famous for twisting your words, or choosing any angle they feel they want to take. And this journalist was thorough. She’d done her homework. She knew every comedian i referenced, she even quoted my own jokes to me,¬†She knew about my friends, my degree – everything. I started waking up in a cold sweat after the interview – remembering how she grilled me about my opinion of Cape Town vs Joburg comedy scene and what it’s like being one of the only girl comics on the scene… panicking that she was planning some huge expose and had managed to extract just the right incriminating pearls from me.

But no. She was lovely. She gave me the nicest write up, which I barely feel worthy of – and 99% of it is accurate (she said my middle name meant ‘Joy’ – it means ‘Happy’ *side eye*… I never said i wasn’t a stickler for details…)

I had an exciting moment – once twitter and facebook had notified me of the article’s existance today – with an old best friend as she and I had reunited since her recent move to Namibia for a “catch-up coffee” and then we went to hunt for the article in a nearby cafe on Long Street as I didn’t know which paper it was in. The elderly Muslim shop owner watched us with intrigue as we politely (but excitedly) paged through each paper until my friend squealed as she found it. Curiousity getting the better of him, the shop owner asked us what was so exciting in the paper, as we purchased one each – when I happily bounced, exclaiming “meee!” and showed him the article he beamed back at me: “Oh how glad I am that I came to work today, so I was able to make your day and see this!”

(Doesn’t that just make your day anyway?!)

*happy smile high five*

Read the article online here

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