Synergy 2012, Synergised Comedia.

As a comedian we have the perk of getting to be at all of the festivals in the comedy tents,  we get VIP backstage rights and the hugest party with our best friends (coz let’s face it… with our work schedule, we’ve lost our real friends and now our colleagues are our only friends, but that’s not so bad when your colleagues get paid to make people laugh).

Some of the downfalls of course include needing to be sober for large chunks of time in order to perform (however this remains optional).

arriving at Synergy

Memorable Moments of Synergy 2012

  • Getting tangled up in barbed-wire around my legs while running into the bushes on the side of the road to pee. First injury.
  •  A whole bottle of expensive Bush Mills Black, gifted to me… which i then disgraced by decanting into a lumo green, plastic squeezy bottle.
  • Being front and centre for The Prodigy – until the mosh pit started – then getting knocked over in a domino style collapse and SOMEONE STOOD ON MY FACE!
  • KG comic’s commentary on white people dancing to rock music in the LMG tent. “You’ve got to hand it to white people, they don’t give a FUCK! As long as they know the words, fuck the beat.”
  • A field mouse running past Carl Weber’s foot as he and I sat watching the sunrise over the dam, sipping whiskey.
  • Kurt Langeveld’s t-shirt.

    Kurt. For Rustum.

  • Carl and Kurt arguing with each-other, like little boys. oh how we laughed.
  • Carl’s story of KG falling into the ditch in the dark… beer still in tact. “oomph…. baby baby!”
  • The DJ who played the Lion King song at sunrise…. “aaaiiiii sevenyaaaaa…..”
  • The Flash:.
  • The Flash. Falling off the speedboat

    The Flash... before the fall.

  • Cinnamon Crepes after midnight.
  • The guy sitting alone, cross legged, in the middle of the empty field at 2am. With a smile on his face. Fucked.
  • The guy who said this to me:  “I was peeing next to the comedy tent in the bushes when I heard some of your jokes while you were performing and was laughing to myself, so I came into the tent to see the rest… I fell on the floor laughing at you. Brilliant!” :)
  • The drunk guy who stumbled past my tent, then implored me to tell him, between hiccups, where the ELECTRIC tent was… he was confused when we laughed.
  • The Comedy Improv
  • Two girls, laughing, pushing each other in a wheelbarrow at midnight.
  • People in teddy bear outfits.
  • A guy in a penguin outfit. Running like a penguin, into the water.
  • Siv and Schalk kissing each other, with tongue.

Comedy improv? Or love?

  • Kurt sleep-talking about his friend going line-dancing with us.
  • Free beer, water and shade backstage for all comics.
  • 4 hour power naps.
  • Faking an American accent to trick my way into the very VIP bathrooms when they weren’t allowing any artists in.
  • That moment when the wind stops and everyone sighs relief.
  • The ginger in my audience who became the butt of all my jokes and laughed the most. “I’m sorry that I’m picking on you dude, don’t blame me. Blame your parents.”
  • Laughter.
  • Renegade DJs playing music after the cutoff time.
  • That group of hippies who jumped on the stage to dance in the LMG tent.
  •  The story of the girl who got sprayed by the toilet pump machine…
  • The Mango Flavoured Mainstay.

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