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What do you do when you’re called last minute and asked if you’d like to join a line-up of some of Joburg’s top comics – hosted by one of the COUNTRY’S top comics…? Why. You say YES. And then you say YES again, and then you skip around until the neighbours look at you weirdly and then, noticing you cough once, and pretend you were trying to brush a spider off your shirt. (I really should move, or invest in curtains.)

This promises to be a great event. I’m excited to to be a part of it.

If you’re in Joburg – you’d be a fool to miss it. You’re not a fool are you? No, of course not – no one’s a fool anymore, It’s not 1805.


Graca Comedy Showdown 2012 Finalist: Jzuan Dreyer

Jzuan Dreyer

Graca Comedy Showdown 2012 Finalist: Angel Campey (that’s me)

Angel Campey

Graca Comedy Showdown 2012 Finalist: Nicholas Goliath

Nicholas Goliath

Comics Choice Breakthrough Act  2011 & 2012 Nominee and seen on Comedy Central Live at Parkers: Robby Collins

Robby Collins

Respected funny heavyweight Co-stars in the film Taxi Ride & radio host from Voice Of Tembisa: Skhumba Hlophe


Comic’s Choice Breakthrough Act 2012 Nominee and seen on Comedy Central Live at Parkers – Mpho Popps

Mpho Popps


Hosted by one of South Africa’s top comedians:

Recently seen on Comedy Central Live at Parkers & The Mass Hysteria comedy collective stage: John Vlismas

John Vlismas

and the poster:

See you there ^^^

Follow the comics:

Nicholas Goliath: @NicksPunchline 

Angel Campey: @YesReallyAngel

Robby Collins: @RobbyCollins08

Skhumba Hlophe: @Skhumbi

MphoPopps: @MphoPopps

John Vlismas: @fortyshort


*Comedic High Five*


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