Female Comedian or Male Comediennes?

Female comedian. Or Comedienne – I flinch at that terminology. I’m not a feminist by any stretch of the imagination… although, that depends on your definition of feminism. I just feel that calling me a comedienne is derogatory. If I’m a comedienne, then can we call men Male Comediennes for fun too?

I know, It’s stupid. It’s as stupid as women preferring to be called ‘Ms.’ Rather than ‘Miss’. It’s just a thing I have. I will correct you if you refer to me as that.

But – It’s a masculine world. This world of laughter. That’s what everyone says. (Read my theory as to why women aren’t as “funny” as men here.)

So you think you're funny? Stand over there.

Over the past few days (thanks to women’s month) I’ve had the rare honour of performing on exclusively female line-ups. Initially I wasn’t sure how I felt about yet another way of ‘othering’ us from the male comics… how often do you hear the term “Male Only line-up!”? Exactly. Highlighting that it’s special, also means different. And ask any high-schooler, different isn’t better.


However, my comedy heart is happy to report that the audiences were equally responsive and dare I say it – unphased by the lack of male performers. The female comedians each brought their own unique take to the stage – just like any ‘MAN’ might, and quite frankly, if you imagined a bunch of period jokes, and dating faux pas stories – you’d be completely wrong.

I am happy to report that the Cape Town female comedians I have performed alongside have smashed that archaic stereotype to shreds. Bringing anecdotes, world views, satires and commentary that (dare I say it) a man could also say.


But, because we’re women. We do it better. ;-)


The ladies I reference are Tracy Klass, Shimmy Isaacs (I performed alongside these two ladies on 3 consecutive stages) Mel Jones, Anne Hirsch and Kellyn Coetzee.


Girl after girl… Not once was a joke rehashed, not once was a topic repeated. I’d bet the audience wouldn’t have even realized that they had only seen women if it hadn’t been pointed out to them. I usually perform as the only female on a line-up and I didn’t notice a difference whatsoever in the attitude of the audience.


I will be the first to admit that even I had a prejudice about that. But, like all good women – I have changed my mind.


I am happy to report that female comics are representing HARD, don’t believe me? Check out the KING of Female comedy (If you’ll forgive the gender spin) Tumi Morake’s one woman show HERstory in Joburg – Saturday 11th August 2012. (Book at Computicket)


Alternatively, Joburg – check out AWEdnesday on the 29th August 2012  – It will have the varied line up of Tracy Klass, Tumi Morake, Lindzi Lihle, Celeste Ntuli, Nina Hastie and Me, Angel Campey.


Women’s Month – Ladies are proving that once China is done with it, we could indeed rule the world. Besides, it’s not like people wearing heels aren’t funny. Eddie Izzard has been doing that for years… wait. That’s counter my point isn’t it? Er. I’ve confused myself… where’s a man to help me understand my silly girly thoughts? *runs off *


*high five sistas!*


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3 Responses to Female Comedian or Male Comediennes?

  1. Wonderfully said, after watching just over two hours of all female local comedy on Thursday I agree, there’s no need for a gender distinction. The comedy I saw wasn’t “good for female comics” and there was there wasn’t a condescending tone either. I saw comedians squaring off with the crowd, attacking their material and storming. That they happened to be female was secondary. We’re comedians first.

    Who rules the world?
    “China rules the world.”

  2. Trev says:

    Awesome to see the Women highlighting the funny side of life. Its a sure sign of growth in South Africa! @LaughAfrica / Trev

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