First post of 2013

So i’ve had blog-writers block. Which sounds like something a plumber should deal with. Blog-block? Writers-clog? Yes.

I’ve decided the best way to overcome this is just to blurb something out. Blurb-blog. (perhaps I should see a doctor about that?)

It’s not that I have nothing to say, au contraire. *starts humming: If you don’t know me by now… * It’s that I’ve had TOO much. I want to tell you ALL about Thailand. I want to talk about the absolute joy of New Years Eve – standing on the beach in Koh Phi Phi, watching fireworks (which they handed out FOR FREE – part of the Thai’s plan to extract all the foreigner’s money in hospitals the next day, no doubt) explode in between the magical, sailing forms of the Thai floating lanterns overhead. With my brother, Siv and wonderful souls all around me. Pinching myself to make myself realise that this visualisiation had become a reality… wait, i wasn’t pinching myself? Who’s this drunk guy pinching my bum? Happy new year? Ok. High five!

So there was that.

There were the islands, the white beaches, the snorkel trips marred by torrential rain. Swimming in an underwater cave into a secret beach that the pirates used to use to hide treasure… there was muay thai (of course there was) there was laughter. There were Buddhas, temples, even a coral foot infection leading me to have to visit a hospital where the ever present Thai sense of humour surfaced yet again. I was lead into the back room, and said in passing to another foreigner “Uh oh – I’ve seen this horror movie. I’m going to wake up with my kidneys missing..” to which the Thai nurse laughed and replied “Nooo, we don’t do that.. anymore. Just your heart now.”  Boom! Hilarious. Come-backs for DAYS.

Same as the Jungle guide a few weeks later, who replied when I asked him if there were any Tigers in the jungle with “No Tigers, only Thai Girls”. *Happy sigh* this is one of the reasons I love that country.

me in Krabi. On a boat.

Of course, we are eternally grateful to Simply Asia for choosing me (and this blog *high five*) to win the trip for 2 to Thailand and sponsoring our plane tickets over. What champs. Siv and I had one rule for the trip – no Western food, whatsoever. (He included the disclaimer: Except sweets, which i was fine with.) Thai food never gets boring. I haven’t even been publicising the fact that I think I’ve eaten at Simply Asia 6 times since I’ve been back in SA. Not only because I only want Thai food now. But also because I’ve been on some pretty strict detox diets and Thai food is one of the cleanest cooking styles with healthy ingredients out there. Win win. I’m not even doing a Simply Asia plug here. I’m not even whoring out to their brand… I’m just a slave to their food.

So that was Thailand. It was so much more, that I can only try to hold the memories. This blog was never intended as a diary thing, so that’s not what I’m going to regail you with. It’s funny or die with this thing… and so far… I’m not being funny.

Speaking of FUNNY. The big project of 2013, which has me literally screaming inside my head. Arguably with more terror than I felt after that first phone call from Rustum August, booking me to do my very first open mic comedy slot. Is that I have announced my one woman show. *slow motion scream*

It’s going to be called “Yes, really, Angel” for obvious reasons – and it’s being launched in Grahamstown 2013. It’s being produced by none other than my roommate extrodinaire and Grahamstown veteran, Siv Ngesi. I’m also honoured to have SA top comedian Nik Rabinowitz on board as my director. With such amazing talents backing me, you’d think I’d have nothing to worry about. But you’d be wrong. I’m already having nightmares and it’s 6 months away.

I’ll also be in a second show in Grahamstown this year called Cape Comedy – with Gareth Woods, Peter Sserwanga and Schalk Bezuidenhout. I’ve never even BEEN to Grahamstown before… and now I’m going all guns blazing. Like a Tarantino movie.

So here we are. The end of my first (very average) blogpost. Thanks for sticking with me. We’re also at the end of the first month of 2013. The year we weren’t supposed to make it until… no more predicitons past 2012, unchartered territory folks. The best kind of canvas is a blank one.

Go out and throw all of the paint on it that you can. I know I plan to!


Catch me

Friday 1st February – Sunday 3rd. MCing Up The Creek Music festival – Breede River, Western Cape.

Thursday 7th February – Saturday 9th Feb 2013.  Parkers Comedy and Jive (Support) , Monte Casino. Fourways, Johannesburg.

Sunday 10th February – ‘The Box’ comedy – Pop Art Life, 286 Fox Street. Joburg, near Arts on Main.

Saturday 16th February – Comedy at The Old Bridge Tavern (Support) – Somerset West.

Sunday 17th February – Armchair Comedy Sundays – Armchair Theatre. Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town.

Tuesday 19th February – Premium Comedy (Support) – Premium Sports bar – Westridge, Cape Town.

Thursday 21st February – Jou Ma Se Comedy Club (Guest) – River Club, Observatory, Cape Town.

Wednesday 6th March 2013 – Fits and Giggles (featured) – ARTSCAPE theatre, Cape Town (Computicket)

Monday 18th March 2013 – Trenchtown Comedy (Support) – Cape Town. 

Thursday 27th June – Sunday 7th July 2013 – Yes Really, Angel and Cape Comics at the National Arts Festival – Grahamstown.

More TBA.




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