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A litte behind the scenes glimpse into my mind. One week away from the Preview of my FIRST EVER ONE WOMAN STAND UP COMEDY SHOW, YES, REALLY, ANGEL (The CAPS was needed to show terror and excitement) Book for the preview on the 18th June 2013

Here’s a Q&A I did a while ago:


How long have you been a comedian? I started in June 2011, and haven’t looked back since (which makes reversing into parking spots difficult.)


How and when did you decide to become a comedian? My flat-mate is Siv Ngesi (well known actor and comedian) and he thought my blog and tweets were funny, he told (the late great) Rustum August about me who then called me up and literally bullied me into an open mic set. I didn’t know it was what I was meant to be doing with my life until i picked that mic up and got my first laugh – all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place in that moment.

What are your thoughts on “dirty talk” during comedy? It depends how dirty. Garbage trucks are pretty filthy. So is doing the dishes after a week of procrastinating and having that cold-war with your roommate as to whose fault the mess is. Yes, dirty talk is best avoided as it just gets me mad… why can’t people RINSE plates before they leave them?


Who do you most admire in the SA comedic world? I admire most of the working comics. Comedy is such an art form that it’s so individual and difficult to define if one or another is excelling. That said, Marc Lottering probably impresses me the most with his constantly evolving style and ability to keep things topical. I admire Trevor Noah’s tenacity and ability to have risen to the top so quickly. John Vlismas’ for his completely out of the box thinking. David Kau for his ease and brilliance on stage and of course Tumi Morake for blazing the trail for us females. Kagiso Lediga and Loyiso Gola are the comics whose style and material resonates the most with me, and my style. (To name just a few of the big dogs)


Who’s your favourite comedian worldwide? I’d have to say this is a 3 way tie (and in no way to be confused with ANY other kind of 3 way innuendo) with Eddie Izzard, Louis CK and Daniel Tosh. The intelligent, social commentary that borders on offensive but is always so expertly woven that you find yourself agreeing, laughing and learning things.


What comics /people have most influenced your career in comedy? My Landlord is probably my biggest influence. Only because he makes me pay rent every month and therefore keeps me very motivated to keep succeeding. Also, my flat-mate Siv Ngesi who never lets my dreams be anything but huge enough to terrify me… he feeds me cheese before bed. I hear that’s good for nightmares.


What’s your favourite place to hang in South Africa? It’s not really about WHERE you hang. it’s about what you hang on. Tree branches are the nicest, organic route – but can chafe. Another more attention grabbing one is to hang from street signs. Being hung over is probably my LEAST favourite place to hang, but if that happens, a hot cup of tea, my couch and TV series is my favourite place in South Africa.


What’s your favourite place in the world? Would I be cheesy if I said on stage, holding a microphone, telling jokes? Yes. Well slap me up some gorgonzola… coz that’s the truth.


What are you currently reading? Is this a trick question? I’m reading this email. I also read instructions on shower-gel. (that can get tricky) and I always read Woolie’s ‘how to cook this’ on the back of the pack, but you have to be stealthy and do that when your man-friend isn’t looking, or else he’ll figure out that you don’t really know how to cook. *Shout out to Woolworths for keeping the illusion alive :)*

……. I also love reading autobiographies by famous funny people. I just finished Michael Mcintyre’s Life and Laughing, Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants and Helen Moran’s How to Be a Woman. Now I’m reading Billy, by Billy Connolley’s Wife.


What’s your favourite music – or, what’s currently playing in your car? The CD in my car right now is actually Jeremy Loops. I love that guy. I’ll always buy local music.  (‘Buy’ being the operative word)


What advice to you have for women wanting to make it into mainstream comedy? Be funny. Don’t think being a woman makes you any less or any more likely to succeed. At the end of the day, if you get on a stage and make people laugh – that’s all you should be concerned about. To ANY comedian, talk about what YOU find funny, what YOU like – don’t try to be anyone by you. If you’re a woman. Then good for you. You can wear pants or a skirt. You have more choice. Well, so can men. This is Cape Town.

(This advice all applies to what I say to myself in the mirror, right before I slide down the wall and cry with fear.)

Yes, Really Angel previews (like a spoiler alert sneak peek) at the Alexander Bar in Cape town on 18th June 2013. Book

and then Premiers at the Fringe Festival of Grahamstown National Arts Festival on 27th June 2013. Tickets

*high five*


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